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Creating and Configuring VNC server sessions

Creating a vnc server session:

Open a termianl and enter the command "vncserver"

Give the password and click enter

Now session 1 was created .
Open the vnc viewer and test the vnc session

give ip address and session id and click ok

give password and click ok

Creating vnc server session by defining depth and geometry:

We can create a session by defining size of the vnc

Listing vnc server sessions:

vncserver -list

Changing the vnc server session password

The command vncpasswd allows us to set the VNC password of a VNC session used to access remote
desktops. By default the password is saved in $HOME/.vnc/passwd file.

Creating different password for each vncserver sessions created:

If we want to set different password for each vncserver created under the same user account, we have
to use -rfbauth option while creating vncserver.
We can create a different vnc password by vncpasswd command.

When prompts for the password type it. Retype the password to verify it.
We can create a vncserver which uses this new password for authentication

Checking Status of vnc server :

Stopping Vnc server :

service vncserver stop
Starting Vnc server:
service vncserver start
Restarting Vnc server
service vncserver restart