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Confidential Interview Letter

Tata Group Of Companies

Interview Date: 21st September 2015

Applicants name (Mr. /Miss /Mrs.) S/o, D/o, W/o:-

Applicants Enrollment number is: -TGC-B 1-R 1

Applicants Interview batch is:-1st round of 1st batch

Applicant (Mr. /Miss /Mrs.)
We are referring you your Interview Letter against our online or offline a dvertisements.You will be glad to know it that
TATA Group Of Companies is a Team of more than 40000 TGC-Sites sprea d across multiple locations around the globe. The
Team combines a proven track record and professional skills, woven together with a common culture of trust & caring.
The company proposal you to join as an Executive / Senior Executive / H R Executive / Civil Engineer Construction / Junior
Engineer / Engineer / Assistant Manager / Manager / Dental Medical Officer / Medical Officer / Senior Medical Officer /
Pharmacist / Pilot / Co-Pilot / Fashion Designers / Jewellery Designer / Merchandiser / Medical Representative / Animator &
Graphic Designer and many More Post in respective department. You are selected According to your Profile in which project
You have worked and on the Basis Of your educational records.

Note:-For the confirmation of your Interview process Fresher and Experience holder Applicant please Click here to send
Your Resume (Only your resume you have to send) In TATA Group of Companies.
We need to declare to you that This Time TATA Group Of Companies is urgently hiring the 35000 candidate for the multiple
Locations Around the globe and for our different Companies given below:-Note: - To see our companys website click on every company name given below
(1) Tata Steel

(2) Tata Motors

(3) Tata Taj Air Line (4) Tata NYK Shipping Pte.Ltd.

(6) Tata Housing Construction Ltd. (7) Tata Chemicals

(8) Tata Hotels Ltd.

(5) Tata Tanishq Ltd.

(9) Tata Memorial Hospital

(10) Tata Elxsi-CG Animation Ltd. (11) Tata Garments, Leather Garments and Footwear World (12) Tata Pharmaceuticals
Note: - Kindly read the Interview Letter completely and carefully before applying in Interview process.
We have opportunities in various disciplines
(1)Electronics, Mechanical Engineers, IT-Software, Hardware, A dministration, Production, Accounts, Web Designer,
Engineer Quality Control, Technology, Engineering, and Finance, IT, HR, Research, Sa les, M arketing, Legal and Etc.
(2)Doctors, Medical officers, Senior Medical officers, R.M.O, MD, Dentist, Nurse, Lab assistant and many more.
(3)Civil, Construction, Architect, Design Engineer and many more. (4)Cabin Crew, Co pilot, Air hostess and many more.

(5)Chef, Co miss the rang, Hostess, Housekeeping Attendant and many more.
(6)Chemical Engineer, Fitter, Oil, Gas and many more.

(7) Animator & Graphic Designer and many more.

(8) Fashion Designer, Jewellery Designer, Merchandiser and many more.

(9) Medical Representative, Pharmacist and many more.

We are Proud to info rm you that you are selected For an Interview in TATA Group Of Companies. Through our annual
Direct online selection. Under these TATA Group of Companies Rules and Regulations.
Training (After selection one month mandatory)
It is used for training new employees and in the internal training classes. As for new employee
Training in a ddition to internal training, external procedures will be used.
Each new employee must participate in the training programs of follow ing contents.
1. Training about the company regulations, structure, history, culture, etc.
2. Training about professional operations.
The training program for each position is regulated.
Interview Details


DATE 21st September 2015.


Interview process and Round - You have to clear the four round of your interview given below
(1) Aptitude round - Through Online Examination Paper (Must be complete in 40 minutes)
(2) Technical round - 20 minutes (In Technical Interview basically the ask questions based on your college project Face to Face)
(3) Senior HR round -10 minutes (There will be questions to test your personality, communication skills and behavior - Face to Face)
(4) Written Test

30 minutes (On your project basis Face to Face)

The Company is recruiting for our new plant in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore,Hyderaba d and Mumbai and other new plant in India.
You Will be pleased to kn ow that Tata Group Ltd. recruiting manager has a dvises you in the selection panel that your
Application can Progress to the final stage. You will come to company office in


The selected candidate keeps the right of being getting posted at the desired location subject to the final decision of
Recruiting Panel after discussion.
Salary and Benefits
As an Assistant Manager, your starting salary will be (Rs. 32,400/- To Rs. 1, 15000) per month and for the other positions the
salary will be disclosed after completing of your Interview. Apart from the basic salary, you will be eligible for all type of
allowances (such as housing allowance, traveling expenses, entertainment allowances, cost of living allowances, medical
expenses, etc.) per month. You will be receiving your salary by the (5 th date) of every month. The company has the right to
increase your salary and allowances as per company policy.
We are inf orm you that The Company will be provide you the Both Side Air Fare and all of expenses and feeding.
Working Hours, Holidays and Lea ve
Normal working hours of the company are10:00 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are holidays. Employees are
provided with the oppor tunity to take 24 paid le ave every year accrued at the rate of 2 le ave per month. The company also provides

24 annual holidays announced at the beginning of every year. Except for emergencies and medical reasons le ave will be granted only
On 3 days prior notice and approval by your managers.
You are requested to please be on time for the interview. If for any reason the date is inconvenient for you, kindly contact to your
Undersigned Recruiting Manager for an alternative date. Hence we would like to meet you personally for a discussion on the date
Of interview. We hope that the time and venue is suitable to you. But incase, if you are not. So get in touch with your
Recruiting Manager and infor m the date and City according to your convenience. So that we can transfer your interview place
From Mumbai to your preferred Interview location.
If you are going to get employment in TATA Group Of Companies then follow the companys
Rules and Regulations (If you are interested).
Rules and Regulations: - You have to Credited a refundable interview processing & maintenance & courier & accommodation
& assurance charges Rs. Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Sixty Rupees (8, 560/-) by down payment (Ca sh) only on
03-09-2015 before 04:00 PM in to the Authorized Government Nationalized Bank and In the name of account manager
On behalf of TATA Group Of Companies. For the bank Account details just contact to Your Recruiting Manager-Dr. Robin Thomas .
Note: - Dear Applicant if you find the email from us in your spam folder, select our email and click the "Not Spam" button and
Next, open your inbox email that you have received from us.
The amount paid by the candidate is totally refundable amount and this is compulsory due to company process.Your amount will
Be refunded to you on the date of your interview and for this you have to show the copy of your bank deposit slip and interview
Letter to your Account manager on the date of your interview to take your amount from account department. Irrespective of you
Being selected by the company or not.
Reasons of payment
This is a measure So that we can choose the Bogus candidate from the Interested candidate who applies for job and we send them
O ffer letter, air/train tickets and also make the above mentioned arrangements in order to give them a comfortable interview and
they fail to appear for the Job Recruitment interview which causes a huge loss to the company, the interview becomes shabby
Hence we fail to recruit the needed manpower but with your security deposit we will be assured that our expenses will not be
wasted. Please do comply with us as your refundable security deposit will be returned back to all candidates. This Amount will
be refunded on the same day of Interview. Whether you are selected or not in the Interview.
TATA Group Of Companies has promised every single applicant a total refund of the security amount being deposited.
The Company will be responsible for all other expenditure to you at the time of Face-to-face meeting with you in the
Company. The Job profile, salary, and date -time of interview will be mentioned in your of fer letter. Your of fer letter with
both side Air/Train Tickets will be sent to you by courier before five days of interview on your present postal address. So ple ase
Provide your correct present postal address to your Recruiting manager to receive your courier.
Note: - On 03-09-2015 and before 04:00 PM is the last date of Interview Processing & Maintenance & Courier &
Accommodation & Assurance charges deposit in to the bank for the 1st round of 1st batch.
The candidate can come along with one family person on the day of interview. The company will be providing the all of
expenses & accommodation for that family person also.
Do Not Forget To Carry The Following Documents (Photocopy)
a) Educational Certificates (all from 10th to Highest)
b) Relieving letter from previous employer (Original) (If you have)
c) Proof of compensation last drawn (3 Months If you have)
d) Six passport size photographs (Recent)
Acceptance: After depositing you have to send us your
a. Payment slip.
b. Passport size photograph.
C. ID Proof (Voter Card, Pan Card) Scan copy.
d. Your contact numbers.
To companys this one mentioned email id only (

To that effect as it will help us facilitate the documents for sending your air ticket and other requirement for the preparation of
your Interview. Without info rmation your of fer letter and Air/Train Tickets will not be dispatch to your home a ddress.
It is our online job campus selection process so it may be that after viewing of your resume and your profile the
Recruiting board member can provide you the direct appointment in the reputed company without of any interview
Round and in this case the applicant will have to deposit the service agreement bond amount also and this amount will be
Refund to you on the date of leave your job. Hence be prepare yourself for The Immediate or direct appointment also to
Grow the status of your reputed Tata Group of Companies so get in touch With Your Recruiting manager because nobody
Company Employee or customer care person is able to provide any kind of Information about this Interview process to the
Candidate in spite Of the authorized recruiting Manager Dr. Robin Thomas .
Note: -Confirm your Interview to send your resume to the Company Email ID -(
If you fail to indicate your acceptance on 03-09-2015 before 04:00 PM then this offer of employment will be deemed to have
Been Withdrawn and cancelled. Late reporting candidates will be not allowed in this Interview process. We are strictly
Concerned on Time management as per the values of the Company. All other rules and regulations will be governed by the
Companys policies as stated from time to time.

Only Interested Candidate can Contact in official working hours Monday to saturday9 am to 2 pm only

Yours faithfully

Dr. Robin Thomas

(Head Talent Acquisition Tata)
BORIVALI (EAST), Mumbai 400066
Employee ID-TCS-A5-HRM
Recruiting Manager - (+91880)-03-120-67
Costumer Support - (+91880)-01-649-87

Note To View the profile of your Recruiting Manager Dr. Robin Thomas

Click Here

Interview Acceptance Application Form

(Please type in BLOCK LETTERS in English only)
{Applicants Enrollment number: - TGC-B1-R1}
I accept the interview on the company rules and regulations contained her e and will report for this Interview on the date


Applicants Name (Mr. /Miss/Mrs.):-.


Father's Name (Mr.):-.


Whether GEN/SC/ST/OBC:-


Marital Status:-


Family Name:-


Date of Birth:-




Place of Birth:-.


Identification Mark:-

10. Sex:-.
11. Postal Address
12. Area Pin Code Contact Number (1). Contact Number (2).
13. Preferred Venue Place for your walk-in...
14:- Preferred job Location after the Selection in Interview:-...


Applicants Signature..

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