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Pre Requisites for the Creation of Sight Draft:

The Purchase Order is required to be in the State Released in the PO Screen.
Payment Term SD to be attached for the respective Purchase Orders in the PO Screen.
PATH: Payment/Bank Reporting Data/Sight Draft Entry Screen.

The Fields marked as XXXXX are mandatory to enter.

Order No refers to the Purchase Orders having the Payment Term asSD.

Serial Number will be generated by the system and it will be the running numbers.
Enter the Bank Advice Number as available from the Bank.
Select the Order Number through the LOV.
Enter the Release Amount, which should be less than the PO Amount.
Enter the Advice Release Date as provided in the Bank Advice.
Enter the Issue Date.

7. The Exchange Rate as on the Issue Date is considered for the calculation of the
value in INR.
8. Enter the Advice Due Date as provided in the Bank Advice.
9. Enter the Amount of the Advice as provided in the Bank Advice.
10. Save the Record or F5.
Ensure that the Due Date and the Release Date in not less than the System Date.
The Sight Draft Issue Report can be printed for the Sight Drafts which have been
created in the system.