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Eradicate Putrid Puppy Farms

Just imagine youre trapped in a cage so minute that youre in pain forevermore; aching from gashes and
bashes that dominate your body. Your home hasnt been cleaned for months so you live in your own
excrement. This grim story is the scary reality for millions of dogs in puppy farms all over the world. The
puppy farms are twisted, inhumane and atrocious and. All puppy farms should be banned because it causes
inbreeding and mutation, there are already millions of stray dogs that go unwanted and many puppy farms
are completely unregulated.

Dog breeding should be approached and handled carefully to avoid grave issues such as inbreeding, but
unfortunately, that is not always the case in puppy mills. Sadly, it is very common for inbreeding to cause
disastrous outcomes (e.g. highly prone to infections and diseases such as cancer plus an overall reduction of
the dogs mental stability and well-being) to take place. Mutations and deformations plus the passing down
and multiplication of defective family genes in many puppies happens frequently. These puppies serve no
use for the money-crazed breeders and are often coldheartedly killed or merely left to die. Since there is no
available profit in the dogs, what do the breeders do? They continuously re-breed the parents, avoiding the
proper health testing thus not realising the inbreeding they are forcing to happen again and again and again.
The inbreeding in puppy farms riddles puppies with harsh, restricting outcomes such as being more prone to
dreadful diseases and infections so there is no way that puppy farms should be allowed to continue when it
has such detrimental consequences.

Despite the fact that there are approximately 525 million dogs in the entire world, dogs in puppy mills are
continuously bred and add more pups to the global population, even with the enormous amount of stray and
homeless dogs currently present. All over the world, puppies from puppy farms are only produced and sold
for profit. This is in spite of the fact that in America, 3 million puppies are forced to be euthanized due
minimal adoptions and over-crowding in pounds while an estimated 2.11 million pups derived from puppy
mills are sold annually. 1 million of the puppies sold annually derived from puppy farms end up in the pool
of puppies being euthanized. That means that roughly 800 000 adult dogs are unnecessarily forced to breed
annually in America so their puppies can unwillingly replace millions of dogs globally or find themselves
being put down. This annual death count should not be looked past, especially when it goes to such
extremes. The fact that there are already hundreds of millions of homeless, stray dogs in this world should
be enough to convince everyone puppy farms should be outlawed.

While there is legislation governing animal welfare in all of the states and territories in Australia, there is no
specific legislation regulating the dog breeding facilities like puppy farms. This allows majority of puppy

mills to easily continue with their awful, appalling and abominable trades without any regulation. In
Australia, there are roughly 450 000 puppies sold annually yet only approximately 67500 (15%) of the pups
are sold through registered breeders leaving us all unknowledgeable about the states of the dogs and
conditions of the facilities of the other 382 500 (85%) of puppies. The dogs are poorly fed, the dogs are
poorly bred and the dogs are poorly treated, living in horrendous hygiene and getting minimal medical care.
However, no one knows because such a little percentage is checked against standards! Majority of puppy
mill runners do not have a care in the world for the level cleanliness in the puppies living space. Oscars
Law website (http://www.oscarslaw.org/pet-industry-association) said Unimaginable cruelty and suffering
exists at these puppy factories. In NSW, dogs were living under pieces of tin in sub-zero temperatures while
others were stacked on top of each other in cages. In SA, dogs were sleeping on top of their own excrement,
the stench so overwhelming that some of our investigators were physically ill. The dogs in puppy farms
live in abysmal rooms or boxed off areas in horrific states and some of these conditions they live in arent
ever regulated hence cant be controlled which should lead us all to agree puppy mills should be forbidden.

Year after year, puppy farmers continue to perform the ghastly trade of puppy farming. The inbreeding in
puppy farms that commonly occurs must cease. The world already has plenty of dogs, so much so there are
up to millions homeless thus no need for further breeding. PLUS, majority of puppy farms arent regulated
and so the conditions of the dogs and their homes are dreadfully sickening. Those reasons only remind and
reinforce us all of the fact that all puppy farms should be banned. It is our responsibility as humanitarian
people to stop every single puppy farm and save the dogs!