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Beowulf was a hero during the Anglo-Saxon times, saving his people from the

evil Grendel and its horrifying mother. Beowulf had monster-like feature giving him the
power to fight these creatures, he is a paladin to the Anglo-Saxons with his cherished
actions. If he were alive today, citizens would admire his actions and sentiment he

Comment [JB1]: Introduces the story and the

character. Gives background information.

showed to his people.

Comment [JB2]: Thesis statement. Could be

more specific about the topics in each paragraph.

Primarily, Beowulf is not human. He has more strength and skills than any
Anglo-Saxon in town. Beowulf fought Grendel using his strength and his claws (269).

Comment [JB3]: Topic sentence about

Beowulfs superhuman strength.

The Shepard of evil instantly seized [Grendel], claws bent back leaned up on one arm
(271-272). When Beowulf was battling Grendels mother, for hours he sank through the
waves (452) meaning he has the ability to breathe underwater. Any other individual
would not have been able to fight Grendels mother underwater for that much time.

Comment [JB4]: Three pieces of direct textual

evidence that are well-integrated into the

Furthermore, the Anglo-Saxons glorified Beowulfs actions. He showed

marvelous leadership skills. Beowulf arose, with his men around him, ordering a few to

Comment [JB5]: Topic sentence about

Beowulfs leadership skills.

remain with their weapons, leading the others quickly (134-138) showing his
intelligence of management. By all means of leadership, you need to be an ally, Beowulf
came to [The Anglo-Saxons] in friendship (191) to prove his positive intentions.
Alternatively, Individuals might say Beowulf is nowhere near a paladin because
of his arrogant action of bringing Grendels head to the Anglo-Saxons. We must remind
ourselves this happened before morals were born and acknowledge that times have
changed. We need not the judgment of todays bright minds to criticize but the nave ones
to truly understand Beowulfs actions. In other words, Beowulf took pride in his kill and
showed off to what was in spitting distance of being immortal. People in modern society
must understand it was common for one to do so during that time.

Comment [JB6]: Counterargument

A hero that has motivation to be one and does everything like one will be a hero
without a second guess. Beowulf stood up to every challenge that was thrown at him, and
succeeded all of them. He showed that he had the capability to defeat these sickening
monsters. Most likely because Beowulf is not human, he has immense strength and skill.
Not only can he kill these monsters but he is a loved ally of the Anglo-Saxons. He
displayed affection towards the public by protecting them knowing he could die from
battling. If Beowulf were born with our morals, he would respectfully leave the bodies of

Comment [JB7]: Restatement of support

his enemies alone, as one should. Beowulf will always be a hero no matter what year it is.

Comment [JB8]: Restatement of thesis