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Course work 30% overall

Ethics presentations: 15% (Hence half of the course work grade)

In this assignment students will explore social, ethical and environmental

issues faced by organisations, and the ways in which they have dealt with
them, thus providing the basis for learning.

Students will form teams (between five and eight students) and be
encouraged to take an ethical issue for detailed research and will present
their findings as two team presentations during the course

Presentation 10 minutes with questions and answer session

To prepare the assignment

• Select a team (between five and eight students)

• Select an organisation ( preferably a large international business)
• Begin by reading the Business Ethics materials on the portal
• Select an area of applied business ethics. Examples could be
contemporary management ethics, or consumer ethics, or ethics in
technology. However there are many other interesting areas in the academic
literature to select.
• Remember that ethics is not whether something is legal, but whether it
is an ethically reasonable behaviour?
• Review business ethics book and academic journals for your selected
business ethics area. The team’s paper must have a sound range of
academic literature supporting your discussion.

Shared learning - How effectively did the presentation communicate the key
issues raised by the team?

Presentation - Was the approach used by the team relevant to the task
theme, effective as a means of communication, and was adequate
documentation and academic material used to underpin their selected area?

Areas on which to focus the assignment ( select one only)

The nature of business ethics

• Perspectives, issues and theories
• The ethics role of employers, employees

Ethics and individuals

• Ethical behaviour in the workplace
• Whistleblowing

Ethics and organisations

• Codes of conduct
• International business

Ethics and society

• Corporate citizenship
• Social responsibility and consumers

Marking criteria for the presentations

Appropriate selection and introduction to the organisation 20%

Evidence of critical analysis of Business Ethics 20%

Evidence of references to and discussion of appropriate academic texts and

papers 20%

Evidence of an organised presentation 20%

Appropriate structure and discussion of relevant material 20%