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POA Board President Responsibilities: Mike Snow's Failures

A. Day to Day Administration Snow does not accept phone calls, text or emails on homeowners concerns. Thus delaying response and resolution.

B. Special Meetings Attendance Snow generally does not attend.

C. Executing Contracts, Orders, Documents

1. Snow does not review or comment on documents because he simply doesn't put the time into reading all the material.

2. Snow fails to use "POA funded" legal advice from hired attorneys, but rather makes his own non-professional decision on the matter, usually opposite of the paid professional's advice.

3. Snow has shown blatant favoritism among the homeowners. Some people are penalized and some receive special treatment like in the container issue.

D. Enforcing CC&R's

Multiple examples of failure to initiate fines and enforce CC&R's after spending POA monies for unnecessary attorney fees (over $25,000).

1. Daycare insurance and indemnification (continues after over 1 year because Snow continually refers to as a neighbor to neighbor issue).

2. Snow represents to homeowners that everything is okay, but actually the 162 homeowners have been and still are exposed to liability.

3. Snow chose not to enforce the language that a container is a "structure" -- which the board had agreed on (over 2 years).

4. Snow redefines most issues before the board as "neighbor to neighbor issues." In fact, residents have REAL concerns or they wouldn't be before the board.

5. Snow is the only board member who did not recently participate in helping a neighbor from a potential flood water damage issue (in last 6 months) because "again" he felt it wasn't a board or association issue, but rather a neighbor to neighbor.

6. Snow does not support or take the recommendations of the volunteer architectural committee.

7. Snow refuses to act on potential damage and safety of the POA's most valuable asset: the horse trails.

8. Example: A homeowner who had trees growing from the trail (POA responsibility) into their home -- took Snow 2 years to cut (3) trees. WHY?

9. Snow continually ignored multiple daycare nuisance written complaints from (5) neighbors. The CC&R clearly states in Section 2, Offensive Use;

"…no noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any lot should such activities be a nuisance to the owners of other lots in the tract." 10. Snow, as a President, should be well informed about the Davis-Sterling Act and Robert's Rules of Order -- his actions clearly show he is not.

E. Presiding over and running monthly meetings

1. Snow does not conduct the monthly meetings with authority or in an orderly fashion.

2. Snow allows the same homeowners to continually disrupt the meeting with the same unresolved issues due to his lack of leadership.

3. Snow has no leadership ability to control homeowners that scream and shout during heated exchanges.

4. During Open Forum homeowners are shown no respect for issues raised especially if difference of opinion with Snow is expressed.

5. Snow displays blatant hostility toward homeowners.

6. Since the last meeting, members fear for their safety. (Honestly, the Sheriff has been in attendance)

F. Board serves at the will of the community

1. Snow openly dislikes/criticizes with unfounded accusations fellow board members.

2. Snow blocks progress and resolution on important, safety and potential liability issues.

3. Snow refuses to consider homeowners concerns. These concerns become disputes and result in costly attorney fees for the POA.

4. Snow attends the meeting with clear evidence that he has not read his board materials. Thus progress is rarely made.

G. Budget 1. On Snow's watch, he has contributed to waste in excess of $25,000 in attorney fees. (Historically this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!)

2. Snow refuses to maintain our most valuable asset, the trails and yet his most recent concern was the insurance policy for HIS CAR SHOW.

Final Thoughts on Mike Snow

• Snow's campaign slogan "Return to a common sense approach." -- Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Sheriff's at our meetings!!!!!!

• Mike Snow is spending YOUR MONEY and affecting your property value.

Please attend Wednesday, 9/16 at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse and demand MIKE SNOW'S resignation!