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The Miracle Power O f The Occult


Since time immemorial man has been obsessed with furthering

his natural psychic powers. As a result of his obsession many
occult techniques with which to do so have been developed;
however, many of these techniques are rather complex and
confusing to the average mind. This book is concerned with
giving the chance to introduce powerful psychic abilities
within oneself, and contains an exercise that will without any
doubt, if performed correctly, induce such psychic powers.
Many students of mine have worked with the exercise since
its introduction into the occult world and a 90% success rate
has been reported. The exercise is sacred unto Sofee, a very
special spirit guide of mine and was revealed to me whilst I
was on a spiritual retreat in 1987.
The benefits of working with the exercise herein are
endless. As stated before, you will induce powerful psychic
abilities within oneself and these will take on many forms such
as: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, communicating with departed
spirits, reading other peoples minds, communicating with
ones guardian angel, moving physical objects with the power

of concentration, astral travel and much, much more. To

induce specific abilities you simply keep in mind what you
desire whilst performing the exercise, or you can keep a clear
mind and be surprised with the abilities you gain.

From Atheist To Believer

Robert, whom is a long standing friend of mine, lost both his
wife and daughter within a period of eight weeks. They had
both died in unnatural circumstances, in road accidents. This
led Robert to denounce his religious beliefs and become an
atheist. I tried telling him that his loss was not the fault of
God but man himself. The motorcar, cycle, etc, was the sole
creation of man and not God. No m atter what was said to him
he remained anti-God. He was convinced that a loving and
divine God would never allow people to die in the way his wife
and daughter had. I eventually introduced him into the occult
world, not to gain his confidence in a God, but merely to make
him live a more fruitful life. He began working with the
exercise contained herein and gained incredible abilities to
project his consciousness onto higher planes of existence. He
came into contact with some very interesting spiritual beings
whilst visiting these higher realms. These would inform him
of future events and tell him of physical ailments yet
undetected that he had. He even began to receive messages
from his late wife and daughter telling him that they were fine.
He eventually came face to face with them, the three of them
would hold long conversations talking of their past together
and of the future they could now have. This did convince him
that there must be a loving God and began to understand the
meaning of both life and death. He is now a happy Christian
who still remains in close contact with his late wife and

Endless Amounts Of Money

Terry learnt how to receive all the money that he would ever

need through working with the exercise herein. On one

occasion he desperately needed 150 to pay his gas bill. He
had received a final demand and was threatened with
disconnection, and this was in February. Whilst he was
performing the exercise he kept the fact that he needed the
money firmly fixed within his mind. After finishing the
exercise he thought nothing more about it and to his surprise
the following day he found 130 hidden in the pocket of an
old suit, therefore he only needed a further 20 to pay the bill
which luckily he already had. He has never wanted for money
since his new found secret.
Alistair, whom is a lover of motorcycles, heard of a bargain.
An old N orton was being sold cheap due to the owner
moving abroad. This was a one-off bargain which would never
occur again in a hurry. Alistair already had some money in
the bank but needed a further 300 to buy the bike. He
performed the exercise specifically for financial gain and
within two days received the desired money seemingly out of
thin air.

Past Lives
Whilst performing the exercise on a warm Thursday evening
in July I suddenly received a vision within my m inds eye of
a middle-aged man in a shop serving an elderly lady with some
items. This seemed very strange to me, why should I
spontaneously receive such a vision? I observed the man and
watched him tend to several people when suddenly a voice
repeated This man whom you see is yourself in a former life.
This was repeated over and over for quite some time. I
eventually returned to my normal state of consciousness and
continued with what I was doing prior to the exercise. This
experience had quite an impact upon me. I now feel that there
must be life after death as a result.
Gail had a similar experience whilst performing the exer

cise. She also received a vision within her m inds eye but never
had to be told what she was seeing and why, but intuitively
knew. She saw a young man of about twenty in a field sowing
seeds. It was a hot climate, Gail knew exactly where it was.
The young man was in ancient China, however, he was not
Chinese but was brought to the country by his travelling father
who died shortly after arriving in the new land. The young
man was then raised by a local family.
You, too, can recieve information concerning your own past
lives through working with the exercise herein.

Out Of Body
The following account is an experience which one of my
students had whilst performing the exercise. Steve had a
spontaneous separation of consciousness from his physical
I had been in a complete state of ecstasy for what
seemed quite a considerable period of time and was
at one with all of Gods creations when suddenly I
felt my whole consciousness literally shoot out from
the top of my head and transcend into some
unknown reality. I was aware of bright colours
whirling around my being, I could not see them but
was aware of their appearance. Strange music began
to ring in the ear of my consciousness. It was the
sweetest I had ever heard and was far too beautiful
to have been performed by the human species. I felt
this to be the voices of numerous angelic forces.
Later I returned to my physical body.
Jean s M iracle
A lady friend of mine found out that she was terminally
ill with cancer of the pancreas. Surprisingly she handled

her problem in a mature and brave manner and accepted her

fate. She was a true student of the occult arts and worked with
the exercise herein on a daily basis. She began working with
it about two months after hearing of her illness. W ithin a
matter of weeks the cancer began to reverse and began to
miraculously disappear. The doctors who were treating her
could not understand why this was so, they had never known
anything like it. W ithin about three months the cancer had
totally ceased to be and she now lives a healthy and happy life
and is convinced that God touched her soul and cured her
L ees Asthm a D isappears
Lee suffered for almost twenty-two years with asthma and was
always restricted with what he could and couldnt do. He
worked with the exercise and within six months his asthma
completely disappeared. Some people may say that he must
have grown out of his illness, but isnt it funny how it cleared
six months after working with the exercise, and for twentytwo years even the best medication from his doctor never
cured it.
Before commencing with the exercise there are a few rules that
must be followed. These will ensure that you get the best
possible results and without the least amount of trouble:
(1) Refrain from eating any food for at least one hour before
you commence with the exercise. Refrain from drinking
fluids at least half an hour before commencing.
(2) All mundane problems that may be on your mind must be
cleared. Try to think about religious subjects and try to
read any religious books before you begin with the

(3) Meditate for at least ten minutes before you commence,

this will help to clear your mind.
T h e Exercise
The following exercise is to be performed naked. You will need:
A straight back chair on which to sit.
A single candle (The colour of which is entirely the choice of
the individual).
A candle holder.
A lighter or box of matches.
A quiet room in which to perform the exercise.
Place the chair in the centre of the room. Put the candle
into its holder and place it on the floor in front of the chair,
about four feet away. Make sure that the candle is not near
any inflammable materials. Light the candle and sit down,
keep your spine erect and place your hands upon your knees.
Breathe slowly and deeply, relax completely, both body and
mind. Now look into the flame of the candle, peer deeply into
it, never straining your eyes. Clear all thoughts from your
mind, think of nothing at this point. Do this for a total of ten
minutes after which extinguish the candle and close your eyes.
Fix your attention on the centre of your forehead, you will
notice that the flame appears to be burning brightly within
your m inds eye. W atch the flame grow in size, visualize it
becoming bigger and brighter all the time until the whole of
your inner view is nothing but a golden glow. This light is
brighter than anything you have ever seen, but it does not
hurt your m inds eye. W hilst observing this light you are to
repeat the following mantra out loud a total of fifty times. This
m antra contains mystical powers and will produce phenome
nal states of consciousness. It is to be vibrated from the
bottom of your lungs, just as a baritone uses his voice:

When you have completed the mantra you are to fix your
attention on your breathing; breathe slowly and deeply. W ith
each breath you take in visualize within your m inds eye a
golden mist also being absorbed into your body filling your
entire being; this is the spirit of God. You are receiving His
divine wisdom, just as Jesus Christ and Moses had. Visualize
this mist entering your body for a total of five minutes after
which you can return to your normal state of consciousness
and continue with your usual duties. The exercise is now
completed and you have gained wisdom directly from God.
The exercise is to be repeated once a day and at a time
convenient to yourself. Continue with it indefinitely, for the
rest of your earthly existence if possible. You will never regret
this, I promise you.

Practical Occultism
Chapter One


The following exercise is to be performed naked. The exercise

will enable you to project your consciousness outside the
physical body. You will need:
A straight-back chair on which to sit and a mirror big
enough so that your whole reflection will be seen.
Go to a quiet room in which you will not be disturbed. Sit
down and place the mirror in front of you, about two feet
away. Keep your spine erect, place your hands upon your
knees, breathe slowly and deeply, relax completely, both mind
and body. Now peer deeply into the mirror at your reflection.
Look into your eyes, peer deeply into them. Start to observe
your whole body, from top to bottom. Concentrate firmly
upon the you in the mirror. Do this for a total of twenty
minutes, after which you will begin to feel light-headed, free
from tension. Your breathing should be slow and rhythmical
at all times. After twenty minutes of complete concentration

upon the reflection of yourself you are to try to imagine that

the you which you see in the mirror is actually the real you,
and the you which is seated upon the chair is the reflection of
yourself. Your consciousness is within the mirrored you. You
are in the mirror looking out. When you have achieved the
projecting of consciousness from the real you and into the
you located within the mirror simply step out from the
mirror; go and explore, do what you will, the world is your
oyster. When you wish to return to the physical body simply
think yourself back into the mirror, and from the mirror
back into the physical counterpart. You have now achieved
incredible abilities. You are no long a prisoner within the
physical cell.
The benefits of travelling outside the body are enormous.
You can keep a watchful eye upon anyone you wish. You can
travel to far away places which would be impossible to whilst
in the physical shell. Strengthen any faith that you may have
concerning life after death. Release yourself from bodily pain
and even further your psychic abilities. When out of the body
you become extremely receptive to cosmic energies. These
energies are quickly soaked up by your astral body. (Your
astral body is the body which transports your consciousness
around when outside the physical body). The astral body acts
like a sponge which soaks up cosmic energy. You then take
this energy back with you into the physical counterpart. As a
result of this you begin to gain stronger psychic powers.


Chapter Two


The following exercise is to be undertaken naked. It is to be

performed once a day and at a time convenient unto yourself.
It is to be continued indefinitely, even when your objectives
have been achieved. This will ensure that your abilities to
induce lucidity with a dream do not cease. You will need a
straight-back chair.
Find a quiet room in which you will not be disturbed. Sit
down, keep your spine erect. Breathe slowly and deeply. Rest
your hands upon your knees and close your eyes. Relax
yourself completely, both body and mind. Now, slowly repeat
the following sentence over and over for a total of fifteen
minutes, either out loud or within your mind: I, (state your
name), wish to become conscious of the fact that I am
dreaming during my nightly experiences. Whenever I hear my
own name mentioned within any dream this will be a clear
command for my conscious mind to become active and for
lucidity to follow. Do this for fifteen minutes, after which
you may go and continue with your usual daily duties. Whilst
carrying out your daily duties such as work, shopping,

cleaning the house, etc., try to keep in mind the fact that you
want to become conscious within your dreams. You can even
pretend to yourself that you are conscious within a dream at
the time you are carrying out your daily duties. Pretend that
your whole existence is in fact a dream in which you are
conscious, this is an excellent trick on the m ind.
You will, if determined enough, induce lucidity within 14
to 21 days of working with the exercise. To be conscious
within a dream means that you are in fact in control also.
Where to go, what to do, what to say, etc. Dreams are
extremely useful to us as they convey im portant messages,
albeit in symbolic form. When you are conscious within any
dream you can easily gain the actual meaning of them. You
simply ask the characters involved what they are trying to say,
they will gladly tell you. You are also within the famous
Astral Realm whilst conscious in the dream state. Pyschological ailments can be easily cured through this type of dream
work such as phobias, as you can face up to any problem
without any harm coming unto you.


Chapter Three

With the simple, but extremely effective ritual, you will be able
to attract all the money that you could every want or need.
The ritual is to be performed naked. You will need:
A small table.
3 yellow candles and their holders.
A lighter or box of matches.
A single coin of your native currency.
Find a quiet room in which you will not be disturbed. Put
the candles into their holders and place onto the table as
shown in fig. 1:
(FIG. 1)


Now put the coin into the centre of the candles and stand
in front of the table. Breathe slowly and deeply. W hen you
feel absolutely tranquil light the candles, whilst doing so
repeat the following invocation out loud:
I, (state your name), now light these candles and as
I do so it is a command to all the invisible forces
which are manifest within the cosmos to come to
my aid and carry out my will .
Now fix your attention to the coin. W ithin your m inds eye
visualize it beginning to glow with a golden aura. It becomes
much brighter until it appears to be nothing but a golden glow
shining brightly. Concentrate solely upon the coin, keep all
other thoughts out of your mind. Visualize the golden coin for
about ten minutes, then extinguish the candles and place the
coin into your left shoe. The ritual is now completed. W ith
each step you take during the day the value of the coin will
double. Keep the coin within your shoe for the whole day,
only take it out when you retire at night. The amount of
money you will receive depends upon the amount of steps you
take during the day. If you have performed the ritual correctly
you will definitely receive the money you desire within 14 to
21 days. This will either be as a lump sum or else you will
receive it in singular payments. The ritual is to be performed
in the early morning, before you begin your daily duties.

Chapter Four


In the following exercise you will learn how to recall your

previous lives. You will need: A straight-back chair; a
notebook in which to record any information you receive.
(You are to perform this exercise naked).
Find a room in which you will not be disturbed. Sit down,
keep your spine erect, and your eyes open at this stage of the
exercise. Breathe slowly and deeply. Concentrate upon your
breathing and nothing else. Breathe in through your nostrils,
and out through your mouth. Do this for a total of twenty
minutes, after which you will feel extremely relaxed and
tranquil. Now close your eyes and fix your concentration to
the centre of your forehead. Peer deeply into the infinite
darkness, this is your inner screen. After a further five
minutes you are to repeat the following sentence with your
inner voice:
God, the almighty One. Creator of all things in
existence. Project images of me in my past life onto
my inner screen.

Now sit and wait patiently for images to appear onto your
inner screen. If, however, you do not receive anything do not
worry, simply repeat the exercise again. You will definitely
obtain what you desire if you remain patient and persevere.
W hen you have received all that you need to know concerning
your previous life make sure to record your experience. This
will prove very important if you need to refer back to your
experiences at any time. You can now go further back in time
to gain information concerning your life prior to the previous
You can venture back into many of your past incarnations
by using the same exercise.
To know about any of your past lives will be of great
benefit. You will know for sure that there really is life after
death. So it is very good for religious reasons also.

Chapter Five


In the following exercise you will learn how to attract a lover

to come to you. And to ensure a lovers loyalty. This exercise
is very ancient and was perfected by the ancient Egyptian
magicians. You are to perform the exercise naked. You will
need a straight-back chair on which to sit.
Find a room in which you will not be disturbed. Sit down,
close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees. Breathe
slowly and deeply. W hen you are in a completely relaxed state
repeat the following invocation out loud, whilst doing so
within your m inds eye, your whole body beginning to slowly
grow with a loving, red aura:
I, (then state your name), ask that God, whom
controls all events within the Cosmos, send unto me
someone who will love and comfort me at all times.
Someone who will always remain loyal. Someone
who is physically attracted to me, and me to them .
Keep visualizing your loving, red aura penetrating your

entire room, house, neighbourhood, town, village, etc. Your

loving, red aura is now literally out searching for your desired
lover, whom will react to the aura as metal does to a magnet.
Keep visualizing the aura for about thirty minutes, after which
it will slowly begin to absorb back into your body, like water
into a sponge. W hen the aura is completely absorbed into your
whole being you can then go and continue with your normal
duties. You now simply have to wait for your lover to arrive.
You will almost definitely have a lover in your life within a
month of performing the exercise.
This is a good exercise also for ensuring that a lover whom
you already have will always remain loyal to you and your
every wish.

Chapter Six


A talisman can be defined simply as being a special type of

symbol which possesses magical powers. The following
talismans are extremely powerful and all have been tried and
tested and have proved very helpful indeed. Simply carry the
desired talisman with you at all times. Do this until you
receive the object of your desire, which will be obtained within
a very short space of time, usually within 7 to 10 days.
The following talismans are very easy to construct. You will
Some plain card.
A red coloured marker pen.
Print the desired symbol onto a piece a plain card. The card
should be approximately three inches by three inches in size.
Make sure to leave a slight border around the edge of the card
when printing your symbol. Before the talisman will be of any

use it first has to be activated. This is done simply by printing

the following symbol onto the reverse side:


1. Talisman to read other peoples thoughts.

2. Talisman for success in all games of luck. Such as horse

racing, pools, bingo, etc.


3. Talisman to win the respect of employers and other

influential persons.

4. Talisman to ensure perfect health. Both physical and


5. Talisman to gain recognition in any chosen career.

6. Talisman for longevity.

7. Talisman to gain powerful psychic abilities.

8. Talisman for both physical and psychic protection.

9. Talisman to induce astral travel.

10. Talisman to banish any addiction.

11. Talisman to detect true and false friends.



12. Talisman to strengthen your memory.


13. Talisman to excite sexual desires between lovers.

14. Talisman for general happiness and joy.



Chapter Seven


In the following exercise you will learn how to summon your

guardian angel to appear before you. He will carry out your
every command. You will need:
2 black candles.
A lighter or box of matches.
A small table.
A straight-back chair.
This exercise is to be performed naked.
Find a quiet room in which you will not be disturbed. The
table is to go in the centre of the room. Put the candles in
their holders and place them on the table as shown in fig. 2:
(FIG. 2)


Sit in front of the table. Light the candles and relax. Keep
your spine erect. Breathe slowly and deeply. W ith your eyes
open fix your attention to the centre of the candles. Now
repeat the following invocation out loud:
I, (state your name), summon thee, oh divine
servant of mine whom God, our father, gave unto
me at the very beginning of my existence. Come
forth and show yourself in all your beauty. Mate
rialize in full form between these candles. Oh divine
friend, my loyal protector, show yourself in your
holiest form and carry out my every command
without questioning my words. Guardian angel of
mine, I summon thee to appear now.
Now patiently wait for the appearance of your holy
protector. He will materialize between both candles. Once full
materialisation has occurred you may ask anything that you
desire of him . He is your personal servant, however, any evil
commands are not appreciated; they are divine, holy beings
sent to you from God. You may need to perform the exercise
a couple of time before you actually make contact, just remain
patient and persevere. W hen you have asked all you need of
him he is then to be given command to depart and to return
to his heavenly abode until you next call for his help. At this
command he will disappear instantly. No verbal words are
needed in communication, use your inner voice. You will have
no problem in making telepathic contact.



There are many would-be good magicians that are literally put
off from working rituals because there are too many complex
instructions to follow. I have tried to keep this book as simple
to follow as possible and hope the final result gives as much
pleasure to you, the reader, as it does for myself.
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