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1. Amount to anything: something isn't important.

- He will never amount to anything.
2. To Launch: enviar algo a algn lugar, lanzar o inaugurar algo nuevo
- Two weeks later the Russians launched sputnik.
- They launched two Scud missiles.
- A boat was launched to rescue the fishermen.
- A chair was launched at him.
- The new iPod G4 was launched in 2010.
3. Be glued to :Estar "pegado" a algo prestndole mucha atencin
- People must sit and keep their eyes glued to the tv all day.
- The Kids are glued to the tv all day.
- The wood is cut into pieces which are them glued together.(Estar pegados entre
4. Turn down: refusing something.
- The group was turned down by different companies.
- Novel was turned down by publisher after publisher.(editor tras editor)
- Several publishers turned down his book before it was eventually accepted.
5. Link:
- My computer is linked to the network via a modem.
6. To prove:
- All the things we need at present to prove our identity will disappear.
7. To breed: reproducir.
- Computers themselves will design and "breed" new computers.(las propias comput
8. To bill sb: cargo, cuenta
- Parking meters will automatically(adv) bill you.
- Can I have the bill(n), please?
9. To educate : educar
- Developing countries will become wealthy if they educate their workers correct
10. To come true: se hace realidad.
- Can you find any other predictions that didn't come true?
- Which predictions do you think will come true?