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Weak 1 diet

Fruit Breakfast: Diabetes reversal fruit breakfast 500 to 700gms (Citrus fruits,
apple, anar, guava, papaya or any three from them).
Lunch dinner: In first part take Rainbow vegetable (i.e color vegetables: beet,
carrot, cabbage, tomatoes etc), 400 to 500gm, these may be raw or steam or
half cooked and in second part eat small quantity of the regular lunch/ dinner.

Hunza tea
1. 12 leaves of Mint
2. 8 leaves of Tulsi
3. 4 Green Cardamoms
4. 2gms Cinnamon
5. 20gms Ginger
6. 20gms Jaggery

Instruction for making Hunza tea:

- Take 4 cups of water in a tea pan
- Add all the ingredient after a boil
- Simmer it for 10 Min
- Add lemon before serve

Weak 2 diet
First thing in the morning: Chew 10 Tulsi leaves with 2gms Ginger
Nitric oxide breakfast:
50gm sprouts (Moong, black gram or moong daal)
50gm coconut
20gm badam soaked overnight
Large tomato
1 medium size beetroot
1 green chilly
Few corinder leaves
Lemon for taste
Lunch/ Dinner

2 large size tomato

100gm French beans
2 large Shimla Mirch
1 Green chilly
Lemon to tase
Coriander leave to taste
300gm Louki/ Tori
These should be stemmed or half cooked.
After taking this one can take small amount of the conventional lunch/ dinner.

Snack: 12 noon to 5 Pm
200gm of citrus fruits (Khatte fruits such as orange, apple anar)

7 rules of D1D2C Diet

Rule 1: Eat before you feel the hunger
Rule 2: Time means eat slowly
Rule 3: Time again means keep time fixed
Rule 4: Avoid all kind of, i) Supplements, ii) milk and milk product, iii) refined/
packed food, iv) sugar, salt oil
Rule 5: 30 Min physical exercise
Rule 6:Sunshine, at least 1h
Rule 7: Blood sugar monitoring, In the first three day sugar level will go down so
the drug amount should reduced. In this situation sugar monitoring will work.