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ase study CIE5130 - Case 2

Prestressed cylindrical reservoir

ylindrical reservoir
quid liead
ensity liquid
/all thickness
hickness bottom slab

Height H = 1,2 x diameter D

V =
H I = (H - 1,0) m
YI = 10 kN/m^
hw = 400 mm
hb = 400 mm

angth of piles
ross-section piles
earing capacity

Concentric pile foundation

/p = 15 m
Ap = 0,45 X 0,45 m^
Pp = 1000 kN per pile

Choose the ratio between the elastic length change of the pile and the setting of the pile
Wall and bottom are
Choose an appropnate concrete strength class
Required residual concrete compressive stress in the wall 1 MPa (circumferential direction).
einforcing steel
restressing steel
Oncrete selfweight

B 500
25 kN/m^


Determine the pile spacing in radial direction (assume that spacing in radial and circumferential
direction is the same),

Determine the distnbution of forces in the wall under a load-balancing prestress, (moments,
shear forces, hoop forces). Note: First, estimate prestress losses; later check the actual prestress
losses caused by shrinkage, creep and relaxation.

Check the bending moment and shear force in the wall at the wall-to-base connection.
Determine the vertical reinforcement required to resist the fixed-end moment.

Which measures can be taken to increase the load bearing capacity of the wall-to-base
connection (suppose that the wall thickness of 400 mm is not sufficient to resist the shear force
and/or the bending moment)?
Make drawings of the reinforcement and prestressing in the wall and in the wall-to-base
connection (vertical and horizontal sections).

or assistance students can contact CR. Braam, Stevinlab I I , room 2.06 (c.r.braam@tudelft.nl), tel.
Ian the oral examination (contact ms. N. Verhuist, secretary, room 6.27) after approval of the case

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