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(a) Union Leave for the President-Local Statewide 1000 Officers Local 1000 shall attomptte-secure union leave for the President-and-other Local 1000 Statewide officers. (CSDC 60/92/4, CSDC 76/94/3, CSDC 32/04/4) (b) Compensation for the President Local 1000 State tipend base s employee clas Prosiden/Secretary Tr sident of Bargaining, and the Vice-President of Organizing/Representation to make up the difference between their state hase salaries and 5% higher than the highest paid, permanent employee classification represented by Local 1000. The stipends will be amortized and paid on a monthly basis; and shall be prorated for any year in-which an officer serves less than twelve months in office(12). (c) Should union Ieave not be available for the statewide officers, the full amount of the stipends described above shall be paid. Should union eave not-be-available,Leen!1000-shall-pay directly 10-the director the State-salary the Presidentavould-have-drawa-whi i inehadi scheduled-State-salary-adjustments-during-the President’s-tonn-of office: a Version 9 | 515-0212.10 | Sept 2015 | “ie” Page 20