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27th and 29th day of July is the second week of our observing in Itlugan National High

School. It is a kind a more comfortable unlike the first week of our observing. In Field Study 1,
Episode 2, it provides us with an opportunity to observe learners of different ages and grade
levels. It highlights the differences in their characteristics and needs. As future teachers, it is
important for us to determine our learners characteristics and needs so that we are able to plan
and implement learning activities and assessment that are all developmentally appropriate.
Elementary students in terms of characteristics and needs they are the kind of learners whose
much priority is playing with their classmates or friends. You as a teacher you have to convince
them to work what do you want for them to do because sometimes they dont want to do their
activities especially when they are busy of playing with their seatmates. While in high school
students, it is more easy in terms of handling them because they are the kind of learners with
discipline on their selves. You just have to tell them what to do then they will do it, but
sometimes they are so noisy. In classroom management of course the high school are more
organize than elementary students.
In FS 2, Episode 2, I must be able to identify the guiding principles on lesson objectives
or learning outcomes applied in instruction, determine whether or not lesson objectives or
intended learning outcomes served as guiding star in the lessons observed, and judge if the lesson
objectives or intended learning outcomes are SMART( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Resultoriented and Time bound). And according to my observation to the learning outcome of Maam
Bisa it is SMART because the students attain what the learning objective wants for the students
to do and to achieved. Having learning objectives is good in teaching process because the
students will be guided and will have direction to the whole class and they know what they need
to achieved to the lesson. Here is the learning objective of Maam Bisa last Wednesday
Nakasusulat ng tulang pandamdamin na nagpapahayag ng positibong pananaw sa buhay sa likod
ng pagiging masalimuot nito. And all of the students in three sections that Ive observed, they
have and they made their own poet according to the learning objectives.
And lastly in FS 3, Episode 2, it provides me with an opportunity to give a more intent
look at bulletin board displays and determine the effectiveness of these displays in delivering in
purpose and message. Honestly the only bulletin board that I observed is the bulletin in the
canteen and the bulletin boards in the three class rooms that I observed (Grade 10 Loro,
Kilyawan and Palcon). According to my observation in the bulletin board in the canteen it seems
like so simple in the design but the quotations there are good for those students who read those
quotation. And in the three classrooms their bulletin is good and there is the part of their bulletin
that the best art work among the students are posted there.
Last Monday, two officers from Bureau of Fire Protection went to Itlugan National High
School to conduct an earthquake drill not only for the beneficial of the students but also for the
teachers. They teach us what we are going to do when there is unexpected earthquake. And even
how to rescue those accidentally hurt in the earthquake. It is good for us to have some
information or knowledge in case of earthquake. Then always remember Ligtas ang may alam.