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| eran fous gee on Mtl) The Art of HP. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos Edited by Pat Harrigan and Brian Wood Cover Art by Mickael Komarek In his house at Riyeh dead Cihulhu waits dreaming ‘Within these covers some of today's most talented nists give you a glimpse of the haunting and ‘macabre images inspired by author HLP, Lovecralt and the Cthulhu Mythos. From the Great Old Ones to the mad cultists who worship ther, from the gangsters of the Roaring "20 tothe {errors of the 21st century, this book brings to life the dark and compelling images of che Cthulhw Mythos, ‘Take tothe streets with the Blackwood Detective ‘Agency and the O"Bannion mob, as strange forces lead to an unlikely alliance, Journey to Innsmouth, ‘whose inhabitants seem aflliced by a strange malady, and where the song ofthe occan is the hymn of an ancient religion. Look upon the most ancient of beings: Yog-Sothoth, who isthe Key and the Gate ‘Shub Niggurath, the Black Gost of the Woods with 2 ‘Thousand Young: He Who Mast Not be Named and His avatar, the King in Yellow. ‘And finally, when the tars ar right, behold Great (Cthulhu himself, who les dead but dreaming in the sunken city of R'lyeh, The Art of HP. Lovecraft’s Chauthu Mythos features lavish and lovingly eraftedillstations by dozens of (alented and slightly insane aists: Michael Komarek, Paul Carrick, Ande's Finer, Patrick McEvoy, Torstein Nordstrand, and many more. The mages within ate drawn from the roleplaying, card, ‘and board games inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and its horrible secrets, mie TD LOVEOGIFIS = (CHIUILRIC J /AMHIOSS § “ Y, a = * Gane Fe, a Eprrors Pat Harrigan and Brian Wood Book aNp Cuarter INtRopUCTIONS Pat Harrigan Layour Brian Wood Cover ILLUSTRATION Michael Komarck Borer ILLUSTRATION Socar Myles IyTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS Aaron Acevede, Samuel Araya, Laure! Austin, Paul Bailard, Jill Bauman, Alan Bednar, Linda Bergkvist, Carlo Boechio, Paul Burrow, Dennis Calero, Joe Calkins, Roberto Campus, Miguel Cotumbra, Felicia Cano, Daarten, Cameron Davis, Thomas Denmark, Erie Deschamps, Alejandro Diaz, Juan Carlos Diaz, Chris Dien, Katherine Dinger, Mait Dixon, Fergus Duggan, Vincent Dutrait, Jesper Ejsing, Fabien Fernandez, Anders Finer, Guy Gentry, John Goodenough, John Gravato, Chris Griffin, Josh Hagler, Andrew Hall, Nils Hamm, Chris Hill, Rafal Hrynkiewicz, Uwe Jarling, Tomasz Jedruszek, Andrew Johansen, Dave Kendall, Jonathan Kirtz, Michel Koch, Michael Komarck, Kyri Koniotou, John Kovalic, Camille Kuo, Zotho Lhun, Henning Ludvigsen, Roberto Marchesi, John Matson, Michael May, Patrick McEvoy, Jeremy McHugh, John Moriarty, Charles Morrow, Torstein Norstrand, Terry Paviet, Ted Pendergraft, Nick Percival, Edward Reed, Natascha Roeosti, James Ryman, Christian Schwager, Chris Seaman, Lars Simkins, Mare Simonet, Oliver Specht, Yulia Startsev, Bob Stevlic, Arim Stocker, Gregory Szuchs, Jean Tay, Rob Thomas, Sedone Thongvilay, Grey Thornberry, Frances Tsai, Cyril Van Der Haegen, Jessica Van Hulle, Walter Velez, Derk Venneman, Sylvain Vialla, Franz Vohwinkel, Shane Watson, Eric Wilkerson, Doug Williams, Jarreau Wimberly, Mike Yamada Grapiuc Design Brian Schomburg Executive Deveorer Greg Benage Srecian THANKS: Darrell Hardy (©2006 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Forsinpen KNowtence Images of ancient texts, those who seek them, and the horrible ramifications of knowledge ‘Vistrors Images of umisual and terrible beings Law axb DisoRDER Images of gangsters, lawmen, and the horrific circumstances that led them to an alliance ‘Stance Pasties Images of practitioners of the occult, worshippers of dread beings, and the mad few who devote their lives to combating the unknowable Tue Deer Images of Insmouth, its strange inhabitants, and the ancient horrors that lie dead but dreaming beneath the ocean EXPEDITIONS Images of explorers and adventurers questing into the unknown, and the ancient truths they uncover Tue Kine wy Yettow Images of the blasphemous play, its cast, and the followers of He Who Must Not Be Named Tue Crawuine Cuaos Images of the thousand faces of the Crawling Chaos, the Key and the Gate, and other things unknowable and indescribable Artist Bios Introduction Lovecraft was nct an imagistic writer. The stercotype is one of vague adjectives: abnormal, unutterable, ‘monstrous. And true, we're told of Great Cthulhu: The Thing cannot be described-there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, ‘such eldritch contradictions of all master, force, and cosmic order. A mountain walked or stumbled. But consider what else is said of Cthulhu, when the Great Old One first rises from R’lyeh: ity gelatinous green immensity, the green, sticky spawn of the stars, the flabby claws, the mountainous monstrosity, the pursuing jelly, the awful squid-head with writhing feelers. And, with the most pungent adjective in all of Lovecraft, great Cthulhu slides greasily into the water: Earlier in “The Call of Cthulhu” we have been shown both a bas-relief and a small carving of Cthulhu, the latter of which furnishes a particularly conerete description: It represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid out- line, but with an actopus-tike head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodi- gious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow ‘wings behind, In this way Cthulhu’s shape is delineated long before wwe see it, Later, when we view the Thing itself, Lovecraft feels ro need to describe Cthulhu further, except inasmuch as the creature differs from its image: Therefore he tells us of Cthulhu’s mountain- ‘ous size and-confirming his “rubbery-looking ‘body"-his disgusting sofiness and liability. When Cthulhu finally appears in the story, Lovecraft is able 10 elaborate on tre meaning of his physical presence, and how it destroys the lives and sanity of those who behold it In the scene of Cthulhu chasing the erew of the Emma we can observe ‘he heart of Lovecratt’s philosophy man, tiny and insignificant, pursued by forces vast, terrible, and incomprehensible. But the fact that Great ‘Cthulhu is a symbol is trivial 1f that was all there was to it, | doubt we'd still be talking about it almost eighty years Inter. No, what's memorable about Cthulhu is the awful physicality, the enormous bulk, the wings and tentacles, the greasiness. This is the clay made flesh. It’s no surprise that in the book you're reading now, two separate artists have given us renditions of this awful, almost primal scene. In truth Lovecraft’ horrors were almost always phys- ical: Think of the dissolution of Dr. Muioz in “Cool Air,” the flesh-eating canine things of “Pickman’s Model,” and Walter Gilman’s fate in “The Dreams in the Witch-House.” In later stories, Lovecraft delighted in describing alien societies, but he also loved alien bodies: squamous Deep Ones, fungoid Mi-Go, the conical Great Race, and the star-headed Old Ones of ‘Antarctica, frozen in ice and put on display for our wonderment, Even the Haunter of the Dark sears a single organie image into our brains, with its three- lobed burning eye. His cities and landscapes are equally palpable Aricham bas its erumbling gable roofs, Kingsport its mists, and Dunwich its squalid shacks. Even the unknown places evoke images; when we are told of the “demonic plateau of Leng,” our minds are given space to project an image of this sinister place-a panorama sketched in a few syllables. Of course, the modem Cthulhu Mythos encompasses more than just Lovecraft. In this book you will find images drawn from or influenced by the works of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, Frank Belknap Long, August Derleth, Robert Chambers, Ramsey Campbell, James Blish, Brian Lumley, and T.E.D. Klein, not to mention the dis- cased minds of those at Chaosium and Fantasy Flight Games. In this book you'll see things you've never seen. bbefore-or maybe you have seen them, if you're truly gifled, or truly unlucky. The Lovecraftian vision is one of uncomfortable things lurking just beyond normal sight. Lovecraftian horror is a photograph from life. / herein wo find scholars, m ‘ those who make a study of the her- metie and arcane. Take, for instance, the Silver Twilight Lodge. It may a harmless diversion for the we -d moder eccentric, but behind its ritual- istic hogwash li ing darker, and ‘much, much older. Perhaps hints oP th eal purpose may be gleaned from the Mad Arab Abdul become only too familiar with its dread pa sages. Other Scholars we discover here have Ht understanding through unethical rites. In any case it of this sort comes at sgreat risk to sanity and soul Sore Ne ae Nee ec rer to PROFESSOR ARMITAGE by Anders Finer CFanany Fight Games Cores pes GouLes by Mare Simonetti PRoFFssor EMERITUS by Patrick McEvoy {Fanny Fight Games Fantasy Flight Games IANN MULDER. by Carlo Boochio Griffin cFanasy Fi Assistant to Dr. West. by Patrick McEvoy Games HeteRopox Puysicist by a ‘Famasy Flight Games Doctor ANTON ZARNAK by Henning Ludvigsen ‘FanasyFlsht Games SINKING THE LOTUS by Oliver Specht ee Sey eG bd Cy) ah carr i] Pg ory co Suup-NiGGuRATH by Patrick McEvoy ©Fanasy Flight Games Previous Pact: Rare Book Room by Tomasz Jedruszek ‘OFamasy Fight Games Doomen Exorcist by Patrick McEvoy {Famany Flight Games Evi Awaxenst by Patrick McEvoy ‘DFantay Flight Games Hirep Mystic ok McEvey ight Games De VerMis MysTERUS ALTAR OF THE BLESSED by Guy Gentry by Charles Morrow ana Flight Games Locat Historian by Erie Wilkerson OFsnaxy Fight Ganes REVELATIONS oF HALL by Rafal Hrynkiewiez ‘Fantasy Flight Games Dr. MarINUS BICKNELL WILLETT by Armin Stocker ‘Fatuaey Flight Games INTABITANT OF THE VAN LAADEN House by Oliver Specht Fantasy Flight Game Dark Aces Batance or THorH. by Guy Gentry {DFancasy Fight Gumes IRRESISTIBLE ALLURE by Andrew Hal (antsy light Games Bunp Mepum by Chris Seaman [Fantasy Flight Games CAnALA OF SAMOTIE by John Goodenough ‘Fauasy Plight Gams ouls of the earth, as: attraction to those who are anything but Fane NeD Cee DOR Nhe Seema) eee con a Suantax Mount by Doug Williams IntersteLtar Visitor by Patrick McEv ‘Fantasy Flight Gams Immaqua, THe Kiuinc Coup by Patrick McEvoy Fanasy Nicit-Gaunr by Rob Thomas ‘Fantasy Flight Games Tue Dunwich Horror by Mare Simonetti Fantasy Fgh Games Warcuer oF tH Woops. by Daarken ‘Fanasy Flight Games WELLER IN THE CAVERNS. by Paul Burrow Spawn FROM K’N-YaN Unsrorraste Hounp John Thomas Denmatk MMONED DHOLE. by Mich 3 3 a a Cau or Earrit AND FLAME by Jean Tay (Fanny Flight Gares Davcurer oF THE Goat by Linda Bergkist (Fantasy Flight Games 1 Morner’s MESSENGER by Jean Tay ‘PFantay Flight Games MorHer’s AVENGER by Oliver Spocht Fane Figt Games Toma-Herp WerEwor bby Derk Venneman by Mike Yamada (Fantasy Flight Ganes ‘Fanasy light Games DIMENSIONAL SHAMBLER by Michael Komarck ‘OFantay Flight Games Sounp oF THe Wirrroorwitts by Cameron Davis ‘fantasy Fight Games Fire Vampire SWARM by Shane Watson [PF anany Flight Games Broop or Bunastis by Jean Tay Fantasy Flight Games ‘Tcno-Tcuo Lama by Natascha Roeosli cFanasy Fight Games BROTHERHOOD ACOLYTE by Patrick McE\ Fans Teuo-Tcwo Emissary by Matt Dixon cFensy Fi OnscENE POLYP by Cyril Van Der Hacgen Fonts Fight Games Previous PAGE Army or Yuacorn by Uwe Jarling ‘CFantasy Fight Games Mr-Go Scour by Alejandro Diaz (oFantasy Fight Games TELLER OF TALES by Henning Ludvigsen ‘Fantasy Flight Gamos ALBINO Goat-Srawn by Katherine Dinger ‘©Fantasy Flight Games IZARD OF YOG-SOTHOTH by Matt Dixon Fantasy Flight Game EXPLORER. by Torstein Nordstrand fantasy Pint GUARDIAN OF THE Moon-LENS. by Oliver Specht ‘Fantasy Flight Games Moo-Cursep LYCANTHROPE. by Rafal Hrynkiewiez Fantasy Fight Games ‘Wizarp oF Cuorazos by Rafal Hrymkiewiez ‘Fasasy Flight Games Star VAMPIRE Minton by John Matson ‘SFonty light Games FAMINe oF ne Heart Fi min Stocker Flight Games -RS FROM OUTSIDE by Doug Williams Fantasy Flight Games Livinc Mummy by Matt Dixon cFanay right Games SeRvanr OF NODENS by James Ryman cFanasy Fiaht Games Tar Brack May, Coven MAsTER InsunstanriaL INsect by Patrick MeEvoy by Cyril Van Der Haegen Fanaa Flight Games (Famasy Flight Games Cup oF THe KixGpom by Josh Hagler Flight Games From BENEATH by Camp or THe Fire Mists by Jessica Van Hulle ‘cFamasy Flight Games Srrrent rrow Yoru by Jeremy McHugh ‘Fantasy Fight Games Yic by Patrick McEvoy ‘Fantasy Flight Games Foe Tuam own io 3 g . 3 é 4 é Gane Boss by Dennis Calero Famasy Flight Games Service Novice by Terry Pavlet oFavasy Fight Games Forcen ENTRY by Totstei Bricnt Youne Taine by Katherine Dinger [Fantasy Flight Games InperenpENT OPERATOR by Natascha Roeosli Fancy Fight Games Commne-Our Party by Anders Finer ‘Fanisy Flight Games BLowme THE WHISTLE Norman BLackwoon by Edward Reed by Eric Deschamps ‘CFaminsy Fight Games Fantasy Flight G Brackwoon Fite CLERK by Katherine Dinger Last CHANCE by Anders Finer ©Fantasy Flake Games Hirep GUN by Michel Koch antsy Fight Games Rua Jones by Patrick McEvoy Fantasy Plight Games Like 4 Mora by Jean Tay {Rawtasy Fight Gamss UnnraraBLe Visto by Armin Stockes ‘©Fantasy Fight Gams Private TREATMENT CENTER. by Michel Koch (Fantary Plight Games, Previous Paar: FREE-FOR-ALL by Tomasz Jedruszek ‘Fantasy Flight Games| ‘Turn. Kier by Patrick MeEvay (CPantsy Fight Games SyNDICATE TROUBLESHOOTER by Patrick McEvoy (Fantasy Flight Games Fixer by Dennis Calero Famsy Flight Games KinpLy Nurse by Kyri Keniotou cFasiay Quire A Dame. by Terry Pavlet_cFamasy Fight Games, Tack “Brass” BRapy by Alan Bednar (sotasy Flight Gamos Norman Biackwoop JR. by Gregory Szuchs Fanaa Flight Games ‘Cur Jowr by Lars Simkins (Fantasy light Games Contract KILLER by Rafal Hrynkiewiez (Fantasy light Games Mor LirureNaNt by Bob Stevlic oFamsy Flight Games herein we ean find all manner of unusual practices. Note especially the pervasive mark of Shub- urath, the horrid Mother, She spawns uncountable servants of all forms and types, and attracts worshippers from the outcast, the per- verse, and the deranged. In the caverns of the world they craw and scuttle, and’in the {rotting earth they unceasingly burrow emer 10 BRAIN TRANSPLANT by Torstein Nordstrand erence Hons oF THE BLACK GOAT by Michael Komarck ‘©Fantasy Flight Games Horrw Mutation Wrrcn-Mark is by Patrick McEvoy Flight Games Legacy or Kuuru by Miguel Coiumbra ‘PFanasy light Games Dertect HARM by Andrew Johansen ‘Fanisy Flight Games Fercu Sick by Andrew Johansen Famasy Flight Games ‘Te Great SUMMONING by Michael Komarck ‘Fantasy Flight Games Key or Tawn-aT-UMR ‘C1aws oF Bunastis by Jean Tay Worst HE Back Goat by John Matson (Panty Flight Games Exprrren Nexus by Matt Dixon ‘Fantasy Fight Games Sivpce. Kinpyess by Aaron Acevedo 1 anasy Fight Games Tue Dace or BECOMING by Katherine Dinger ‘Faniaay Flight Games LEGACY oF NrTOcRIS. by Aaron Acevedo LEGacy oF ALHAZRED by Katherine Dinger Fanasy Flight Games HT INDOCTRINATION fatt Dixon tasy Flight Games De s Visions oF THe Worms by Vincent Dutrait by Laurel Austin ‘Fans Flight Game ‘hanany Flight Games Nick Percival RicHarp Upton PICKMAN by EDS by Grey TI {Fantasy Flight Games BUuNDING LIGHT by Uwe Jarling Fantasy Flight Gams Matt Dixon Fantasy li E Z % & Yrrman Rr Y’Gotoxac by Guy Gentry jerk Venneman Fantasy Fl s Fantasy light G RESURRECTED FOE by Nick Percival CFsotasy ligt Game Rep Natt Hex by Yulia Startsev Fantasy Pgh Gaines Take No Cuances by Vincent Dutrait Faniey Flight Games Hanpé oF CoLvpra by Matt Dixon ‘Fantasy Fight Games Dream SUMMONING by Rafal Hrynkiewiez ‘CFanasy Fight Games CLoak oF Tawi Ar-UMR_ by Torstein Nordstrand ‘Fania Flight Games Tue Taine ow THe DoorstEP by Jill Bauman Faniasy Flight Games worship not so much a conspiracy as it sa parallel civilization, with citizens in every country on earth and some beyond it, ‘Acolytes can be found in the lowest hovel and the tallest skyscraper, in, the most exclu- sive lodges and the most crowded pestilen- give worship in the damp crumbling churches of Dagon and among the greeti-and-golden spires of Y*ha N'thlei, For all of human history and long before, the cult of Cthulhu has awaited the rising of R’lyeh, when mankind will become as the Great Old Ones, and all shall shout and kill and revel in joy Onn ae Corman ty Seat Bre 7 DAGON by Joan Gravato cFanasy Fight Games Derr Ove Risixc BLEssinG oF Cr by John Gravato by Michael May Spawn oF CTHULHU. by Michael Fantasy Flight Gomes CALLING THE GREAT PRIEST. by Matt Dixon Fantasy Flight Games 98 Deer One by Rob Thomas ‘OFentasy Fight Games ‘Terria: BEAUTY by John Gravato (CFantasy Flight Games ‘Tue Taine 1 THe Foo by Doug Williams (CPantasy Flight Games INNSMOUTH TROUBLEMAKER by Matt Dixon ‘Faniasy Flight Canes Sius oF IvNsMourit by Mare Simonetti F 8 3 & Despair BLasPHemous HyBrp by Samuel Araya by James Ryman ‘Fanasy Flight Games SEA CHANGE by Sylvain Vialla cFantasy Fish Games| PRAYERS ANSWERED by Mats Holmber Fantasy Flight Games Hokrinte Birrt by Thomas Denmark Cora INFECTION by Doug Williams nts) light Game 104. Carrary OBED Mars by Rafal Hrynkiewiez Dreams oF THe Great Fanasy Flight Games OLD Ove. by Paul Carrick Previous Pace ANGLES OF RULYEH by Mare Simonetti Mare Simonet Ove Ovrrosr MAMeLuKE oF Sepek by Roberto Marchesi by Fabien Ferande Fantasy Flight Game Pansy Flight Games Tue Tux THat SHOULD Nor BE. by J Bestia by Carlo Boe Fantasy Flight Gam CTHULHU. by James Ryman cFanasy Fi Snoccorn Stave by John Moriarty Ocean CRawiers by Sylvain Vialla antsy Flight Games Iyro THe Derr by Andrew Johansen Fantasy Flight Games CHUL by Matt Dixon cFanasy Flight Ganes 1B Great CrHuLHu by Paul Carrick INNsMouTH THREAT by Matt Dixon Fanasy Fight Games RISING by Aaron Ac ih Gare to herein we receive reports from the far-flung, hidden places of our bicheld Kadath in the cold waste the ruins o Hypetborea, or the Older Pyramids. Thes. pilzrimages are for many separate purr and their funding eomes from man sources. If we could somehow di ist of backers would read: Misketonic, Blackwood, O"Bannion, Glasser. sbut we would also read the names of the sinister € Stanford,and the mysterious figure known only as Vaughn. Why? What do they hope to find ened ar ARTIFACTS by John Gravato Seer tones > * i Mie on Yuecorn, by Derk Ver Commonioy, Fig eles 11 ‘TempLe oF BUBASTIS Suavow Over Cairo, by Derk Venneman by Juan Carlos Dias Paniay light Canes (Famasy Flight Games Ya, ACROSS THE SEVEN OCEANS. by Mare Simonetti [Fantany Flight Games TsatHoccua by Patrick McEvoy Fantasy Flight Games Giaakt by Patrick McEvoy by Laurel Austin antsy Flight Games Diccine Deer on Acevedo Fantasy Fight Game PRroressor NATHANIEL PEASLEE by Felicia Cano Fantasy Flight ‘an Hulle FORGOTTEN SEPULCHRE by Michael Komarck *Faniasy Flight Games Dreams or Kiyesrort by Michael Komarek antsy Flight Game Lz YoHa-NTHLeL by Mat BLAck PHARAOH Lake oF GLAAKE FRAGMENT OF LEMURIA by Mare Simonetti Suavowev Woops by Andrew Hall antsy Flight Games Mrs. Warkins’ BOARDER by Andrew Johansen Fansy Fl Open For INsPeCTION by Paul Burrow Fantasy Flight Games PARABLE oF THE FACELESS ONE by Alan Bi Fantasy hig CHARNAL VAULTS Historic Discovery by Aaron Acevedo ho Lhun anaey Fl ay Fight Gam SEDUCTION OF THE TomBS by Nils Hamm Fantasy Flight Games Bent Pyrammp by Chris Hill Lost by Francois Launet B7 Yorn Canby by Aaron Acevedo Fantasy Flight Games BS "ps Steve CLARNEY by Eric Wilkerson Fantasy Fight Games 40 aes © Desert Moon Diaz Curtosiry CoLtector by Frances Tsai Cuauenar FauGy by Jeremy McHugh Fanisy Flight Games PRIVATE SKIFF by Mate Simonetti oFaniasy Flight Ges 42 Yoo-Somom by Patrick MeEvoy Fantasy Flight Gatnes % Tur Squauip HaMLer by Alan Bednar ois ApHornt by Patrick McEvoy Fantasy Flight Games herein we admire the artistry of the tattered King. In the silent ball- room of the Palace of Yhtill in'the shadowed city of Carcosa, He is rumored to have’stepped-but those who were ther day have not spoken of this to us. We only catch sight of Him briefly, in the rarest transportations of art, such as those"6n di J in Victoria Glasser’s famou: Avealthy, and enigmatic, Victoria is a true coi noisseur of thevavant-garde Lene ea aces ‘Tue Lost Generation ney et Terns ‘Tue Kine 1N YeLtow by John Goodenough Rantsy Plight Games PALuip Mask by John Goodenough Fantasy Flight Games Priestess oF tHe YetLow SiGx by Guy Gentry Hastur, THE UNSPEAKABLE. by Patrick McEvoy DDFanasy Fight Games Court oF YHTILL by Christi sndall Arrorny by Dave Ke 153 6 2 Hicn Priest or Hastur by Guy Gentry Fans Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games 3 z a ~ as = Oe, ee ee DM THE STARS. oubling hints of the Outer Voids. Behold th Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep, in all his multiform glory. His mock: le we may temember from the da our lives. Glimpse here als Key and the Gate, whereby the spheres meet. Its worshippers know the secret ways betw the worlds, and they believe they know Yog. Sothoth, but You-Sothoth is unknowable, Its:motives are beyond comprehension. Still, it can be assumed that, as with Nyarlathotep, y thoth is not of this world, and has no especial love for it. Semen From Inver Ecyer Deuce Tee nel SCREAMING OF THE SPHERES by Torstein Nordstrand (Fantasy Flight Games 102 Nici are Hours Forest LAUGHS fh Tue Wave FUNCTION by Samuel Araya Tue Man by Patrick MeEvoy by Michel Koch Fanaa Flight Games PROPAGATION by Kyri Koniotow Previous Pact Tue Tracic ENp oF SMiin” Mike OPREILLY Anders Finer oF Game Tue Au Compre 109 DIENT Vow by Aaron Acevedo ight Games ENDING THE HORROR by Michel Koch Wis ror Growrnt by Tomasz Jedruszek Fans) Flight Games Wisi ror Reve by Tomasz Jed Wisi For Insicur sek Wisi ror Power Lrecu MOTHER by Jessica Van Hulle cFantsy Fig Games 172 CHANGE oF Sease Crven Temprantoy by Da STRANGE AFONS by Patrick McEvoy. eFintasy Flight Games Iyste-Our Hours by Aaron Acevedo Waren TREE. by Mare Simonetti cFanasy Figs Games The Gathering and the Bartletech CCG, Ever since, the numberof fantasy and sci-fi illustrations in his work has grown consistently. Among his per sonal favorites are his illustrations for Classic Beech, the at work he created for Dungeons & Dragons, and his work as illus trator and ant director forthe card game Blue Moon. tn the last few years he has worked on the CCGs Legend of te Five Rings, Warhammer 40K, and A Game of Thrones, Besides bis work in the {gaming industry, he also illustrated book cavers for German pub- lishers. His illustrations have been repeatedly shown in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, in 2006 he and bis wife ‘moved from Germany t0 the United States. They live and work in Seatle, Washington. Shane Watson S.C. Watson is @ freelance artis living in the Pacifie Northwest. His interests are too many’ to mention, but his primary love (aside from his wife and kids) is painting. More of his works ean be ound at www.shane-watson.com. Brie Wilkerson Eric Wilkerson is an award-winning painter and ilustrator living in the New York Hudson Valley. He has worked in publishing, on logo/eoncept design for feature films, and on various television ‘commercial projects. His work has been honored in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Expose 1, CG Explorer 2,and most recently, Digital Art Masers Vol. 1 trom 3D Total. He ‘curently works as a character designer for a animation studio in NYC. Erie's work can be viewed online at Jarreau Wimberly Jarreau Wimberly was educated atthe University ofthe Arts in Philadelphia and earned his BA in 2004. Mr. Wimberly also..okay, sorry for the lame thd person into. To tll you the truth, I'm really a robot sent from the future-an unstoppable illustrating machine hell-bent on creating tremendously mind blowing fantasy art, Oh yeah...and to kill Sarah Connor! Brian Wood Brian Wood is president of game company Hyperion and has pre- viously edited the Fantasy Flight volume The Art of George RR Martin's “A Song of Ice and Fire." Additional Artists Paul Ballard, Linda Bergkvist, Dennis Calero, Joe Calkins Roberto Campus, Cameron Davis, Frie Deschamps, Fabien Femandez, Guy Gentry, Chris Hill, Andrew Johansen, Camille Kuo, Zotho Lhun, Henning Ludvigsen, Charles Morrow, James Ryman, Chris Seaman, Bob Stevlie, Armin Stocker, Jean Tay. Sedone Thongvilay, Derk Venneman, Doug Williams, and Mike ‘Yamada are artists who have conttibuted to Fantasy Flight Games's Call of Cihulhu collectible card game. Caryad, Gene Day, Francois Lautre, John T. Snyder, and Tom Sullivan are artists who have contributed to Chaosium’s line of Call of Cohutta roleplaying games, Texte SPECTACULAR by John Kovalic oFansy lig The Lovecraft Mythos Lives aripes oer eM eelp sn Cees @- Peer ce one Pei pm th ef pe RE adh Se Ee pee et ne Ee oon seen ne paar eae ae oes Sees eee rere cere iti cree ‘ f EAS Pr ceed oe en PNY crt CUS Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937), litle. known to the public during his lifetime, is now recognized as the premier American weird fiction writer ofthe 20th century. His work has profoundly influenced several generations of Science fiction, fantasy, and macabre writers His tales of cosmic teror, and those of his many ‘admirers and imitators, form an extensive body ‘of fiction called the “Cthulhu Mythos,” named after Lovecraft’s most famous creation, the malign, many-tentacled alien god Cthulhu, The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos is a jourmey into the dark and haunting images inspired by the books and stories of the Cthulhu Mythos. H.P, Lovecraf's stories have fueled the imaginations of hundreds of authors and ‘countless readers, with their suggestions of ancient and terrible beings beside which humankind is insignificant, and the horrible truths that our minds are not meant to know. Now, for the first time, the ar inspired by these classic tales of horror is collected in one lavish volume, featuring paintings and drawings by some of today's most talented artists, including Michael Komarck, ‘Torstein Nordstrand, Paul Carrick, Anders Finer, ‘and dozens of others. That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die. 94-307-4 PANTASY FLIGHT GAMES HPO1 samo — 9781589943070"