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Weekly Update

Sept. 21st to 25th

Up Coming Fifth Grade Events:


Morris Thompson Center

GPS and Geocaching (Students will be outside)
Book Reports due
Behind the curtain: Mulan
End of 1st Qtr.

o Math:

o Spelling:
o Writing:
o Reading:

o Enrichment

We are continuing with Unit 3, Multiplying Whole Numbers. Look for

regular math homework on a day-by-day basis. Math homework is always
due the next day. Many students still need to drill their multiplication
facts to 12.
Lesson 4 is on the back of this page or at spellingcity.com/jlesseig/. Test
will be on Friday
We will be continuing work on a compare and contrast essay in class this
week. If you would like to help your student edit or revise, it will be on
Google Docs. This assignment is not homework.
Chapter Book report is due Oct. 8th.
Read at least 2 hours a week at home. Check on your goal and your
progress at ARs HomeConnect:
Work in Khan Academy. Practice cursive writing or work on your

Thank you!

Jeffrey Lesseig
Barnette Magnet School Room 211
Email: jeffrey.lesseig@k12northstar.org
Phone: 456-6072 ext. 20251
Website: lesseig.weebly.com