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Jennifer Scott
EDU 225
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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Technology can bring a lot to a learning environment, not all

student learn the same and the use of different technology teachers can help
each student achieve in learning. There was a time when all student learn
together, well this didnt work so well. Each child learn different and should
be taught different. Simply using these technologies, however, does not

guarantee effective student learning. More or easier access to class

materials does not necessarily lead to better educational outcomes.
Instructors, moreover, may need to develop a different set of teaching skills,
to revise instructional materials, and=or to rethink assessment in order to
effectively use these technologies. Mathews, A. Lanethea, LaTronica-Herb,
Alexandra (April 2013) this could be hard for a teacher to do but the use of
technology makes it easier. Integrating technology in the classroom will help
student by increasing the option teachers have in teaching, makes learning
exciting and helps children be expose to technology before entering the real

How Technology Will Enhance My Teaching

Integrating technology in the classroom will help student by increasing
the option teachers have in teaching. Many student learn different
technology allow teacher to use different device to help students learn. Some
student learn better by listening to instruction instead of reading them.
Today many authors use audios too this allow their audience to listen instead
of reading them. While the use of technology to engage students is a popular
tool, how teachers use the technology available to them may determine the
effectiveness of the lesson for the students. State assessment scores
measure student success and the effectiveness of the instruction they are
receiving. Technology may be a means to increase that effectiveness to take
more students to a deeper level of understanding. An analysis of variance
was used to evaluate the data from surveys on the ways technology was

used in the classroom and the level of implementation of use in the

classroom. Kuyatt, Andrea; Holland, Glenda; Jones, Don. Many teachers have
begun to integrate technology into their classroom. This give them extra
resources to in learning. Technology has advance in todays world and
students adopt very well.
Technology Tools I Plan to Use
There are many ways technology can be used in a learning
environment. The key to successfully using any technology in a classroom is
to apply it correctly. Modern higher education requires the problem of
development of professional value insights of a teacher of a new formation to
be solved. One of the vital tasks of the national education is development of
axiological resources of a teacher's individuality and his value system and
insights. It should be noted that teaching means of development of a
teacher's professional value insights can be represented by optimization of
axiological resources for his professional development and educational
institution's teaching traditions of creating necessary environment for
teachers' axiological development, including the use of information and
communication technologies in the educational process. Karabayeva,
Kamilya (July 2015) S
The teacher must learn his or her student in a time frame so that they
will know how to apply these technologies. For example a student may learn
better by seeing how thing work now the teacher can show him videos to
help him learn. These video can help the student preform at his best.
Integrating technology in the classroom bring more option to teachers. Based

on what grade the student in the internet or web could help student search
for things old, new, 100 years ago or current.

Integrating technology in the classroom will help student by increasing the
option teachers have in teaching, makes learning exciting and helps children
be expose to technology before entering the real world. As a teacher you are
upheld to teach student to complete each grade level. Because student dont
learn the same teacher must find way to apply the learning. Technology have
gave them a way to apply learning in different ways and languages.
Government should increase budgets to give teachers the experience and
tools to apply technology in the classroom.

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