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Name: __________________________ Class: _____________

1. Clasifica los deportes según se escriban con play, go o do.

Basketball cycling football gymnastics karate skiing weight – training

swimming tennis volleyball

1.___________ 1.________________ 1.______________
2.___________ 2.________________ 2.______________
3.___________ 3.________________
4.___________ 4.________________

2. Elige la respuesta correcta.

a) We go/ goes to school at quarter to nine.

b) Laura watch/ watches TV at six o'clock.
c) You live/ lives in Zaragoza.
d) I play/ plays fottball every day.

3. Escribe frases con el presente simple en afirmativa. OJO! Mira si tienes que añadir -s.

a) They/ watch / TV after dinner. _____________________________________________________

b) We / play / football. _____________________________________________________________
c) She / study / Spanish. ____________________________________________________________
d) I / do / karate. __________________________________________________________________

4. Completa las frases. Usa el don't o doesn't.

a) My sister ___________ speak English.

b) We _____________ live in London.
c) My friends ___________ play tennis.
d) Charles __________ have breakfast.

5. Pasa estas frases afirmativas a negativas, añadiendo don't o doesn't.

a) I watch TV. _______________________________________________________________.

b) I play basketball. __________________________________________________________.
c) Laura speaks English. _______________________________________________________.
d) Fernando does his homework._________________________________________________.

5. Completa las frases con la forma interrogativa. Usa el Do o Does.

a) ______ Ali play football? Yes, she ______.

b) ______ Jake and Emma go cycling? No, they _______.
c) ______ We go swimming in the morning? Yes, We ______.
d)______ She play tennis? No, she ______.
6. Ordena las palabras para formar frases.

a) play Do basketball? you → _____________________________________________

b) He swimming. goes → ___________________________________________
c) doesn't He live in London. → _________________________________________
d) we Do tennis? Play → _____________________________________________

7. Elige la preposición correcta in/ on / at.

a) I have dinner at / on seven o'clock

b) We don't play tennis on / at Sunday.
c) I go to school on / at half past eight.
d) Do you watch TV in / at the morning.

8. Completa las preguntas con las Question words de la tabla.

How When Where Who What
(Cuántos) (Cuándo) (Dónde) (Quién) (Cúal)

a) ___________ old are you? I'm 13.

b) ___________ is your birthday? In September.
c) ___________ do you live? In Seville.
d) ___________ is your favourite singer? Shakira.
e) ___________ is your favourite sport? Basketball.