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administering programs


updating files

analyzing data

organizational needs
predicting futures

assembling apparatus

rehabilitating people

auditing financial reports

organizing tasks

writing reports
writing for publication

budgeting expenses

prioritizing work

expressing feelings

calculating numerical data

creating new ideas

checking for accuracy

finding information

meeting people

classifying records

handling complaints

evaluating programs

coaching individuals

handling detail work

editing work

collecting money

imagining new solutions


compiling statistics

advising people

setting up demonstrations
sketching charts or diagrams

dispensing information

confronting other
constructing buildings

adapting new procedures

negotiating/arbitrating conflicts

coping with deadlines

promoting events

investigating problems
locating missing information

speaking to the public

raising funds

dramatizing ideas

writing letters/papers/proposals

questioning others

estimating physical space

reading volumes of material

being thorough

organizing files

remembering information


managing people

interviewing prospective

running meetings

selling products

listening to others

supervising employees

relating to the public

enduring long hours

entertaining people

displaying artistic ideas distributing products

deciding uses of money

managing an

delegating responsibility

measuring boundaries

serving individuals

mediating between people

counseling/consulting people

motivating others

persuading others

operating equipment
supporting others

reporting information summarizing information

encouraging others

delegating responsibilities

determining a problem

defining a problem

comparing results

interpreting languages

inventing new ideas

proposing ideas

inspecting physical objects

screening telephone calls

collaborating ideas

maintaining accurate

drafting reports
comprehending ideas

overseeing operations

motivating others

generating accounts


thinking in a logical

making decisions

becoming actively involved

defining performance

resolving conflicts

analyzing problems

recommending courses
selling ideas
of action

expressing ideas orally

preparing written communications to individuals or
conducting interviews
performing numeric analysis

conducting meetings

setting priorities

setting work/committee goals

developing plans for


gathering information

taking personal responsibility

thinking of creative

providing discipline when


maintaining a high level of activity

enforcing rules and


meeting new people

developing a climate of
enthusiasm, teamwork, and

interacting with people picking out important

at different levels

creating meaningful and

challenging work

taking independent

maintaining emotional control

under stress

knowledge of concepts providing customers with

and principles


enforces policies

skillfully applying professional


identifies and gathers

appropriate resources

The bolded items embody skills that I have developed over the course of my management career. For
over eight years I have been a manager for three different companies: one shipping, one restaurant, and
one big chain grocery store. In addition to my management jobs, I have also developed customer service
skills while working at my most recent job with Wizards of the Coast.
While working at Wizards, I provide account holders with my fantastic customer service skills as I
worked diligently to improve those skills. My job mostly entails listening to the customer, analyzing
problems, preparing written communications, and expressing ideas orally to individuals or groups. When

I am not relating to customers I am usually gathering the newest game information or expressing my
game knowledge of different concepts and principles.
Before working for Wizards, I worked as an assistant manager for Marc Glassman Inc., where I learned
how to develop plans for projects and coordinate team schedules. Also while working for this grocer, I
was able to interact with people at different levels. I often had to count inventory which I was able to do
by auditing the monthly financial reports and by calculating numerical data while checking for accuracy.
I was actively involved with making decisions, resolving employee conflicts, and coaching individuals to
be their best!
Most of my experience I have used to be an outstanding Assistant Manager and Customer Service
Representative, I developed while I was working for Chipotle Mexican Grill as a general manager. My
biggest priority was overseeing the operations of the restaurant. This meant developing and training my
employees, and writing budget expenses; while enforcing rules and regulations. As I was running a high
volume restaurant, I always had to tolerate interruptions; this could have been from handling customer
complaints or mediating between employees. By delegating responsibility, I was able to plan monthly
meetings, where I was able to introduce the crew to new policies and procedures. There is nothing like
creating a meaningful and challenging workplace. To say the least, I never had a dull day!
At my first position of significance working at The UPS Store as an assistant manager, I decided that I
wanted to pursue a career in management. My boss taught me how to supervise employees, generate
new shipping accounts, and write the monthly PNL. I loved my job so much, that I was the youngest
promoted assistant manager. With the experience that I have gained from various jobs has led to a
proven track record of strong leadership and teambuilding.