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Regions in Spain

By: Hadeel Ahmed

Formal Region
Spain is broken up into 17 regions these regions are called provinces, provinces
served mainly as transmission belts for policies enacted in Madrid, as Spain was
a highly centralised state for most of its history. There are 50 provinces in Spain,
they were created in 1833 and they were created by Royal Decree. Another
type of formal regions in Spain are mountains. The Pyrenees Mountains are a
very important mountain in Spain because it separates. The Iberian Peninsula
from the rest of Europe.

Functional Region
Some of the Functional Regions in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona they are
the more common in the middle of the country because of large factories,
Another type of functional Region in spain that is popular are the beaches in
spain such as Playa de Ses illetes, Cala Comte, Playa de Bolonia and one of the
most prettiest beach in my perspective is the Playa de las Catedrales.



Playa de Las

Why they are functional

The reason why the beaches are functional is because they attract tourism
and usually when people come and visit spain they are tourist and they like to
experience the culture of spain so they are willing to spend lots of money to
go and buy food, and go to dance clubs and they go to beaches which have
boardwalks which make lots of money so that is why beaches help spain in a
economical way as well. The factories are also a functional region because
they bring a lot of money to the cities of Madrid and Barcelona by producing
Items then selling these Items which helps these cities majorly economically.

Perceptual region
A Perceptual Region are human feelings and attitudes about areas. So when
people think about spain they usually think about soccer because Spain is
home to one of the most supported teams in the world and has the largest
social media following in the world among sports team this team is FC
BARCELONA a soccer team. Nicknames for this team are Bara, Barcelona,

Perceptual region part 2

Catalonia was an independent region of the Iberian Peninsula and they now
want independent of spain they are basically their own country they have
there own language, laws and customs. The Catalan region has long been
the industrial heartland of Spain first for its maritime power and trade in
goods such as textiles, but recently for finance, services and hi-tech
companies. It is one of the most wealthiest regions of spain.


THE END or as they

would say in Spain EL
Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my presentation and learned
something from it.FIN
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