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October 2015

contemporary art gallery

This month Im delighted to feature Bonanza, a series of new mixed media works by Wellington-based
artist Cam Munroe. Ranging in composition from paintings to sculptural ceramic forms, Cams
signature organic shapes are both tantalisingly familiar and hauntingly strange. Theres a strong sense
of the sea in Cams new works; echoes of algae and kelp emerge from the painted works, while Cams
ceramic compositions suggest discoveries of beach-buried treasures. Come take a look!
Also this month, it seems an opportune time to note some recent successes by several artists
represented by Zimmerman. When you read what else theyve been up to, Im sure youll agree theyre
a talented bunch.
Wishing you a great month ahead,

Bronwyn Zimmerman
Bonanza new mixed media works
by Cam Munroe
Bonanza is a word derived from the Spanish
language, which literally translates as smooth sea.
In selecting this word as the title for her show,
Munroe explains:
A calm sea, or a calm mind-set, is a state of being
that, while not always attainable, is worth aspiring to.
This state of calm might be discovered in an ocean
world of endless shapes, or found in a landscape
that transcends eons of time.
The influence of sea-shapes is evident in the artists
new body of work. Florescent lacy organisms float
anemone-like to the surface from the deep, while
ceramic forms sprout like marine algae from quirkily
refashioned book-boxes.
Other works in the show are playfully
composed from collected ceramic shapes.
Each eclectic selection of objects is gathered
together in a small cluster, as if the product of
a days find of curious shells, stones, bones
and other treasures.

In my ceramic works I have found a

wonderful medium for taking my shapes and
compositions out of the two dimensional
realm. This has allowed me freedom to
create shape without confinement.

Above: Bonanza 4, Cam Munroe (2015),

Fluorescent acrylic and rust paint on board,
31 x 31 cm
Opposite: Colony 1, Cam Munroe (2015)
Rust paint, ceramic and collage, 22 x 16 cm

The exhibition of Cam Munroes mixed media works at Zimmerman Art Gallery runs until 31 October 2015.

Awards and significant shows

Beyond the shows hosted by Zimmerman
Art Gallery, the artists the gallery
represents are engaged in all manner of
national awards and significant shows.
Here is just a small sampling of several
from the past few months:
A ceramic composition by Cam Munroe,
Studying Line, was selected as a finalist in
this years Parkin Drawing Prize. The
Prize, established by Wellington arts patron
Chris Parkin, promotes drawing in all its
forms as discovery, a testing of ideas,
and decision making. Attracting more than
400 entries this year, the Parkin Prize is
New Zealands premier drawing award.
A painting by Rebecca Wallis will tour New
Zealand as part of the Wallace Art Award
2015 Award Winners & Traveling Finalists
Exhibition. The Awards, established by
Auckland arts patron James Wallace, are
the longest surviving and largest annual art
awards of their kind in New Zealand. The
touring winners and finalists show provides
a snapshot view of whats happening in
New Zealands contemporary art scene,
with exhibitions scheduled over the coming
months at Pataka Art + Museum (Porirua)
and the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville.
Paul Dibble was one of the New Zealand
artists selected to exhibit at the years
leading international art fair. More than 90
represented at the fair, offering visitors
access to cutting-edge art from some of the
worlds most prominent and respected
contemporary artists.

Above: Ceramic composition 7, Cam Munroe (2015)

Ceramic, approximately 100 x 100 cm

Artist Andrew Moon is featured in the September-October issue

of The New Zealand Artist magazine. To read the feature online,
see www.thenzartist.co.nz.
Prakash Patel recently had a stunning solo show of large canvas
works in the main gallery space of Mahara Gallery (Waikanae).
Titled Shimmer Moon, the new body of work was based on Patels
intuitive response to the world in which he lives, celebrating the
tremulous dance between black, light and colour. Patel is the
Zimmermans feature artist for November, with a large exhibition of
new panel works, so be sure to stop by the gallery next month to
view his latest pieces.

Opposite: Scarlet Tide, Cam Munroe (2014)

Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 cm
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