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Graphic design basic tools

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Computer Science


8th A B C D


Graphic design basic tools


Andrs Rengifo


Alejandra manzano

Grade Motto: Im moving on to build my identity by interacting with others and assuming myself as a
purposeful, critic and reflexive human being towards our environment

In this guide you will get to practice basic skills that are useful to design graphics and animations alike by using the
software Flash from Adobe. At the end of this guide you should be capable of using the most common tools and
commands in order to have a strong foundation, once you have solid foundations, you are free to experiment into more
complex projects and discover your creative power. Remember that adobe Flash is not free so chances are you do not
have it at home, as a result, take advantage of the time in the computer room.
Activity 1.
a. Put the labels into the corresponding space, this activity will help you be familiar with the scene of adobe flash.
- Panels (docked and expanded)
- Timeline
- Stage
- Tools
- Panels (icon view)

panel,icon view

panels ,docked and expanded




b. Now, name the selection tools. Write your answer in the box


Graphic design basic tools

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Which tool do you use to move your figure?

the black one

Now, name these creating tools in the box:

figures, colors etc
What other tools do you see in the rectangle? __________________________________________________

Activity 2: Define according the teachers explanation:

to do animations
A. What is action script 3.0? _________________________________________________________________________
to make that animation move
B. What is a tween? _______________________________________________________________________________

are the little moment who past the animation
C. What is a frame? ________________________________________________________________________________

make animation move
D. What is a key frame? ____________________________________________________________________________

Activity 3.
Design the following Shape Tween.
1. Open Flash and select Flash file (Action Script 3.0) from the create new column of Flash.
2. Press the R key to turn your cursor into a Rectangle tool
3. On the left side of the Stage, click and drag down toward
the right to draw a medium-size rectangle.
4. The timeline panel should be visible just below the white
stage. Of the Timeline panel is not visible, click Window.
Select frame 20 and press F7.


Graphic design basic tools

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5. Now press the O key to turn the cursor into an Oval tool. Click the right side of the Stage and drag to draw a mediumsize oval.
6. Finally, return to Frame 1 (where the animation begins) by clicking the dot under the 1 (for Frame 1) in the Timeline.
(That dot represents a key frame that has contentyour rectangle.)
7. Click Insert from the menu, and click Shape Tween. Thats it!

Activity 4.
Check the video FlashDrawing1 and start experimenting with drawings,
you can also use flash to use outline tools. Remember to use Action
Script 3.0 when you start designing.
Some basic tips for this activity.

1. Select the document size in the Properties Menu

2. Go to: File Import Import to Stage and put the

picture on the stage.


Graphic design basic tools

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3. Get the Free Transform Tool

4. Hold the Shift key and to fit your pic inside the white stage

5. Make sure the image on the stage is selected.

6. Hit

(or Right-Click and elect:

) and select Movie Clip - not Button.

7. Then, open the Properties panel, Where it says "Color: None" go to: Alpha.

8. Lower the Alpha according to the needs.

9. Create a new layer above the picture.


Graphic design basic tools

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10. Select the Brush Tool and Change the Fill Color to Black

11. Raise the smoothing level to around 80-85 and start drawing your image.

Adobe Flash Professional CS Mastering layers. Oxford Publishing (2014)