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= A breath mark (3) tells you to take a breath (inhale) before going to the next note. =e T Clap the rhythm oF each pater before you play it. Remember o play sofly and tongue gently. ‘Ahalf note (d) lasts 2 times as long as a quarter note (d) and gets 2 beats. A half rest (~) gets 2 beats of silence. Your teeth and tongue should never touch the mouthpiece. * go to next line [ep | Pierrot French | 8 beats Words by SB stands at night; Pier - rot In the shin - ing moon - light Ask - ing for a pen cil, Ask - ing for alight. Traditional y > ’ ws Mer - ti - ly we roll a - long, roll a - long, roll a long; Mer - ri - ly we roll a - long, on the deep blue sea. Lullaby Welsh Words by SB ’ Go to sleep, lull - a by, Go to sleep, do not crys Go 10 sleep, have no fear, Go to sleep, ba - by dear. Use the “cushions” (pads) of your fingers to cover the recorder holes.