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Grade 3 French as a Second Language

September 2015

Curriculum Night
Reading: By the end of the year, your child will read and respond to written material, such as
answering questions, filling in missing words, drawing pictures and selecting answers. Your
child will have the opportunity to read books at his/her own reading level and the challenge to
move up levels as he/she reads fluently and shows comprehension of the written text.
Writing: By the end of the year, your child will write complete sentences using basic
vocabulary and language structures. Within the themes covered, your child will have many
writing opportunities, some being creative writing and some being factual based.
Oral and listening skills: By the end of the year, your child will follow classroom instructions,
ask simple questions and give oral presentations using complete sentences. We will view short
videos in French and listen to French music to be exposed to a variety of voices and accents.
Social Studies: Social Studies will be taught in French. First term, we will study map and globe
skills. Second term, we will use inquiry based learning to compare ways of life among various
groups in Canada around the beginning of the nineteeth century, and describe some of the
changes between that era and the present day. Third term, we will talk about the physical and
municipal regions of Ontario. We will study the relationship between the natural environment,
the land use, the employment opportunities, and the development of municipal regions in

How you can help your child:

-listen to your child read
-if possible, read to your child
-ensure that homework is completed and signed
-define together what a good environment for learning is
-help your child review his/her notes when studying for a test
Please do not hesitate to call or write a note in your childs agenda should you have any
questions of concerns.
Julie Boyer