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[Studyplan] Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner

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1. Readymade books for APFC exam
2. Cost Factor
3. Paper 1 General English
4. Paper 2 General Studies
5. Two rules to crack this exam

Readymade books for APFC exam

Exams like APFC are not taken at regular interval, so whenever such exam comes, some bogus
moneyminded publication houses, just copy paste few paragraphs and pages related to the
syllabus topics, from other books and publish a Guidebook for APFC exam, containing 300
After 1 month, These people will just change the book cover release the same content for Sales
Tax inspectors exam! Therefore such bogus quality readymade books or study material does
not serve much purpose.
Reason: Many candidates also prepare simultaneously for UPSC, State PSC, Banks, SSC and
similar jobs therefore competitive level is always very high. You need to have your basic
concepts clear and foundations strong. Dont try to look for shortcuts using such readymade
books. (Same Advice for RBI officer, LIC AAO and other similar exams.)

Cost Factor
The General Studies Manual (TMH, Unique, Spectrum) are quite expensive. Theyre written for UPSC
exam hence very thick and heavy. But the entire manual is not relevant for APFC exam, youve to do
selective study of only a few topics. So better just borrow it from some friend or try to get an old copy.
Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) comprises the following major topics/ broad areas.
The medium of the test will be both English and Hindi.

Paper 1 General English

The questions in General English component of the test will be designed to evaluate
candidates understanding of English language and workman-like use of the words.

Please go through the separate article on ( how to prepare English for APFC exam. Click Me)

Paper 2 General Studies

Note: whenever I mention NCERT, know that it is legally downloaded for free, in Hindi or English from
the official website of NCERT (http://www.ncert.nic.in/ )
Now talking about specific topics under Assistant Provident Fund managers exam.


1. Download this package to prepare current affairs since Jan11.

2. From now, ask your newspaperman to throw either Read The Hindu or Indian


1. NCERT class 7 to 12 (History books), class 11/12 books on Art n Culture.


1. NCERT class 7 to 12 for History.

2. (optional) History portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual

read stuff related to art, painting, dance, music from Ancient, medieval and
modern era.

2. History portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual .

Note: Syllabus clearly says Freedom movement so read only Post-1857 period, no
need to read Ancient (Harappa) or Medival (Mughals).
+ do all the mock tests given at the end of General Studies Manual.

Dont know, what exactly this means! May be Human Geography class 11/12 book of
NCERT could help.

Development See if there are some pdf files on www.egyankosh.ac.in (youll need to register there
to download files, but it is free.)
of India

The best book ever written: relevant for all exams

Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth (TMH Publication)
Thorough revision for 5-7 times.
Do all mock questions given at the end of his book.

Trends in

To get the Basic idea about GDP, GNP, Public Debt, IIP, FII etc. + latest issues
in economy, you can read 100+ articles on Economy for Newcomers by
Mrunal Patel on following link http://mrunal.org/Economy
NCERT Class-11 (understanding economic development)
Now Understand: Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, LPG (liberalisation,
globalisation, privatisation), Green Revolution etc
NCERT: Class-11 (Indian economic development)
Finally: microeconomic concepts of supply and demand, elasticity etc (without
going to in mathematical details)
Class-12 : Macro Economy : money and banking, role of RBI etc. (without
going to in mathematical details)
You may also use
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Tata Macgrawhill Publication). Out of all the
books on economy, thatre in market right now, this one is the best in my opinion. It
gives comprehensive coverage of all the important topics of Indian Economy from
exam point of view- without getting into numbers and dates. Whether youre
preparing for UPSC, State PSC or Bank/MBA interviews, itll be of great help to you.
And then just keep reading either Indian Express or The Hindu on daily basis
and subscribe (Free) to my website by clicking me.
NOT Recommended Books: Mishra Puri, Dutt Sundaram, Uma Kapila. Because
theyre written from academic point of view, we only need some basic and essential
concepts from Exam point of view. Similarly I donot recommend Pratiyogita
Darpans Special book on Indian Economy for its obsession with numbers and
other trivial information.

and Auditing

Use National Open School (NOS) material: Click MEYou can use NCERT books. I
think class 11/12 has these subjects.OR search www.egyankosh.ac.in (may be in
BA/MA Economics section)
Or if theyre asking deep questions, you may use Unique Publications book on
Commerce optional subject for UPSC. It has elaborate chapters on Audit and

Relations &
Labour Laws

Search www.egyankosh.ac.in


OR search www.egyankosh.ac.in

of Computer

If youre comfortable with computers, then I dont think any special preparation is
Else use NCERTs books on Computer (may be class 10,11,12)
or may be
Pdf files from www.egyankosh.ac.in for any certificate courses on computer.


NCERT class 7 to 10 (Freely downloaded from official site)

(for additional grip) Science portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual .


NCERT Class 7 to 10 (Social Science) + Class 11-12 (Geography) should be more

than sufficient. And then you may solve the MCQs given in the
(for additional grip) GS Manual.

Maths &

Many people appear for IBPS and SSC have really good grip over aptitude portion.
Theyll also appear for Asst. Provident fund. Hence competition becomes really
tough. One should be thoroughly prepared for maths and aptitude topic.
1. Mrunals articles on Aptitude (Free) to get the basic concepts clear.
The standard reference books for aptitude would be (relevant for any exam starting
from Bank Clerk to CAT)
1. Quantam CAT by Sarvesh Kumar
2. RS Agarwals Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning.
However, if you dont have so much time to go through both of above books, may be
you can use IBPS Manual of Disha Expert , it covers all aptitude topics in brief with
enough mock-questions.


Same as above.

There are only two rules to crack this exam

1. For Non-aptitude (history, polity etc) Revise revise revise
2. For aptitude (math,logical reasoning) practice- practice-practice.