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Step 1: Install any TFTP server software.

Step 2:Connect GSHDSL to your PC with one Ethernet cable and also with console
Step 3:Open PCs HyperTerminal, select baud rate as 115200. Power on GSHDSL.
Step 4:When you see the message Hit any key to stop auto boot: , please hit any key.
Step 5:The HyperTerminal window will show =>, then you can use the command
printenv to view the parameters.
Step 6:Type setenv serverip, the same IP address as your PC IP
Step 7:Type setenv ipaddr, pls make sure the IP address is in the
same subnet with your PC.
Step 8:You can type the command printenv to see whether you have made the correct
IP address changes.
Step 9: Type save to save your configurations.
Step 10:Run the TFTP server software , set the path of the default directory to where you
put the new bootloader file.
Step 11: Type tftp 100000 Tcomimg_2.6-505-1.3-QA66singleplus-L2
,(ushould change the firmware name) then you will see loading message.
Step 12: After loading file, type erase 2840000 2cfffff to erase the old file in the flash
Step 13: Type cp.b 100000 2840000 $(filesize) to burn the file to the flash.
Step 14: Type reset