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SEM 2 SESSION 20142015
Dear all students,
For a group project, please form a group with maximum of FIVE (5) members per group in the same
section. Then, all groups are required to submit a proposal form (Engineering Design Project Proposal) as
attached with this paper within 2 weeks from now. The theme for this project title is:
Do you have a product design that will ease the lives of Malaysians during natural disasters or
Why this theme?
With major natural disasters and accidents happened in Malaysia back in 2014, this time we want to
see a portable product design that is impactful and revolutionary that you could commercialize it to
help more Malaysians in face with such scenario.
All project titles that will be proposed must be related to this theme in an appropriate and possible
location of natural disasters or accidents (You may to justify the proposed project title with the selected
area along with the type of natural disasters or accidents of study).
Please use the following proposal form in order to complete your project proposal and submit to your
lecturer once confirmed.

Course Coordinator
BDA40804 (Integrated Engineering Design) &
BDA40203 (Engineering Design)
Sem 2 Session 20142015

BDA40203 /
Engineering Design

Accepted and approved by:

Project Proposal

Group Name:


________________________________________________________ Section: ________

Group Members: (1) ___________________________________________________ Matrix no. _____________
(2) ___________________________________________________ Matrix no. _____________
(3) ___________________________________________________ Matrix no. _____________
(4) ___________________________________________________ Matrix no. _____________
(5) ___________________________________________________ Matrix no. _____________

Proposed Project Title:

What is the PROBLEM you intend to solve? [Who] need(s) [what] because [why]:

Engineering Design Project : Design requirements


The end product should be portable and prove to solve difficult situation during natural
disaster or accident.

Yes / No

The end product should have duration of use of at least 3 to 6 months.

Yes / No

Prototyping the product.

Yes / No

Total production cost can be equal or less than RM500.

Yes / No

Must include proof of concept.

Yes / No

Using SolidWorks tool.

Yes / No

The product design must take consideration of manufacturability.

Yes / No

We have discussed the project title based on the problem that we intend to solve and all design requirements are
achievable. We also recognize that this project is a NEW which means NOBODY has ever done the project before.
Therefore, we are unanimously agreed to propose this project title and willing to commit to following through on
this project for BDA40203/BDA40804.

Group Leader,