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Field Study 1, 2 and 3 is the beginning for us to really understand teaching profession.

By means of observing we saw, we observed something that can help us how to handle our
students, how to teach and how to approach them in able for them to learn from the lessons that
are being taught. We also observed if the environment of the school is conducive to learning and
if its promotes learning to the students as well as the classroom.
In Field Study 1, The Learners Development and Environment, we need to look into
facilities and support learning areas in the campus, then in the classroom. The first facility that
we observed is the canteen.

As you can see in the pictures, all of their foods are biscuits, bread, and some are
kakanin, for their drinks, there are water and yakult that are good for the health of the students.
The much interesting here is when I saw some boy students eating in the leaves of the banana
just like boodle fight. You can see to them the closeness.
Next facility is the Science laboratory.

As you can see in the pictures there are some models like the cycle of the frog and others
that can help to the learning of the students. But some part of the room is under construction.

Then let us proceed to the gymnasium.

As you observed, the gymnasium is become classroom of grade 10 Palcon, as I observed

it is hard for them to conduct a class here because it is an open area and you can see here a lot of
distraction. They cant also concentrate to the class because of the hotness there.
Field Study 2, Experiencing the Teaching- Learning Process. We are going to observe
how the Resource Teacher develops his/ her lessons in the various domains by the use of
teaching methods and activities to attain intended learning outcomes.
Maam Vivian S. Bisa is our cooperating teacher in Itlugan National High School. Shes a
nice teacher and approachable, all of her students especially boys are open and close to her, shes
also the type of teacher with sense of humor, by means of her jokes you cant feel the boredom in
the class. Shes also good in teaching, by means of the method that she used, the motivation,
integrating also values to the lesson. In the first class that we observed, I saw that the active
participants in the class are more boys, and the others are just listening to her, but she called also
those students who are not active to be her class balance. For her motivation she used a song, and
the students are listening. Then, in the end of the class, Maam Bisa conduct a quiz to assess if
her students learned from the lessons.
Field Study 3, Technology in the Learning Environment. We are able to visit the schools
Learning Resource Center. Look around and see what resources and facilities are available
inside. As I observed all the classrooms in Itlugan National High School, I saw that all of the
classrooms have monitor and the teachers used that to teach their students and they have power
point presentation, instead of traditional visuals. And you can see that it much easier to present
because it is timeless to prepared.