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Night was coming and the distruction of the sinners are coming. God was getting his angels
together to go down the earth and take the nonforsaken and have them in heven. The forsanken will be
left on the earth and will be distroyed be Satan himself. There will be darkness for 8 million years and
this darkness will be the end of all humanity but god will have protectors of the ones that he didnt have
time to save and bring to heven. These people will have to fend fo demons and other hellish things
never even discribed in the learnings of the holy creater. These people will be called the H.C.O.G these
protectors will not die and go to hell these people will go to heven and the people they protect will also
not go to hell. The H.C.O.G stands for holy crusaders of god and there are few in the world that is now
The sun was slowly descending pass the horizon signalling the end of all humanity. The first
disater was that the entire European continent was sallow by the sea. How could anyone survive these
hellish assults? ZP

The H.C.O.G decided to help those that been displaced by the flooding. Upon arriving in England, they
were approached by a cloaked and hooded group. The strangers drew swords and charged upon the
group of 10. Weilding their own weapons they engaged and quickly disposed of their attackers. It was
as if the had set off an alarm. They became surrounded by hooded men in an instant. There was nothing
they could do. They dropped their swords and were captured. In the holding cell, they formulated a
plan to escape. This would have to be executed to perfection if they were to succeed. When the guard
came with there food they overpowered him and those by the door. JDT

Taking the guards weapons and belongings they quickly freed themselves from the prison of
wich they were held. They quietly ran across the quart yard of the prison were many men have fallen to
their death and many men had lost all that they stood for. E.J

There was no escape. They clawed and climbed and scraped at the gates there was nothing they
could do the world had ended. The sun devoured the earth.