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Career PortfolioReferences

1. Your references are important part of your portfolio. They should always be included in your portfolios. Research some examples
of this category. Who makes a good reference and why?
People who the individual have worked with in the past make great references because they will have the best feedback
information about what that individual is capable of doing. They will know more about their work ethics

2. Evaluate and determine your own three references. Your references may not be related to you in any way. Complete the details
on your references below. Create a professional-looking word document that uses this information to use in your career portfolio
in place of the letter of references.
Sharon Hunt is a great reference for me because she has taught me two years in high school about medical information. This is
important to me because I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I also gained great communication skills from her over
the years of high school which prepared me got the future. My second reference who is Melissa Worthy is another educator of
mine taught me honors English freshman year. Not only did she help me with communication skills, but also perfected areas
such as writing grammatically correct. She taught me how to properly express my knowledge to other people on a daily basis.
Last but not least, Quiana Almeda is a past coworker of mine who taught me great work ethics such as politeness, time
management, and dependability. She is another awesome reference because she worked with me on a regular basis which
means that she is familiar with the things that I am capable of doing.

Full Name

Full Address

How long
have you
known this
Sharon.Hunt@cobbk12.org 3 years

What would they say about

your character and work

375 Holt Rd.

Marietta, GA 30068


3 years

She would say that I am

always focused and a
dependent person.

1716 Terrell Mill rd,

Marietta, GA 30067


1 yea

She would say that I have

great communication skills
and an extremely
intelligent person. Also
very confident and

375 Holt Rd.

Marietta, GA 30068

Phone Number and Email

Sharon Hunt

Melissa Worthy

Quiana Almeda

She would say that I am

extremely motivated and