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MD-2073, ChiSinau, bd. $tefan cel Mare;i Sfint 105



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Mr. Poul Thomsen

European Department
International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street NW
Washington, DC 20431 USA

Dear Mr. Thomsen:

I would like to thank you for continuous cooperation with the Republic of
Moldova. Our country has been going through many turbulent times, and
the support of International Monetary Fund, both financial and technica[,
has always been invaluable for restoring macro financial stability and
implementation of key structural reforms.
As you are aware, the Moldovan banking sector was struck by large-scale
fraudulent transactions that left one-third of the banking sector insolvent.
While the new Government is determined to undertake steps to liquidate

these banks, improve crisis management and the regulatory

supervisory frameworks, in my view, it is extremely important to have an
independent expert assessment of National Bank's supervisory actions
taken during the period when fraud occurred.

We are seeking for your implication, guidance and advice on how this
could be organized and managed with the help of independent
international experts, skilled to perform this type of task.

The Moldovan authorities and I appreciate continuous and constructive

dialogue with your staff in Chisinau and Washington DC, and very much
looking forward to a successful completion of negotiations in the coming
Andrian Candu
Chairman of the Parliament