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The ICT Curriculum is helping to integrate technology into the classroom.

It allows for
teachers to see why technology is an important part of the classroom. By having these
outcomes, it serves as a building block to upcoming generations. Technology will soon be
a dominate form in the classroom and by integrating it as soon as we can allows for
students to benefit from it sooner rather than later.
The following outcomes pertain to the INF 1030 course:
C.1 - Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of
4.1 Plan and perform complex searches, using more than one electronic source
4.2 Select information from appropriate sources, including primary and secondary
4.3 Evaluate and explain the advantages and disadvantages of various search strategies
4.4 Communicate in a persuasive and engaging manner, through appropriate forms, such
as speeches, letter, reports and multimedia presentations, applying information that
extend and communicate understanding of complex issues
C.2 - Students will seek alternative viewpoints, using information technologies
4.1 Consult a wide variety of sources that reflect varied viewpoints on particular topics
4.2 Evaluate the validity of gathered viewpoints against other sources
C.6 - Students will use technology to investigate and/or solve problems
4.1 Investigate and solve problems of prediction, calculation and inference
4.2 Investigate and solve problems of organization and manipulation of information
F.1 - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of technology
4.1 Assess the strengths and weaknesses of computer simulation in relation to real-world
4.2 Apply terminology appropriate to technology in all forms of communication
F.2 - Students will understand the role of technology as it applies to self, work and
4.1 Use technology outside formal classroom settings
4.2 Analyze how technological innovations and creativity affect the economy
4.3 Demonstrate an understanding of new and emerging communication systems
4.4 Evaluate possible potential for emerging technologies
4.5 Demonstrate conservation measures when using technology
4.6 Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles and issues of e-commerce,
including such topics as security and privacy, marketing, and implications for
governments, businesses and consumers alike
4.7 Use current, reliable information sources from around the world
4.8 Analyze and assess the impact of technology on global community

F.5 - Students will practice the concepts of ergonomics and safety when using
4.1 Identify safety regulations specific to the technology being used
F.6 - Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the operating skills
required in a variety of technologies
4.1 Continue to demonstrate the outcomes addressed within the previous divisions.
Students interested in pursuing advanced study in such areas as electronics,
programming, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), robotics and other industrial
applications of technology will find opportunities in Career and Technology Studies
(CTS) courses
P.1 - Students will compose, revise and edit text
4.1 Continue to demonstrate the outcomes achieved in prior grades and course subjects
P.2 - Students will organize and manipulate data
4.1 Manipulate and present data through the selection of appropriate tools, such as
scientific instrumentation, calculators, databases and or spreadsheets
P.3 - Students will communicate through multimedia
4.1 Select and use, independently, multimedia capabilities for presentations in various
subject areas
4.2 Support communications with appropriate images, sounds and music
4.3 Apply general principles of graphic layout and design to a document in process
P.6 - Students will use communication technology to interact with others
4.1 Select and use the appropriate technologies to communicate effectively with a
targeted audience
The technology the teacher will be using for this course consists mostly of the computer
and Microsoft Word. The students will be using a keyboarding program that will assist
them in increasing the students tying efficiency, which will be useful in their job in the
future. The technology help to integrate the students into a 21st century learner because
the way the world is evolving we will need to be able to perform the basics of these
technology. We no longer can resist the fact that technology is not apart of the
curriculum. We must embrace the use of technology to our advantage and make it apart of
our teaching.
The course outlines all these outcomes listed above in which we use technology to aid
our students to succession in the workplace. How this course achieves all these outcomes
is quite simple. By using and integrating technology the students will communicate using
the computer. For Assignment #1 regarding the report they are composing, revising, and
editing text to fit the report format. For Assignment #2 regarding the letter they are
demonstrating a basic understanding of the operating skills required by Microsoft word.
Assignment #3 students organize and manipulate data into tables. And finally Assignment
#4 students use technology to communicate and interact with others. These are just some

of the ways this course integrates the outcomes given by the ICT into the classroom.
Some outcomes are easily obtained while others are not so easily. But there is no outcome
that is unobtainable in the classroom.
The only downfall of using technology especially in INF 1030 is that students become
dependant on the technology. But by managing the use of technology the risk of students
becoming dependant will only decrease. By being careful we can strengthen a students
abilities and not weaken them.
The use of technology will become standard in the future and integrating this technology
now in the classroom will only benefit students in the future.