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Class 10A Dat 8/3/10 Time 9.

00 Pupil 22
: e: : No:
Topic Marketing Mix - Product
Teaching Objectives: Learning Outcomes:
• Keep a fast pace • All students will understand that
• Differentiate so that everyone companies need to meet the
is doing something needs of their target markets
• Use of points system • Most students will be able to
• Timings good. apply this knowledge in
• Move around the students. connection with the marketing
mix element: product
• Some students will understand
what product differentiation

Differentiation Strategies : Assessment For Learning:

• Extension tasks • Pairs of students will judge the
suitability of the other pairs of
students work

Pupils Tasks:

2 clay task and one writing task

Resources: Key Terminology:

• Modelling Clay • Market Segmentation
• Books • Target Market
• Task instructions on vle • Marketing Mix – Product
• Product differentiation

Opportunities for Skills

• Creativity & Analysis Skills
• Opportunity to link concepts
(Target Market and Product
Element of the Marketing Mix)
Time Teacher Activity Pupil Activity
Starte Pupils are shown pictures of Students work individually. Not
r people. talking about what you’re making,
0-10 Teacher monitors. No talking we have to guess!
about what you’re making! They need to make a product out of
clay that meets their needs.
10-12 Learning Objectives stated.

12-20 Teacher monitors and helps. Pupils write down their favourite
purchase in the past 6 months and
details about it.

20-45 Teams of two. Main Task. Pupils do the task in pairs then
Use the clay and differentiate evaluate according to those pairs.
your product according to the
differing needs of the target
markets (three given, but they
only need to differentiate for
two, (three is the extension. )
45-60 Evaluation in pairs. Pupils evaluate each others
The evaluative criteria are products.
clearly given: did they meet
the needs of the target
markets? Would they buy it?