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THE BIG SORT Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is ‘Tearing Us Apart = BILL BISHOP i with Robert G. Cushing ® and Frances CONTENTS ei ein ode lewodeton : steht at vt Ne Part I: The Power of Place ve 1. The Age of Pots! Segregation 5 Aro rar nine 2. The Pots of Migation a Hetil th cman ein! Ane 3. The Psychology ofthe Tube 6 are tl The Silent Revol 4. Caltare Shift The 1965 Unraveling & The Beginning of Divison Beuty and Seration in 74105 6, The Economies ofthe Big Sort: Cure and {Grom in the 19s 2 Part I: The Way We Live Today 7 Relgon: The Missonay andthe Megachurch 8 8. Advertsing: Grace Slick iia Niton, and You & 9. Lifestyle: "Books, Ber, Bikes, and B tkentocls? 196 Part IV: The Polities of People Like Ut 10. Choosing Th Mary Your Eneles Selected Bibliography THE BIG SORT