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Action in Minimizing Electricity

and Satellite Disruption from

Solar Flares
By: Divo, Kenta, Luna, Shena, Zico (8-9C)

Sun-Earth-Moon System
Sun, Earth and Moon is always in motion
Sun is in the center of the solar system, the earth

revolves around the sun, the moon revolves

around the earth
There is gravitational pull from sun, earth and

The movement of the system can cause

phenomena like day and night, seasonal changes,

tides, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, phases of the


Solar Flares
Solar Flares occurs when magnetic energy that

has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly

Radiation happens caused by the solar flares
Solar flares cause massive release of energy form

the sun

Cause and Effect


Solar eclipse

Radiation from sun

High magnetic fields

causing explosions


Satellite disruption

Power grid

Electricity down


Radiowave disruption

Recent Condition
Solar flare phenomena gives negative impact

towards life on earth

Negative effects cause disruption and gives big

impact to human life or the environment

Ideal Condition
Solar flares phenomena has a benefit to our

continuous life, either to human life or to the

Solar flares doesnt give a big impact that can

affect us in a negative way

Project Purpose
Find an alternative solution/action to minimize the

effect of solar flares to electricity and satellite

Project Benefit
Knowing more about phenomena
Add knowledge to help us in developing a

beneficial solution to the community

Can minimize the negative effect

Location that has been hit by

Solar Flares
Some part of the Europe region (mostly affected

to Germany and Italy) back in March 2015

Europe and North America in 1859

How Government/Organization
handle problem
NASA is always observing the solar activity and

making predictions of solar flares

In Europe, what they did is produce more power

grid in their electricity

Our Solution

1st Solution
Installing/producing more energy source for

electricity to power generator

Using photovoltaic, hydropower, fossil power,

solar power for energy source

Use energy source to increase the power grid of

the unaffected power generator

Sending electric transmission from unaffected

power generator to the affected power generator

2nd Solution
Warnings and precautions from NASA to power

generator companies and airline operators

Flights to be on hold in the day of the solar flare

impact so there are no sudden incident or loss

No communication or technology usage until the

impact lasts


Answer of Focus Question

How can we minimize radiowave disruption

impact on earth from the solar flares and be

Creating an action that is producing more energy

source for power generator to send electric

transmission which balance the power grid and
prevent the cause of electricity going down, also
precautions/warnings to not cause incidents

Relation to Big Question

What are the causes and effect of Structural

The phenomena can cause disruption to

electricity and also satellite

The effect of our solution is it balances the power

generator so it prevents the chance of electricity

going down and also it cancels flights to not
cause any loss communication or incidents