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aberration " The defeat was a temporary aberration.
abhor " I abhor terrorism.
abject / " There is abject poverty in India.
abortive " Mission that proved abortive was reported in
the newspaper.
abridge " The book was abridged for children.
absolve / " The Judge absolved the
accused from all charges.
absolute " There is no absolute standard for beauty.
abstract " This book is an abstract of Ramayana. He
is a painter of abstracts.
abstruse /" I find maths to be an abstruse subject.
abysmal " His habits are abysmal.
accolade " To represent the country in something is
itself a great accolade.
accost " I was accosted on the road by a
complete stranger.
acerbic {)" He is of acrebic temperament.
acquiesce " Her family will never
acquiesce to inter-caste marriage.
acrid " I don't like Anil's acrid nature. I get
vomitting sensation when I get the acrid of burning rubber.
acrimonious " He passed some acrimonious remark on
acumen " Pooja's political acumen has made her
popular in the university.
acute " Dogs have an acute sense of smell. Her
judgment is acute. There is an acute shortage of water
in our area.
adulation " Syeophants are experts in adulation.
adamant " She is adamant that she wont attend the
allusion " This cross-border shelling is an allusion of war.
aloof / " He keeps himself aloof from politics.
altruism " Social workers must have altruism.
ambience " The park has a peaeful ambience.
ambiguous " 'I saw a man with binoculors' is an
ambiguous sentence.
ambivalent " He has an ambivalent attitude
towards her.
ameliorate " The army has been called to ameliorate
the city situation.
amenable //" An employee is amenable to
the officer.
amenity - " Due to electricity we have lot's of
amenities in life. The valley of flowers is an amenity in
the Himalayas.
amiable " Nehru chacha was always amiable with
amicable " The two parties do not seem to reach an
amicable settlement.
amnesty " The rebels who surrendered themselves
were granted amnesty.
amoral /" Ravan was an amoral person.
amorous {}" After having alcohol in the party he
became amorous.
amorphous " He found it difficult to manage the
amorphous organization.
anarchism " Anarchism is a result of bad
analogy " Chimpanzee and human being have
analogy between them.
anarchy /" Bad government can give rise to
anecdote " I love to read anecdotes published in
'Reader's Digest'.
anguish /" I saw him in a state of anguish.
animosity " I don't have any animosity towards

anomaly / " There are many anomalies in the

tax system.
antecedent " Before marriage I would like to know
about his antecedent .
antipathy " She made no attempt to hide her feelings
of antipathy towards him.
artful " He is quite an artful devil. He played
an artful trick on her.
artifice " Pretending to be ill was her artifice.
ascendancy / " He has the ascendancy over all his
main rivals. He has ascendancy over all others.
ascetic /" He is leading the life of an ascetic.
assiduous " His marksheet shows that he is an
assiduous boy . His success was due to his assiduous
assimilate " The numerous concepts have to be
assuage " The man assuaged his angry son.
astute " The astute man gave the idea.
attrition " );
augment ()" The side job augmented his income.
auspicious " They were looking for an auspipcious day to
move into their new house.
austere " Ram was a rather austere figure. It was a
big house furnished in an austere style.
autocratic " An autocratic leader. .
avarice " Ram earned money by greed and avarice.
avow " Ram avowed to kill Ravana.
awry / " His plans to visit Germany was went awry.
axiom -" Ram's axioms are quite clear.
banal " The teacher wrote some banal remarks in his
bane " The neighbour's children are a
bane of my life.
bastion /" Flying aircrafts has been a male bastion.
beget " Shiva beget Ganesha.
Unemployment begets crime.
feline " Female models have feline grace.
equine " Although we did not want to call her ugly she
did have an equine face.
brevity " );
broach " He decided to broach the isuue before the
evening was over.
bureaucracy " Too much of bureaucracy hinders fast
burlesque / " Burlesque theater);
cadence " Poetry should be recited in slow rythmic
cajole " She was cajoled into selling her property.
callow " He is a callow youth of seventeen.
capitalism " Capitalism encourages private
capitulate / " The auhtorites
capitulated to the demands of the hijackers.
capricious " We experienced a capricious summer
breeze in the evening.
caricature " Caricatures of famous pesonalities
arouses laughter.

categorical /" He made a categorical denial of all

the charges levelled against him.
catharsis " Aristotle propounded the theory of
catharsis in his book 'Poetics'.
clemency " The clemency of today's weather is good
for picnic. He pleaded for clemency before the judge.
inclement " It's been rather inclement this week.
coalesce " A couple of parties coalesced to form
a new government.
coerce " The workers were coerced to call off
cogent " The police got cogent evidence to prove
his guilt.
cognitive " A child's cognitive sense is more developed
than adult's.
cognizant " Her younger brother is cognizant
of law.
coherent " His teachings are not coherent to us.
He wasn't coherent on the phone.
colloquial " Colloquial expressions are not used
in writing.
collusion " It appeared that there was a collusion
between the opposition parties.
commensurate " Her post is not commensurate to
her qualification.
compendium " The book is a
compendium of ideas, facts and figures.
complement " A fine wine is a perfect complement to
the dinner);
comprehensive " The CNN gave a comprehensive
coverage of the hijacking incident.
comprise / " The land he conquered
comprised several provinces);
compose " Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
I like the symphonies composed by Beethoven.
She had to compose herself before she could reply to
this terrible insult);
constitute " Females constitute major part of the
population in Kerala. The government has constituted a
committee to look in to the causes of the accident.
concise " I have a copy of Oxford's concise dictionary.
concord /" The neighbouring states should live in
corollary " Blind jealousy is a frequent corollary of
passionate love.
corroborate " Witnesses corroborated her accident.
cosmopolitan " Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city.
He has a cosmopolitan attitude.
countenance " She has a pleasant countenance.
His boss would never give countenance to such a stupid
coup -" The Prime Minister was afraid of
a military coup. The takeover of a
multinational company was a brilliant coup.
covenant " He did not keep his covenant to give charity
to the orphanage. She was forced to sign the
covert / " The army should keep track of covert
actions by the forign espionage agencies.
covet " She covets her sister's house. Don't covet
other's wealth.
credulous /" Credulous people rely
upon the promises of the leaders.
credible " completely credible testimony);
incredible " He has most incredible good luck.
incredulous " It seems incredulous.
credence /" He gives credence to the gossips.
creditable " The student's effort on the essay-though not outstanding--was creditable);
criterion //" What are the criteria for selecting
the candidate for the job.
cryptic " Anand could solve a cryptic puzzle);

culinary " The culinary items were bought from

the supermarket);
culminate " The freedom movement
culminated in getting independence);
culpable " The culpable officials were suspended);
cursory " Give a cursory look into the matter);
curtail " A prudent person will curtail his expenditure
on unnecessary items);
cynic " He is a cynic who criticises everyone);
dearth //" );
dictum /" Dictums have moral teachings.
didactic " The 18th century English poetries have a
didactic tone.
discern / " It is hard to discern how the market
will react to the political developments.
discreet " I should make few discreet enquiries about
him before I marry.
discriminate " Our society still discriminates between
boys and girls.
disdain " She gave me a look of disdain.
disinterested " She showed a disinterested act of
kindness towards the poor.
disparage " She disparaged her student's efforts.
disseminate " Computers are used to disseminate
dissipate " Her son's letter dissipated all her fears.
He dissipated all his income in drinking.
dissolution " We witnessed the dissolution of their
marriage in the court.
distinguish // " We distinguish
several kinds of maple );
docile " The docile masses of an enslaved nation. A
gentle old horse, docile and obedient. Docile
pupils eager for instruction);
dogmatic " Dogmatic writings);
engender " Poverty engenders crime.
enigma " Shakespeare's character Hamlet has
always been an enigma for the readers.
enormity " In Jainism killing of animals is an enormity.
ephemeral " Indian philosophers taught that one should
leave aside ephemeral pleasures and look for lasting
epigram " Tenali Rama was well known for his
epigraph " Sanchi is famous for its epigraphs.
epitaph " 'Here lies a good and honest man' were
the words inscribed in Mr. John's epitaph.
epithet " The corrupt politician was greeted with
abusive epithets on his arrival.
epitome " Rita is the epitome of beauty.
equanimity " The task of translating a novel needs
equanimity on part of the translators.
equitable " King Vikramaditya was famous for his
equitable decisions.
equivocal " She tried to give an equivocal answer.
Mr. Ram Babu is well known in our neighborhood in
giving equivocal answers to crucial questions.
equivocate " One of the first things a young
diplomat learns is how to equivocate during policy

erudite " Mr.Ghose gave an erudite lecture on the

modern history of India.
esoteric " A compilation of esoteric philosophical
espouse " );
ethereal " Her ethereal beauty. Ethereal solution.
euphemism # # "
'Pass away'is a euphemism for 'die'.
evanescent " His memory is as evanescent
as a snowflake.
exalt " The poor will be exalted.
fauna " We must preserve the fauna.
flora " By study of fossils the scientists can get
information on flora of pre-historic period.
fecund /" This area has fecund soil.
felicity " He has written the book with great
fetter " The thief was put in fetters at the jail. I am
now free of fetters of the society.
fidelity " Masses have fidelity towards their leaders.
One should have fidelity towards one's partner.
Translation of books should be done with fidelity to the
figurative " President is the figurative head of the
organization. Actual man in power is th e Sectretary of the
literal " Literal reproduction of speech. His
interpretation of the poem was too literal.
finesse " He deals with difficult issues with great
flagrant " He tries to get things done by
flgarant violation of all rules and regulations.
flaunt " He always flaunts his wealth to others.
flout " He flouted the norms set by the society.
foible " People tolerate her foibles
because of her old age.
foment " The Defamation Bill fomented journalists to
take to the streets.
forbear " The unhappy teachers forbore from going
on strike.
forebear " I don't know the whereabouts of my
forsake " He forsook his career to join the freedom
fortuitous " It was a fortitious meeting .
founder " He is the founder of the party.
flounder " His jeep got floundered in the mud.
He flounders whenever asked to do any difficult work.
histrionic / " 04
'histrionic'( ) .
homily " 04 'homily'( )
homogeneous " 04
'homogeneous' .
heterogeneous " .
husbandry " 04 'husbandry' .
iconoclast " He is an iconoclast because he
does not follow the beliefs blindly.
ideology " Our ideologies differ widely.
idiosyncrasy " One of her
idiosyncrasy is always washing in cold water.
ignominy " It is difficult to suffer the ignominy of
illicit / " );
imminent " );
immutable " Dress code in college was an
immutable decision.

impartial " impartial justice is provided to everyone

in a secular state.
impeccable " His written Hindi is impeccable.
imperial /" The imperial army supressed the
imperious " Rita is an imperious personality.
impervious " );
impetuous " Don't be so Impetuous.
implement " Man's earliest implements were carved
from stones and bones.
impotent " Without the chairman's support the
committee is impotent.
impugn " He clearly impugned on the matter of
inane " Do not speak in an inane manner. Rock is an
inflame " Her nasty remarkes inflamed my
ingenuous " Only the most ingenuous persons would
believe, today the feeble excuses of the corrupt politicians.
inherent " Singing and dancing are mostly inherent
injunction " The court issued an injunction against the
innate " Ram had the innate qualities of being calm
all the time.
innocuous " Krishna's decision to quit from the
job was innocuous.
inordinate " The postal system came to a standstill
due to inordinate delay.
insatiable " Desires are insatiable.
insidious " Jealousy is insidious .
insinuate " Antony's friends tried to
insinuate by their remarks to win ceaser's favour.
insipid " She prepared insipid tea. She
presented a insipid performance.
insolent " The soldier was punished for his insolent
instigate " Opposition leaders instigated the people
against the government .
insular -" Insular attitudes are not good for health.
insurgent " Security against insurgent terrorists
should be provided .
integral " Security was beefed up in the integral part
of the country.
intractable " Intractable children should be guided
intransigent " We are unable to reach any compromise
due to their intransigent nature.
intrinsic " The Montessari educational system has
intrinsic values.
introspective " Some children are introspective.
inundate " They were inundated with enquiries.
Brashmaputra inundates the valleys every year.
invective " The opposition let out a stream of
invectives against the ruling party.
inveterate " She is an inveterate musician. (
) His inveterated behaviour brought his downfall.
irascible " An irascible person loses temper on petty
ironic " He made ironic statements in front of
magnanimous " He is a very rich and magnanimous
magnate " An oil magnate is a very important
malaise " There are signs of a creeping malaise in
our office.
malleable " Aluminium is a malleable metal.
mandate " Our election victory has given us a clear
mandate to go ahead with our policies.
manifest " A manifest truth. The symptoms
manifested themselves ten days later. );
manifesto " The party released it's manifesto.
marshal " the children were marshalled in to the
ground by their teachers.

martial " India is developing the martial technics.

martyr " Netaji like warriors were the martirs of the
independence. );
matriculate " When did you matriculate?);
maudlin " He behaves like a maudlin when he drinks.
maxim " 'Where there is a will there is a way' is a
mediate " He begged his friends to
mediate with the authorities to improve the situation.
mellifluous " People adore her due to her mellifluous
" It does not pay to be mendacious.
mendicant " Once prosperous he now leads the life of a
mentor " I would not have been successful
without my mentor.
mercenary " I've yet to see another mercenary
like him.
mercurial " Be careful of the dosage of the
mercurial medicine She has a mercurial mind.
metamorphosis " It is interesting to study
metamorphosis of a frog.
microcosm " The city is a microcosm of the entire
oblique " The oblique comment was very harmful.
The oblique line is necessary for a goud diagram.
{/ } Her birth date is
oblivion " When his wife died, he drank himself into
oblivion. No body can rescue him from political
obscure " That is an obscure example.
Luther was not an obscuse monk.
obtuse / " Why is so obtuse?);
onerous " He has to do onerous duties.
opaque " The house had opaque glass windows.
opulent " We can see oppulent surroundings at the
hill view.
orthodox " Her ideas were too orthodox.
ostensible /" His ostensible purpose was charity,
but his real goal is popularity.
ostentatious " She dresses in a very ostentatious
pacify " I always pacify my mother when she loses
painstaking " She completed the painting with
painstaking detail. .
palliate " Many modern drugs palliate but do not
cure illness.
palpable " I don't like his palpable jokes.
. His statement is palpable
nonsense. .
paltry / " I don't want to accept this paltry
amount of money. .
He gave a paltry excuse for coming late.
panacea " There's no panacea to make
idiot an intelligent.
parody " She has a gift for parody.
partisan " In the office, when I was in deep trouble he
helped me as a partisan of mine.
patent " He has put forward a patent question.
paternal " Due to his father's death he was deprived of
paternal love.
petulant " she is a petulant girl.
philanthropy " His principle of philanthropy makes
worry about the poor.
philistine " Navya dismissed critics of her work as

pious " Reena's mother is a perfect pious. She is

always ready with her pious phrases. Such reforms seem
likely to remain merely pious hopes.
pivotal " He is the pivotal character in the play.
placate " Children are unable to placate their
teacher for their poor conduct.
plaintive " I heard his plaintive voice.
plethora " Sneeha brought the report which contained
a plethora of details.
poignant " I was shattered by the poignant scene
of the accident.
polarize " The performance of the government has
polarised public opinion. Due to low
pressure, air polarised northwards Whole of the
world polarized during the world war.
polemic " The students launched into a fierce polemic
against the Government's policies.
ponderous " Your bag is ponderous. His ponderous
attempts at wit did not make anyone laugh.
portent " Some people believe that a cat crossing the
road before us is a portent of something unpleasant.
portentous " Portentous signs are seen, Don't
know what will happen. Rita has adopted a portentous
postulate " The doctor postulates that a cure
will be found by the year 2000.
pragmatic " Scienists apply pragmatic solution to
the problem.
precedent " A decission without precedent is useless.
Remember this incident as a precedent.
precept " Maintaining good relationship with neighbours
is a precept of society.
precipitate ( )" To precipitate any object out
of earth's gravity line requires a large amount of force.
The price hike of the onions precipitated the people to
buy them at heavy price.
precipitous " Being precipitous, he is always in loss.
There is a precipitous fall in grain prices.
preclude " Those, who take bribe, should be
precluded from their jobs.
premise -" The voluntary organisation is working on
the premise that they will have very little support.
provincial " Provincial taxes are very less in some
provinces. Provincial attitudes will not help to become
provisional " Please produce your provisional
certificate for verification.
proximity " Me and my sister share a good proximity.
prudent " It would have been more prudent for us
not have started building the new house.
putative " Einsteen is a putative personality in the field
of science.
qualify ()" Our cricket team was qualified for
the semi-finals. Qualify these remarks.
qualitative " There is some qualitative improvement
in his studied.
quantitative ,Measurements of distance and
time provide a quantitative picture
querulous " She is a very querulous woman.
quixotic " His ideas are as quixotic as a restoration of
medieval knighthood. He behaves in a quixotic way.
ramification " Ramification of a nerve is
very systematic in our body.
rapacious " He is a rapacious person.
rebuke " Servant got a rebuke from his master.
rebut " The allegations to her met with immediate
recant " He recanted his former opinions in public.
reciprocal " There should be reciprocal relationship
between parents and children);

reclusive " She leads a reclusive life.

recondite " Her husband has recondite knowledge
about Astro-Physics.
recrimination " We should not indulge in mutual
redolent " Her cottage was redolent with flowers.
redundant " She wrote a beautiful paragraph without
a redundant word.
refute " My lawyer refuted all his arguments.
reiterate " The government has reiterated its
commitment to the upliftment of the poor.
relegate " He has been relegated to an inferior
post. He relegates unpleasant tasks to his assistant.
sacrilege " She regarded the damage done to the
painting as sacrilege.
sage " I stuffed the chicken with dried sage.
salient " She pointed all the salient features of T.V.
salutary / " The railways was a salutary
reminder of carelessness of railway authorities.
sanctimonious " Ramu cheats everyone. He is a
sanctimonious person.
sanguine " Rani is sanguine of success in her
sardonic /" I don't like Sardonic talks.
scrupulous " A scrupulous inspection of the firm'
accounts to done in this week.
scrutinize " He scrutinized all the documents relating to
the trail.
secular " The secular functions of the govt. are to
give equal status to all the religions. The new
secular belong to tribal cast.
sedition " She was charged to death on account of
sensory / " Are your sensory organs working
sensuous " The paintings had a sensuous appeal.
sequester " He sequestered the things that is why
he is very rich.
serendipity " Charles Danow made the game
of monopoly in Serendipity.
servile " I am a servile of my nation.
singular " The detectives were greatly puzzled by the
singular nature of the crime.
slavish " Woman's life without man is slavish.
sloth " Sloth is his habit.
sobriety " The man is not noted for sobriety.
solicitous " He seems to be solicitous about his
friend's health.
succinct " His story was full of suspense, short and
succumb " The city succumbed after only a short
siege. The driver later succumbed to his injuries.
supercilious " She is supercilious person and can't bear
anyone else's superiority.
superficial " The burns are all superficial, so do not
superfluous " Mother gave away superfluous
vegetables as she had prepared too much.
surfeit " We should not eat in surfeit.
surreptitious " He has left the surreptitious job.
surrogate " She looked upon them as a surrogate
family when her real parents were killed.
sycophant " He is a habitual sycophant.
synthesis " His poems are a synthesis of modern and
traditional values.
tacit " He gave tacit consent to his friend.
taciturn " Joe is a taciturn person and hardly wastes

tangible " The clerk had tangible evidence of his

work. He has a tangible skin.
temperate " A temperate region. A
temperate person controls his senses.
tenable " His statement is tenable.
tenacious " Parvati was tenacious in doing the penance.
tenet " The basic tenet of Buddhism was non-violence.
tentative " He made a tentative statement in the
tenuous " It is a tenuous creeper and it needs a support.
terse " It was a terse judgement.
torpor " He fell into a deep torpor.
theology " There is a course in theology in our
verisimilitude " The mirage is a verisimilitude);
vernacular " They are running a vernacular press);
vestige " The vestige of the remains of the Dwaraka is
vex ()" Their lies would vex anyone.
Her failures vexed him.
viable " Chanakya adopted viable plans to please
the king Viable Organisms are prone to bacteria);
vicarious " He got a vicarious pleasure);
vicissitude " Deal with the vicissitudes of life
vilify " );
vindicate ()" He was vindicated by the
vindictive " He is very vindictive);
virtuoso " He is a virtuoso of Sarod);
virulent " A virulent strain of Japanese enscephlitis has
spread in parts of AP.
visionary " Bill Gates has the visionary insights in the
field of technology);
vitiate " The quarry has vitiated the environment);
vitriolic " The master had a vitriolic talk with the
vocation " He has teaching as his vocation);
vociferous " The meeting was vociferous.
volition " She married him entirely of her own
adroit " Mr.Seshan was an adroit administrator.
dexterous " Zakir Hussain is a dexterous musician.
gauche /" He has a gauche style of walking.
benefactor " The Birla Group has
been a benefactor to many educational institutions in India.
benevolent " She has a benevolent nature.
benign " He is known for his benign disposition.
malignant " She has the malignant power over him.
Fortunately the tumor is not malignant.
malign " He is all set to malign you.
malevolent " Beware of that malevolent man.
malefactor " The malefactors will be punished.
bequest " She has left a bequest of Rs7 lacs for her
grand children.
bequeath " She has bequeathed Rs 7 lacs for her
beset " We must bravely face the difficulties that
beset us.
blasphemy " );
blight / " );
blithe /" She spoke with blithe ignorance of
the true situation. He was loved for her blithe spirit.
bovine " Showed a bovine apathy);
canine " One of his canines was broken.
catholic " My friend is a Roman Catholic.

caustic /" Soda can be caustic. He made some

caustic remarks at her in the party.
celibacy " Sages used to practice celebacy.
censure " The celebrities become victims of publlic
chagrin " Much to my chagrin I found my son
" Charlatans are not to be believed.
chasm / " There are chasms in rocks.
chastise / " Juvenile delinquents are not to
be chastised.
chicanery " He fell prey to political chicanery.
chronic /" He is a chronic smoker.
chronicle / " He consulted the chronicles of the
period to find the facts.
circuitous " He gave a circuitous and puzzling
explanation on the theory.
circumspect " Be circumspect in all your actions!);
circumvent " It is difficult to circumvent the
problems that keep cropping up eveyday.
civil " The country faced civil disorder during partition.
You should have a civil behaviour in public. {
} He is a civil lawyer, not a criminal lawyer. The
civil government of the country was overthrown in
clique " The committee is full with small clique of
concurrent / " Development seems to
be concurrent with deforestation.
condone / / " Many crimes are
condoned in our country.
conducive /// " Working conditions are
not conducive to productivity in the factory.
confluence " Pittsburgh is located at the confluence of
the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers);
congenial / " The atmosphere in our colony is not
congenial for serious studies.
congenital " He is suffering from congenital
conjecture " Sometimes weather conjectures become
conjure " The magician conjures before unfolding
the trick.
connoisseur /" He's no connoisseur of art, he only
shows off.
consecrate " Homi Jehangir Babha consecrated his
life to science.
consensus / " A coalition government has to
work in consenses.
desecrate " Foreign invaders desecrated many
idols in the temples.
construe " His statements were wrongly
consummate /
" Salvador Dali was a consummate
contentious " The author's recent book has become
contentious. A central and contentious element of the book.
contiguous /" Contiguous bad events in her
life, broke her down completely.
contingent " They had to plan for contingent
expenses. The results of confession were not contingent, they
were certain.
contrite " He looked contrite after hearing the sad
news of his father.
contrived " A contrived news about her missing
intended to mislead her family.

conventional /" He is very much conventional

in his ideas. Many conventional power plants are there in our
country. A conventional church wedding with the bride in
traditional white.
convivial " She has spend her whole evening in
convivial atmosphere.
copious " Plants need copious sunshine. She took
copious notes.
debilitate " );
decimate " The earthquake has decimated
the population by a large scale. The
government decimated the grants by a great extent.
decorous " His speech is very decorous while talking
in a get together.
deduce " The result can be deduced after a
long analysis.
defame " He has brought defame to the family
by sobbing.
deference " The people at the court showed
deference on the arrival of the judge.
definitive " He gave a definitive solution to the problem.
His will is definitive and could not be changed whatever
may be the circumstances.
degenerate " His physical weakness degenerated his
mental abilities also.
deleterious " The smoke has deleterious effect on
public health .
delineate " The architect delineated about the plan.
The secretary delineated the initial plans of the project.
delude " Don't get deluded by the empty promises
made by anybody. Ram is trying to delude Sita.
deluge " The village was in a great deluge after
the rains. Their was a deluge of complaints in principal's
room. .
demagogue " All leaders of modern age are
demagogues. He was a demagogue of the Congress Party.
denizen " I am a denizen of India.
depravity " He has fallen into depravity.
deprecate " The teacher should not deprecate
his student's efforts);
deride " He derided his student's attempt to solve
the biggest problem in mathematics.
derogatory " Prabha's derogatory remarks angered
Mohan a lot.
despondent " He is very despondent about his
despot / " The despot drove the poor people
out of the kingdom.
destitute " Give the clothes to the destitutes.
dogma /" He believed all the Marxist dogma);
domestic " Domestic issues such as tax rate and
highway construction have to be first tackled. Domestic
servant. Domestic worries The dog is a domestic animal.
Domestic wine);
dormant / " A dormant volcano. Dormant buds. Her
feelings of affection are dormant but easily awakened);
duplicity /" );
ebullient " A.R.Rahman is an ebullient
music director.
eccentric " His ecccentric behaviour puts him down.
eclectic { }" She has an
eclectic taste in music.
edify " Yoga edifies and tones our body .
efface " Time will efface the bad memories.
effusion " An effusion of blood made him unconscious.
egalitarian " Women work on egalitarian principles.
egregious " Anand is an egregious person in the field of
elicit " We should elicit information by reasoning.

emigrate / " The family
emigrated to Europe ten years back.
eminent " He is an eminent architect.
empirical " Her accounts were based on empirical
" We shpold not encroach
others freedom.
exasperate " His constant sly remarks exasperated
exemplify " Her style exemplifies modern Indian
exhaustive " He made an exhaustive study of the
dinosaur fossils.
exhort " His father exhorted him to take the civil
services exam.
exonerate " The Jury exonerated him from all
charges of corruption.
expedient " His action is seen as expedient rather than
expedite " Courier companies expedite the
delivery of mails to customers.
explicit " She was quite explicit about why she has left.
implicit " I have implicit faith in your abilities.
extol " The elders should extol the virtues of one's
extraneous " An issue extraneous to the debate. The
ballet struck me as extraneous and somewhat out of keeping
with the rest of the play. Water free of extraneous matter
Extraneous light in the camera spoiled the photograph);
extricate " I cannot extricate myself from this task);
introvert " He is an introvert who does not take
part in any activities.
exult " );
fabrication " Ranjit Singh gave a new fabrication to the
game of cricket.
facetious " He kept making facetious remarks in the
facile " He has the ability to find too facile a solution for
so complex a problem.
faction " The trade union of our factory is divided
by faction.
farcical " The play had a farcical ending.
fastidious " She has a fastidious and incisive
frugal " She is a frugal housewife.
furtive " Chanakya planned his work in a furtive manner.
futile " He made a futile attempt to cross the border.
garrulous " The talk show hosts are very garrulous.
genre " Players of Gavaskar's genre are no longer there
in the team.
genteel " The receptionists are usually very genteel.
gesticulate " The teacher gesticulated to the
students to sit down.
glut " Glut of food was kept in the plate.
gratuitous " );
gravity " );
gregarious " Sheep are gregarious
hackneyed ()" English being spoken world over
has many hackneyed expressions);
hapless " 04 'hapless' .
harbinger " 04 'harbinger'

hegemony " 04
( ) .
heresy " 04 'heresy' .
hermetic " 04 'hermetic' .
heyday " 04
'heyday' .
hiatus " 04
'hiatus' .
hierarchy " 04 );
hindrance " 04 'hindrance' .
inaugurate " He will be inaugurated as president
in January.
incandescent " She was incandescent with
incantation - " Chant incantations to ward off evil
incense " I like the incence of the sandal.
incessant " This week is of almost incessant rain.
incipient " They are all the signs of incipient unrest.
incisive " He has an incisive mind.
incongruous " They made an incongruous couple, she
so tall and gracious and he seems so short and funny.
incorrigible " samir is an incorrigible liar.
increment / " Over the years the increment to his
resources was slow but steady.
indifferent " She appeared indifferent to their
sufferings. As a viewer, I've seen hundreds of films,
good, bad and indifferent.
indigenous / " The Kangaroo is indigenous to
indigent " The country has a large indigent population.
indignant " Strikers are indignant at what they regard as
false accusations.
indolent " Her husband is indolent.
indulgent " The father gave an indulgent smile to his
daughter. Let us take an indulgent view of the play.
ineffable " It was ineffable for me to narrate the
whole Ramayana.
inept " I have never heard anyone so inept at making
inert " Inside the room she saw Sita's inert body on the
inexorable /" His demands are inexorable.
infamous " );
infatuated " He is infauted with her.
infer " Any one can infer a connection between
pan chewing and mouth cancer.
imply " His silence seemed to imply agreement.
infinitesimal " );
irrevocable " The committee passed irrevocable
judgement against the chairman.
itinerant " The medical representative is a itinerant
itinerary " We placed the itinery in front of our
judicious " Gandhiji was a very judicious person.
juxtapose " The traditional Ganesh idols are
juxtaposed with computers in pandals.
kinetic " All moving bodies have kinetic energy.
laconic " My friend is a loconic person.
lament " Mere lamenting over corruption is not
going to remove it. They lamented as their friend's demise.
lampoon " He was lampooned by her friend in front
of the whole class.
languish " The value of gold is languishing.
latent " Strong commitment to moral values was
latent in Gandhi's political philosophy. Many a
children's latent talent never blossoms because of lack of
laud " He was lauded for his bold stand.
legacy " He got a huge legacy. It is
a legacy of the past.
lethargy " The deed has not yet been signed due to
his lethargy.
levity " The levity of his remark was a shock to the
august assemblage.

libel - {}" He has filed a libel suit against the

slander " Ramesh started a vicious slander against
litigate " He litigated his brother for a share in the
loquacious " A loqueacious person.
lucid " A lucid moment in his madness. A lucid thinker.
luminous " His luminous career is full of good
machination " Their machinations were quashed at
an early stage.
milieu " Do you need to smoke & pollute the milieu
more than it already is.
minuscule " It was so minuscule that it couldn't be
read even with a magnifying glass.
misanthropic " He has a very misanthropic attitude.
mitigate " You would have to mitigate the
risks before getting the approval.
mollify " Its difficult to mollify her once she looses
her temper.
moribund " You are really coming to moribund.
morose /" He has known as a morose person.
mortify # # / " We should
not mortify any one.
mundane /" Rekha leads a very mundane life.
munificent " For true personality development we should
learn to munificent.
myopia / " My sister has myopia.
myriad " I could see myriads of stars in the clear sky.
narcissism " Some teenagers suffer from narcissism.
nebulous " She has some nebulous plans for future.
nefarious " He had a nefarious personality.
nominal " The students pay nominal fee in the
nostalgia " He had a bout of nostalgia when he
went abroad.
notorious " The notorious dacoit Phoolen Devi later
turned into a politician.
novel " The computer produced a completely novel
proof of a well-known theorem.
noxious " Noxious chemical wastes.
nuance " There were subtle nuances in his poem.
obdurate " Today's yungsters find their elders
pathology " She has taken up pathology as her
major subject.
patriarch " The father is generally the patriarch of
the family.
patrician " He lives a patrician lifestyle.
patronize " She patronizes our theatre group.
paucity " The culprit escaped punishment due to paucity
of evidences.
pedestrian " Pedestrian should walk on the footpath.
pejorative " He recieved pejorative remarks for his
penchant " She has a penchant for buying party
penitent " My grandma told me a story about a
pensive " She looked pensive when she heard the
peremptory " Look! My orders are peremptory.
perennial " Increasing of mosquitos is a
perennial problem in our colony. These plants are
perfidy " Act of perfidy will not survive for too long.
perfunctory " I attended a perfunctory interview last

peripatetic " Ancient people were

periphery " our school has strong and high periphery.
Every man has a limited political periphery in his life.
permeate " The fragrance of flowers permeated
through the drawing room.
pernicious " Smoking is pernicious to health.
perquisite " Perquisites include the use of company
house. The impeachment of the chief justice is the
perquisite of the president.
prerequisite " A degree is a prerequisite for joining the
P.G. course.
pertinent " The teacher asked the students to ask
pertinent questions.
perturb " The sad news of my friend's accident
has perturbed me greatly.
peruse " Would you care to peruse the wine list.
pervade " The smell of flowers pervaded our
prerogative " A president has the prerogative of
pardoning criminals.
prevail " The system of shaving the hair of
widows prevailed in some traditional areas of West Bengal.
Much to the suprise of the spectators, the amateur
boxer proved that he could prevail over Bhim Singh, a
pristine " Our country is full of pristine monuments.
prodigal " Not a penny was left with him because of
being a prodigal man.
prodigious " A prodigious amount of money was
spent in building this monument.
prodigy " Being a prodigy Ruskin
Bond won the national award at a very young age.
profane " He was found guilty of being a profane
profess " He professed himself as an intellectual.
She professed of being his mother.
Professing christianity as a religion was considered as
a crime during that period.
proficient " Bring a proficient cook, he prepares
delicious food.
profligate " No one should be prfligate.
profound " Life of Gandhiji had a profound influence on
the youngsters during the independnece movement.
profuse " I gave profuse thanks to her hospitality.
proliferate " High yielding
variety seeds should be used to proliferate the productions in
prolific " Farmers are now adopting package
approach to the prolific harvest.
promulgate " Birla Tata promulgated the future
propensity " The rich have the propensity to spend on
costly items.
propitious " This is not the propitious time to grow
proponent " Gandhiji was the first proponent of
proprietary " The HMT is the sole proprietary of
various brand of watches.
propriety " Our colonians behave with a mutual
prosaic " Reema told the interior decorator that she
would not prefer a prosaic decoration for her room.
proscribe " Usually, the government proscribes
some un-licenced drugs.
protagonist " Ram is the protagonist of Ramayan.
provident " Every brilliant student might have a
relinquish " You should relinquish a bad habit. She
relinquished possession of the house to her sister.
remonstrate " We remonstrated with the man
about his misbehaviour.

renounce " Lord Ram renounced his claim to the

throne of Ayodhya. He renounced his son as he
turned into a criminal. How could he renounced
his own son and daughter.
reparation " There can be no reparation for so
much injustice.
repercussion " His resignation will have serious
repercussion on the staff.
replenish " Let me replenish your glass. {
} You should replenish your car with petrol before starting
on a journey.
replete -" Her house is replete with all modern
comforts. We felt replete after a tidy meal.
reprehensible " Her attitude is most
reprisal " They shot 1.hostages in reprisal.
reproach " She heaped reproaches upon her new
reprove " He was reproved for not doing his work
repudiate " He has repudiated his old friend.
She repudiated a charge against her as it was untrue.
requisite " The firm employs the requisite number of
women. He lacks the requisite experience for developing his
resolute / " He is a resolute man.
respite /" She toiled whole day without respite.
reticent " She seemed strangely reticent about
her childhood.
retract " she made a false statement which she later
retracted. Retract the reverse gear otherwise car
will hit the tree.
reverberate " The hall reverberated from the noise of
the visitors.
revere " Our science teacher is reverred by the
principal for her excellent teaching.
rhetoric " People are now fed up with empty
rhetorics of politicians.
rigorous " The accused got the rigorous imprisonment of
seven years.
robust " He is a robust man with full of energy.
rogue " He is a rogue. {/} He is a
rogue elephant, that is why he is kept apart from others.
rudimentary " I have only a rudimentary knowledge
of French. In india there are villages with rudimentary
sanitation. Some dinosaurs had only rudimentary teeth.
solvent " You should give money to a
solvent person. Water is a
universal solvent.
insolvent " Ram helped his insolvent friend by
clearing his debts.
soporific " He is taking a soporific drug for his
sordid " That village is a sordid one.
spawn " A fish lays its spawns in deep waters.
specious " Don't misguide me by such specious
sporadic " Sporadic bloody incidents are very usual
during elections.
static " Nothing, which is static, can develop.
staunch " Brahmins in Hindu society is usually
steadfast /" Steadfast love of god never ceases.
stigmatize " People stigmatize the relation
between boys and girls.
stipulate " The money lander stipulated that the
money should be returned with in five months.
stoic " Mahesh is a stoic who never complains
of his pain.
stratum / "
Nobody can be debarred of fundamental rights because of
his/her stratum.

stricture " One should avoid strictures on other

people. Hindu religion
strictures against eating cow meat.
strife " Dowry is the major cause of strife in many
stringent " Our country is passing through stringent
economic conditions. Straingent measures
should be used to enforce discipline of our school.
stymie " Their plans to open a new shop have
been stymied by lack of funds.
subjugate " He has subjugated his party member.
insubordinate " Rama killed the insubordinate
substantive " Make substantive ideas regarding
to start our business.
subtle " Her mind is very subtle.
tirade " The opposition party
gave a long tirade against the government.
touchstone " );
tout " A tout collects more money.
transcend " It transcedents human knowledge.
transgress " He trangressed all boundaries of
decent behavior by abusing her in public.
transient " The ephemeral pleasures are transient.
transitory " Happiness is transitory.
trepidation " He waited for his exam results with
intrepid " Darwin was an intrepid explorer.
unconscionable /" I take unconscionable time to
take bath.
unctuous / " He speaks in an unctuous tone.
uniform " One can see uniform tall white buildings on
MG street.
unremitting " She gave an unremitting dance
performance for 48 hrs.
unwitting / /" an unwitting subject in an
urbane //" He is an urbane man.
usurp / / / " The minister usurped
the king's throne.
utilitarian " She got some utilitarian steel tables
He is smart but utilitarian in nature.
utopia -" Practically, Utopia is impossible.
vacillate " To vacillate and delay decisions are
not a good practice);
vapid " She did not take part in the vapid conversation);
vehement " He was quite vehement in his belief.
venal " He is a venal politician);
venerate " We have to venerate the elders);
veracity " Harishchandra is known for his veracity);
verisimilitude " The mirage is a verisimilitude);
vernacular " They are running a vernacular press);
vestige " The vestige of the remains of the Dwaraka is
vex ()" Their lies would vex anyone.
Her failures vexed him.
viable " Chanakya adopted viable plans to please
the king Viable Organisms are prone to bacteria);
vicarious " He got a vicarious pleasure);
vicissitude " Deal with the vicissitudes of life
vilify " );
vindicate ()" He was vindicated by the
vindictive " He is very vindictive);
virtuoso " He is a virtuoso of Sarod);
virulent " A virulent strain of Japanese enscephlitis has
spread in parts of AP.
visionary " Bill Gates has the visionary insights in the
field of technology);
vitiate " The quarry has vitiated the environment);

vitriolic " The master had a vitriolic talk with the

vocation " He has teaching as his vocation);
vociferous " The meeting was vociferous.
volition " She married him entirely of her own
wanton " His work is pending due to his wanton
wistful " Yaksha was wistful and dreamt of his beloved.
adverse " Excess of exercise had an adverse effect on
his health.
aesthetic " His house is very beautiful because he
has a good sense of aestheticr. He is a very
aesthetic person. She makes very aesthetic designs
using her computer.
affable / " I found your parents very affable
unlike what you told me.
affectation " He was highly irritated by her many
affinity " I share a special affinity with her.
affluent /" There's is an affluent society and I cannot
adjust with them.
agenda " The environment issue is high on
the political agenda at the moment.
agrarian " After the Green Revolution agrarian laws
in the country has undergone tremendous change.
aggregate " The aggregate profit and loss of the
company will be known soon.
congregate " Students congregated in the hall for
morning prayer.
segregate " They segregated the seriously sick and
sent them to the intensive care.
integrate " The students of this school integrate
immediately, despite their different backgrounds.
alacrity " She accepted his proposal with alacrity.
allege " He alleged that he was not the
culprit in the crime.
alleviate " The govt. has introduced schemes to
alleviate poverty.
allocate " The govt.has allocated pensions for the
retired. The govt. has allocated funds for the project.
alloy " Brass is an alloy.
antithesis " Rich is the antithesis of poor.
apartheid - / " South Africa has a history of long
struggle against aparthied.
apathy " There is certain apathy about the economic
condition among the public.
aphorism " Aphorisms contain general truth.
apocryphal " Most of the stories about his life are
probably apocryphal.

appease " Shop keepers try their best to appease
their customer. The owner appeased his workers by granting
them bonus.
appreciate " Only good manners are appreciated.
depreciate " The value of rupee has depreciated
over the last few months.
apprehensive " I feel very apprehensive about
tomorrow's match.
misapprehension " There is no cure of misapprehension
in any stream of medicine.
approbation / " The approbation committee
passed the bill willingly.
appropriate " The alliance will be declared at an
appropriate time.
misappropriate " He was apprehended before he
could misappropriate any money.
aptitude " He has a great aptitude for computers.
arbiter / " The chairman is the full fledged arbiter in
settling the disputes .
arbitrate / / " In anciant
India judicial cases were arbitrated by the village elders .
arbitrary " The arbitrary nominations by the party
chief were widely criticised by the members.
archaic " 'Thee' is an archaic form of you.
archetype " This painting is an archetype of the
ardent " King Ashoka was the ardent follower of
buddhishm .
arduous " From Joshimath to Badrinath is quite an
arduous journey.
" The lawyer belied the guilty.
belittle " The rich zamindar belittled the farmer by
insulting him before the Panchayat.
belligerent " He is quite belligerent.
wanton " His work is pending due to his wanton
wistful " Yaksha was wistful and dreamt of his beloved.
address " Better note down my address so that we can
communicate easily. The president gave a very inspiring
adherent / " The opposition in the Parliament is
gaining adherents.
admonish " She had to be frequently
admonished for not paying attention to work.
He was admonished to open a bank account for himself.
adulterate " Unscrupelous merchants do not
hesitate to adulterate even baby food.