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(Creon's palace)

*Creon and Antigone are disputing antigones death

Creon: Antigone i cant keep my credibility if i dont punish you
Antigone: Please dont I beg of you!
Creon: Im sorry you disobeyed me..
*Creon stabs Antigone*
*Antigone dies instantaneously*
Scene 5: *Haemon walks into the room*
Haemon: Father how dare you abuse my woman like that!
Creon:What is it you speak of!?
Haemon: Antigone has been wrongly punished!
Creon: How so?
Haemon: All she wanted was to bring honor to her brother and even then you still took that
Haemon: No real man would punish a woman for showing courage.
Haemon: Any man who makes decisions like you is not fit to be king.
Creon: Fool my own son doesnt trust me, and because of this you should die!
Haemon: SQUARE UP!
Creon: Im right here homez.
Creon: Don't do something youll regret.
Haemon: That didn't stop you from killing Antigone.
*teiresias enters*
Teiresias: Stop this nonsense if you both fight without me here i wont be able to record it! :(

Teiresias : Jk
Teiresias: STOP! if you both kill each other there will be noone left to take the throne!
*The viper slithers*
*RKOs Teiresias*
Creon: Whose the viper?
Haemon: I dont know..
Creon: Well he did have point nonetheless.
Haemon: You may be king but you are no longer fit to be called my father.
*Haemon exits palace*
Creon: Traitors, theyre all around me.
*Teiresias wakes up*
Teiresias: I must say something that is urgent.
Creon: And what exactly is it?
*Teiresias shrugs*
Teiresias: The gods say that you cant ball.
Creon: Ill break ya ankles any day boi.
Teiresias: Ill ball you any day fam but not today...Ive got some real bad news.
Creon: You have my attention.
Teiresias: The gods are displeased with your recent actions as king.
*Creons face fills with regret*
Teiresias: For killing Antigone these are the consequences.
*Creon pays full attention*
Teiresias: Well there are several in their entirety.
Teiresias: The throne shall be taken from you by your enemies.

Teiresias: You and your people shall become slaves to them as well.
Teiresias: Finally, you will share the same fate as Antigone soon, but when youd least expect
Creon: "That shall never happen as long as I am still walking this earth."
Teiresias: Whether you believe or not it is the will of the gods so it shall be done!
Creon: You cursed me in my own palace and for that before i die you share my burden of
*Teiresias catches creon's hands*
Teiresias: "How dare you strike at me?
*Teiresias and Creon takes out his sword*
Teiresias: I may be blind but i will not die by an ignorant futile swine.
*Creon laughs maniacally*
Creon: I have been waiting for this, you self righteous prick.
*Swords clash*
*Teiresias sword falls*
Creon: I will not win an unfair fight.
Creon: Take your things and leave, you are banished.
*Ismene enters*
Ismene: "Have you no shame first you kill my sister now this poor man.
*Teiresias Leaves*
Creon: I have not killed him, but I should kill you.
Ismene: Do it i have nothing left, you have taken everything away from me.
Creon: "Where's the fun in that"
Ismene: "What do you mean by fun, is this some kind of sick twisted game for you"
Creon: "As you can see I no longer have anything to lose as well my dear.
*Creon gets ready to cut Ismenes head off*

*Haemon shoots Creon with an arrow (arrow hits heart)*

*Creon falls to the ground*
Haemon: I cant lose another.
*Ismene cries in shock*
Ismene: " You imbecile, do you really think i would've loved to have been saved?
Haemon: I understand, do as you will the Creons sword lays next to you
*Ismene raises Creon's sword*
*Ismene pierces her heart
(Meanwhile they are unaware of theseus' army attacking and pillaging thebes)
*Haemon travels back to thebes with the bodies of Ismene and Creon*
General of the Army of Thebes: We are under attack and we have no weapons.
Haemon: Well lets be men and attack with our bare hands.
General: Have you lost your mind?
Haemon: Do it or perish as a woman.
General: As you say my prince.
General: Wheres Creon?
Haemon: He has disappeared if we live i'll
*General speaks to army*
General: Tonight we fight not only for our country, but for our families, lives, and freedom.
Army of Thebes: How shall we fight with no weapons?
General: Lets hope the gods are on our side; let them have mercy on our souls
Soldier: Were going to get rekt :(\
General: True lmao.
General: If we give it our all we, even if we die, we will forever die with honor.
Army of Thebes: Lets do this, AHHHHH!

(After 3 weeks of war Thebes got rekt)

*Tiresias serves the Theseus wine*
Teiresias:(in thoughts) "As the prophecy foretold we we have become the slaves of our
Haemon: Teiresias did you ever believe that Id be Thebes worst enemy?
Teiresias: How dare you forsake the hand that fed you?
Haemon: It was easy when realized my country was ruled and full of worthless uneducated
Teiresias: Oh Roman king have you no fear of the gods wrath?
Haemon: How shall I fear what does not exist?
*Teiresias face fills with shock*
*Teiresias starts prophesizing*
Teiresias: The old king remains youngling and soon youll see what occurs
*Haemon giggles*
Haemon: Whoever that may be is not worthy of taking my place.
Haemon: I will rule until my death you old hag and nobody not even the gods will stop me
Haemon: The gods wouldnt dare attack me the gods fear m..
*Haemon gets captured by guards*
Haemon: Unhand me!
Teiresias: Your time has come your lineage and yourself will now all perish
Teiresias: You forgot who the gods where they have sent someone to remind you.
*Hooded man enters the room*
Haemon: Who is this man?
Hooded man: I knew you since before you were born.
Haemon: Take off that unmanly hood!
*Hooded man takes off hood to reveal hes Oedipus back for the throne*

Oedipus: I am the rightful king of this nation.

Oedipus: I am only here to abide by the gods laws and end you to take back what was taken
from me.
Oedipus: Guards get my knife ready, its time for a public execution get everyone here even the
*Guards do as he says*
(2 Hours later) (Move outside the palace)
Oedipus: Any last words?
Haemon: Bang! Bang!
*Oedipus inserts knife into Haemons heart*
*Audience ravs hard af*
(Oedipus becomes the rightful king of Thebes)