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Chemical Engineering Board Exam Questions

April 2014
DAY 1 Physical & Chemical Principles

Process of breaking down a large isotope into smaller isotopes.

a. nuclear fission

c. nuclear fusion

b. beta particle emission

d. gamma ray emission


Formula of Red Lead (handbook)


Can oxygen be synthesized from nitrogen? (check stellar nucleosynthesis and CNO
Nuclear Fusion, dun namin nakita na hindi siya maaari unless exposed in a very hot
temperatures [i.e, stars and the sun])
a. Yes, by the bombardment of
alpha particles

b. Yes, by electron capture

c. Impossible


Author of octet rule (Gilbert Lewis)


How does alpha, beta and gamma particle affect the mass number of an atom? (4,0,0)


Iodine vapor forms iodine crystals when it touches a cold surface. What is the reverse of
the process being described? (sublimation)



Notation on alkane containing Cl

a. chloro

c. chlorate

b. chloride

d. chloric

Balancing C2H5SH + O2 CO2 + H20 + SO (note: May typo error. Change SO to SO 2 para
may lumabas na sagot from the given choices. May limang tanong din na lumabas
patungkol sa balancing chemical equations sa Day 1)


Given: Dodecane

Is it soluble in water?


Is it soluble in hexane?


Is it combustible?


Is it solid, liquid or gas at room temp. & atmospheric conditions?


Is it denser than water?

Ans: no, yes, yes, liquid, less dense (Note: Twice lumabas ang tanong na ito pero may typo error
sa pangalawang pagtanong)

Characteristics of elements under group 1A (Has 1 electron on its outer most energy


A tank is half filled with water, if N2 =1.02 moles and H20 =1.02 moles. What happens to the
N2 when dissolved in water?
a. increase

b. decrease

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c. remains the same


d. none of these

Description of a primary and a secondary cell

Ans: A primary cell can be recharged while secondary cannot, Ni-Cd is a primary cell, a
dry cell is a secondary cell.


Given 1kg of water at 10C + 1kg water at 30C. What is the final temp of the mixture?


Adolf Baeyers contribution in medicine, made by reacting malonic acid and urea with
a catalyst is called. (Barbituric acid)


Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer? (In HB. Stratosphere)


Composition of acid in acid rain?

a. nitric and carbonic

c. nitric and sulfuric

b. sulfuric and carbonic


Find the empirical formula given 5.045 g of C 0.847 g H and 3.36 g O (note: choices in
typo error, instead of O they used 0)


Balancing: Ca(OH)2 + HCl CaCl2 + H2O


Which of the ff has a higher heat of combustion on a gram per gram basis if Hf is 237
kj/mol and 532 kj/mol for methane and propane respectively? (methane)


How to differentiate alkane alkene and alkyne?

a. combustion on an empty beaker

c. reaction with Br2

b. nature of carbon and its



Which of the ff. has a larger ionic nucleus? Na+ or Na?

a. Both

c. Na

b. Na+

d. none of these

What happens to the melting point of a saturated fatty acid if -CH2- increase?
a. increase

c. the same

b. decrease

d. none of these


Formula of alar (C6H12N2O3)


Particle with the same mass as proton. (neutron, Tip: Constant 1,2,3 in calculator - mass of
proton, neutron and electron)


Laguna lake is found to have 100 mg/L of CO3-2 find the maximum concentration of Ca+


Arrange in increasing level of toxicity 1: heptachlor 2: dieldrum 3: DDT 4: Arsenic 5: Cr


Given: 1mol of gas A at 1bar and 1mol of gas B at 2bar. If the membrane separating the
two gas mixtures is removed, find the entropy change of the mixture.

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(Physics problem) Given box with D=1.59 m., E=48.69 J, =0.207. What is the mass of the


Given: aluminum metal is synthesized from Al +3, what is the power required for a forward
reaction to produce 1ton of aluminum metal if the voltage is equal to 4.6V? (Tip: be
careful kung anong klaseng ton dimension ang ginamit. Yung ibang tanong, metric
tons ang nasa given, pero pound tons ang nasa choices.)


Two problems on colligative properties: solvents used (water, benzene)(Note: kf or kb not



Given: 30 A and 40 sec, how many electrons passed through the cathode ray tube?


How many Mn2O4 can be produced in grams, ounce, and mole from 1 gram of Mn2O2?


Mn metal is produced from ore containing 29.5% Mn(OH)2, if 1ton of metal is to be

produced, how much ore is needed?


Given Pb and


U 0.3g of lead and 1.7g of uranium, if the half-life of the latter is

4.5x10^9 years and assuming that all the lead comes from the decay of uranium,
estimate how old is the earth?

Given: 2 moles of CO2, constant a and b are given for Van der Waals gas compute for
the work, compare it with work done on a 2 moles of ideal gas at constant T=301K if the
gas allowed to expand from 1L to 4L.


Given 0.342 PCl5 dissolved in PCl3 and Cl(g) with 0.243 N2 in 1L V=2.05% find the constant


Moles of chlorine dioxide that can be formed from a given mass of sodium hypochlorite.


Polymer used in bullet proof vest

a. linear polyethylene

c. polycarbonate

b. polyacrylonitrile

d. polymethylacrylate

(Note: Medyo nalito kami dito. Nung hinanap namin, polyaramid ang Kevlar, polyamide with
addtl amide or imide linkages, meaning walang exact na sagot sa choices.
Uses of linear PET polymer: plastic bags, food containers, soda can rings, plastic Saran
wrap, milk jugs, and garbage containers
Uses of polyacrylonitrile: rugs, blankets, clothing
Uses of polycarbonate: compact disks
Uses of polymethylacrylate: plexiglass, aircraft windows, plastic signs, and lighting panels.
Safest answer siguro ito.)

Given: Lead metal, melting pt., Cp, Lv, and mass of the metal. Find heat needed to melt
all the metal.

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Given: 1 mol of glacial acetic acid freeze in an ice bath. If Hfacid=11.2kj/mol and
Hfice=6.02kj/mol, calculate the change in entropy of the acid, change in enthalpy of the
ice bath, total change in entropy and if the process is rev. or irev.

DAY 2 Chemical Engineering (37 Objectives)


Other term of earth wax (ozocerite)


Other name of Yamatake system (process automation - DCS)

a. android
b. windows
c. azbil


What is used in ultrasonic flow meters (In HB. Doppler)


Which of the following is not dependent on temperature and wavelength?

a. black body
b. gray body
c. plasma
d. moving body


Electronic noise inside an electric conductor which is independent of applied voltage

a. shot noise
b. Johnson noise
c. white noise


Difference between measured value and set point (choices: deviation, error, oscillation)


Which of the ff industries( stated in the question that the industry itself is a power plant)
produces electricity aside from its main product.
a. oil refinery
b. sugar industry
c. biomass industry


Problem 10.4 Coulson and Richardson (Leaching)


Problem 7.2 Coulson and Richardson (filtration)


Given: Equimolar liquid mixture of B and T is in equilibrium with its vapor at 30C.(note: hint
given, use Raoults law or henrys law)

What is the pressure of the system? Choices in mmHg

a. 76 b. 78 c. 79 d. 80
What is the composition of B in the vapor? Choices in mol B/mol
a. 0.746 b. 0.764 c. 0.674 d. 0.667
A gas with 1% mol of ethane is in contact with water at 20C and 20 atm. What is the mol
fraction of dissolved ethane? choices in KmolC2H6/mol
a. 0.0607 b. 0.0067 c. 0.0706 d. 0.0076

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Given a solution with 5g of solute in 100g of water at 1atm. The solution boils at

What is the molecular wt. of the compound if the mol fraction of the solute in the solution
is 0.421/28.5?choices in g/gmol
a. 65.1 b.61.0 c.60.1 d.62.1

What is the effective vapor pressure of the solvent at 25C?choices in mmHg

a.25.3 b.26.0 c.23.4 d.24.3

What is the freezing point of the solution at 1atm? choices in C

a.-3.15 b.-1.53 c.-3.53 d.-1.35


Given: Air P1=10atm T1=40F molar volume=36.49ft3/lbmol P2=1atm T2=140F (cp=7 cv=5
BTU/lbmol F) if PV/T=K

What is the final volume? choices in ft3

a.473.39 b.479.37 c.493.43 d.437.93

What is the internal energy of the 2 systems combined? choices in BTU

a.510.70 b.507.7 c.570 d.500.07

What is the enthalpy of the system? choices in BTU

a.730.3 b.706.3 c.703.6 d760.6


What is the value of R for 1 gmol of ideal gas and if pressure is in atm, volume in m3 and
tempreture in K.
a.80.60 b.86.20 c.82.06 d.88.06


What is the specific gravity of nitrogen at 80F and 745mmHg compared to air at 80F
and 745mmHg.(ans: 28/29)


Given: Hydrogen gas P1=15psia T1=80F compressed at a rate of 20ft3/min in a hot

environment until P=75.3psig. Heat is introduced at a rate of 20BTU/min and the change
in entropy is 0.268BTU/min.R.
T1=540R h1=3660.9 u1=2588.5 sp heat=31.232

What is the final T in R?

a.709 b.790 c.970 d.907

What is the work in equivalent HP if the system is non-flow?

a.2.14 b.4.44 c.2.14 d.4.21

Work if the system is steady flow in BTU/min

a.-153 b.-351 c.-315 d.-135


A contact process plant produces 98% H2SO4 by absorbing SO3 in 97.3%H2SO4. A gas
contains 8%SO3 (92% inert) enters the absorption tower at a rate of 28lbmol/hr and 98.5%
of SO3 is absorbed in the process. A 95.9%H2SO4 was used as a make-up acid in the
process. Reaction: H2O + SO3 H2SO4

Calculate the amount of 95.9%H2SO4 used in tons/day (choices are in lbs)

a.2260 b.2660 c.2060 d.2460

Calculate the 97.3%H2SO4 used in tons/day (choices are in lbs)

a.6740 b.6470 c.6070 d.6670

Amount of 98% H2SO4 produced in ton/day (choices are in lbs)

a.2120 b.2040 c.2240 d.2420

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Given a relative volatility of 4,600 mols of A and 400 mols of B are fed in a kettle for
distillation. A is more volatile than B.


What is the amount of the overhead product if the remaining mixture in the kettle is
80%B?(725 mols)
How much A is in the overhead product?(545 mols)
If 50% of the feed evaporated, how much A remains in the kettle?
Drying of Solids from 25% to 10% at constant drying conditions with Xc=15% and Xe=5%
takes 4.17hrs. A solid is to dry from 30% to 8% with the same drying conditions. (note: nasa
Coulson daw itong problem ans: C,A,C)

What is the rate of drying in the 1st period? (choices in kg/sec)

a.0.131 b. 0.253 c.0.113 d.0.311

What is the falling rate in the 2nd drying period? (choices in kg/kg)
a.0.05 b.0.03 c.0.04 d.0.02

What is the total time? (choices in hrs.)

a.6.56 b.6.86 c.6.65 d.6.95


Given a minimum fluidization of sand in water at 24C

p=2550kg/m3 sphericity = 0.86 =0.42 h=1.75m ave particle size=0.4mm
diameter(bed)=(nakalimutan q kopyahin)(note: nasa Coulson din daw itong problem)

How much solid is needed? choices in kg

a.235.52 b.352.32 c.523.35 d.325.25

What is the pressure drop? choices in Kpa

a.14.5 b.13.4 c.15.4 d.17.3

What is the velocity of the liquid? choices in m/hr

a.6.75 b.7.65 c.5.76 d.7.57


A plant produces ETOH as a fuel at 100000L/day(99.5% V/v)

Density of ETOH=0.789kg/L
Fermentation= 0.511kgetoh/kg of fermentable sugar. If syrup is 53% fermentable sugar
and cane juice is 25% syrup (distillation is 99% efficient fermentation is 90% efficient)

What is the amount of syrup feed in tons/day?

What is the amount of cane juice feed in tons/day?
Recovery of alcohol in terms of cane juice?

DAY 3 General Engineering

Age problem (1)

Clock problem (2)

Work problem (1)

Probability (permutations, combinations) (5)

Differential equations (4)

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