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Results of the aggregation

Figure 2. IKEA Consensus Map

The consensus map (see Figure 2. IKEA Consensus Map) depicts consumers
thoughts about the IKEAs experience that have their best interests at heart. The seven
qualities in this IKEA consensus map are: Product, Value, Location, Promotion,
Service, Food, Sweden. Each of these circles is connected to some of the other circles
by lines.
In aggregate procedure, respondents that IKEAs product are have enormous product
selection on accessories and furniture with affordable price that also linked as in
IKEAs values. Respondents also discern about how IKEA put their Swedish value
into their product. Sweden as the city of producers linked directly as consumers first
association about IKEA. It leads into direct association about Swedish Meatball that
served in IKEAs restaurant and also with it free coffee that provided in the store.
Sweden also create direct positive association IKEAs product name. Moreover,
Respondents also associate Sweden with modern and stylish product.
Even tough, respondent experience that the self-assembly process is not delightful
enough. In more advance within IKEA value, respondent experience positively that
shopping IKEAs product are cheap and have equal ration within good in price and
quality. Even tough, IKEAs store location shows unfavorable linkage because most it
located far from the city center whereas consumer really enjoy about it free-parking

In IKEAs service, respondents experience positive association with warranty

mechanism. This means that IKEA deliver in such positive after service. IKEA
maintain their target market really well, this is shows positive association in which is
family with good delicacy and service. On the other hand, respondents experience
negative association due to dense situation at the store that represents with long
queues on their transaction process. IKEAs self-service also becomes an issue with
take-ithome-yourself, because they want to have full-service experience when they
went shopping. When it comes to promotion, respondents have positive association on
IKEAs promotion tools that use websites and showrooms in generating their product
and customer values to make their products feel desirable.