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Strategy: Analogy

Learning Area: Cell Division

Learning Objective: Understanding Mitosis
Learning Outcome: A student is able to explain the process of mitosis
Note: This activity is only used to explain the phases of mitosis only.
Constraints (to avoid misconceptions)
1. The number of chromosomes represented by the 5 fingers of the hand is
odd and do not actually indicate the 2n status of a diploid cell.
2. The clenched fists during prophase may mislead students to think that
replication occurs in prophase itself and not during S phase of the cell
3. The fingers representing the chromosomes are attached to the palm may
indicate that chromosomes are bundled up. This does not show the
individual state of the separating chromosomes.
1. Use a clenched fist to represent a dividing
nucleus. The five fingers represent five

2. PROPHASE Clench two fists together. The

ten fingers represent the replicated

3. METAPHASE join the two hands with

fingers pointing upwards. This shows the
alignment of the chromosomes at the
equator of cell.

4. ANAPHASE Move the two hands apart,

the fingers represent the chromosomes
moving towards the poles of the cell.

5. TELOPHASE Clench both left and right

hands. The two clenched fist represent the
two daughter nuclei with five chromosomes
each. Note that the size and the number of
chromosomes are same for both nuclei.