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List of Phrasal verbs

These are some of the most common phrasal verbs. Many phrasal verbs have more than one meaning.
Check them at www.dictionary.cambridge.org to learn what they mean and how to use them.
back up
be carried away
be taken in
blow up
break down
break in
break off
break out
break through
break up
bring out
bring up
build up
burst in
burst out
call in
call off
call on
care for
carry on
catch on
catch up with
check on
check out
clear away
clear up
come across
come along
come down
come down with
come off
come on
come out
come round
come to
come up
come up against
come up with
count on
cross out
cut across
cut down
cut out
deal with
do away with
do up
do without
draw up
face up to
fall for
fall out

fall through
fit in (with)
get across
get at
get away (from)
get away with
get down
get down to
get in
get into
get on with
get out
get out of
get over
get round to
get through
get together
get up
give away
give in
give up
go ahead
go by
go down with
go for
go off
go on
go over
go through
hand over
head for
hold back
hold on
keep away
keep back
keep down
keep off
keep up with
knock down
knock out
knock over
leave out
let down
let off
let out
live for
live on
live up to
live with
lock in
lock out

look at
look back
look forward to
look into
look on
look out
look through
look up to
make for
make into
make out
make up
make up for
miss out on
mix up
mix with
pass around
pass away
pass out
pay off
pick on
pick up
point out
pull down
pull in
pull out
pull over
pull up
put aside
put down
put off
put on
put out
put through
put up
put up with
rub into
rub on
rub out
run away
run down
run into
run on
run out (of)
run over
see off
see through
see to
send off
set back
set off

set out
set up
show off
stand back
stand by
stand for
stand out
stand up
stand up for
stand up to
stay away from
stay on
stay out
stay over
stay up
stick out
stick to
stick together
stick with
stop over
take after
take away
take down
take in
take off
take on
take out
take over
take to
take up
talk into
talk over
think over
think through
throw away
throw out
throw up
try out
turn back
turn down
turn out
turn to
turn over
turn up
watch out
wear off
wear out
work at
work on
work out
write up

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