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Contents Acknowlegemenss i Peace ‘ART A WORDS THEIR MEANINGS AND FORWS 1 Language awareness setiviles 3 2 Word ander meanings 13 2 33 Spleropueranddiler 20 XA Seneedone 22 Mikiword verte Mee 3 Colson 37 Someta sans 40 3 Words ond theirs 44 BP Thepramnacot vocabulary 44 32 Wodbuding 37 35 Mronunezson 50 ‘PART/B_PRINGPLESIN LEARNING IND TEACHING VOCAMUARY 4. Decisions sbout content 54 U3" Sedentreponuysndseachereponsiity $4 42 Chena tersdeenon ot vee Hera comnts 43. Recptivevemus produivevosbuliry 6 24 Howmanysumero rach 66 45. Gieupingotemsafvocbusry 68 5 Howthe leamer discovers meaning 73 51" Tah pacin ap eta nse 52 Studeteonnedteening, 76 523 Contra guateork 83 © Memory and writin storage 6 Thorlpeds 38 E10 Typesotmemory 86 £2 Grpensnnonltbereraescon 87 63 Wiydowetorgay 89 Prceelimplestont 90 64 Memnmgal ss 50 $5 ime 3 6? Repding 98 45 Waremitongentemsforeases 95 RT C_CLASROOM ACTS 7 Uaingevtaiae 10 72 Using pluto faber pace 110 8 Using auenticrending texts 115 {9 Toachor designed contexts andthe use of he tionary 12 10 Speaking activin 144 10a Nantewe 19 10.3 ‘ocees,poinitesandappeopacy 14 11 Games, questionnaires and problem solving 163, Contents ART _VOCABUTARY IN COURSE BOOKS 12 Vocsbularyin course books 171 1 chine 122. Exeacrtomcouse books 173, Key tas Biography 196 trae be ‘Acknowledgements ‘We age gael wo all th people who ave pd us with this Book, (Gar citar, Michael Swan, whose exper: help ad guidance has baer able fo vets he writing the Sook ‘Many Calin. tad hehe sors ekaowledge ought she book, {orspeiesdeas webaveborowe Tim Lowe, Ede Wills, and Jean Stokes, for guidance in sap ebook et " ‘The teachers a lnernavonal Hote Landen, nd The London choo for Engi or ploig the det acts and ping ‘unl tettbeon tt ater ra Mena for commons the ial manuscp ‘nd ally, to Marghea Baker, Pee Docker a he Eto Saft {SCuPor ses crs mang book poe pas) Und SR ers tom he sft Adon Les [f Carent Enlh eed by A. S. Hocoby, pp and 98 extracts fo Uae Temes Sen Cal ee dealer ha bl merece tale mer dyefecttia rua oat Bere eet Sarg ot Fir Rca 198 exer Soins by nk Peer and Bed Sith oonnaics Camas are Bee caminiatetl hime CGE Ee Wr a ere ‘eiceot Etre oct pen tbr eng re 30 Ort Preface Ines ye, oebsay ha oo ei he econ it dees inthe cain, Not tte anh graced by ay in ‘Eensolquoy, Av amnuntofechng ne conte by oat ‘to and delice, caswoom bsekbo are of ited ma of te lvl fem ah stews compe age up pe of Cozi wards ha ey ty bave he Sparano te. ‘Toei ha vol senso be the caso tear teal hen sty and sof conc des on he ‘aches pat ecape eis or of te pie, Why oad we {pow of our way ws ee enw a ive on ces Sen Wee's for of ral ston oan ay caoor, ‘Sry and ance of esha chine vey ela fac Toc answer kx nour nto f wha oppo ‘hae rom hr inpu Can we sume Sa weal ne len {Ey in soo tse il arama Bethe mot fl nd Shope or dens? usp cant consider he factor which dcngish act ering er scoal lesing espobaly tae ase hat ‘nc in an Enghapeaing cout (0d water he a of oma {Sarason} wi cen oncvethe vocilary leans te a ‘atm tn Shot ering tation minted me aval, nfs cee ant nas npone byob ic dma we camo ie les oe creo al isan ‘dad an tts wl eure voy wk ak it oranaing shoo ering, we hive oes voatlry cally cocmnteathigh pty tema indo prove ate opp ‘Sn Yor pace to compen for the kof epee exe Slate tote net arc I he on of is nk vt he ‘Race n making the ost rade lection ad epson of es {Src eagwoom and vo olor a wen sage of pace en 8 ‘xcasaminon nnd tocbaretiknd ofintonng cate race wihoatwichefetnelarngesnot we lace, ‘Sash numpton tnt maple arty Jig have ind awd ane of eader acti opie the bck On the aber ‘ump at peopl cy and ban a dar. on treo 1 Proce arbre inde ho of aw te bck fe ‘Wem rem however hate sewer tenor exon (wou Inve regured a mcond book), and some af Bese f0> ‘bjt to fer move hin ery Ytsonal and possibly bse opilon “hou he Sow annmer The uber ede ui np C 2d ‘Sachse anaes inde key Note Fo cnmeience we have sere ro the each aden thieaont ote mscln forms Tit Lehane we ar ste, ‘alae readership and lll cass, bt becuse of bina {sof the ngs pronoun sytem, ARTA WORDS: THEIR MEANINGS AND FORMS, 1 Language awareness activities ‘The anes which follow re inended a praca tection to some ofthe saues whic seeped ip chaps 2 and 3. They fost ‘Sriypea rele lees coum wher suing vcs won eran pedngps qustons, "You fd suggested anserin the ky asthe back of te book 1 DEE a “ee uteaon bow wae a rae yo ars. Testy opspebor eaten uch etanpin Redes craps ‘Stern copes ccs nom Abr, nce jeranenermhe toy beac 1 wna pesca a a fivensiocouncisrewery iesbe) 2 Eien gg adic or Soe ' uyonenmoti phe ay (Mena t Pecdy Crus) {S'Dtethe apie uetscoar ne ose ores « Vets poops ete se anh (Dante rsesnernntne nse ro nile ac ‘ivan over ces? usps fn foe Tbe oleate aged one) 4 Cantera sam semana haa? 2 RACE - ‘ee aa tort blow wr in Pech, Carman pei Youtoelobe meqarsn mon ch a =o Ez FS. St Word her mauings od forms 3 READERACHTVEY Lockat vent estate yu are gang ah Man oidyonachtncer chat? resemene sera) ett ga os sre nary a Cet pa OFLDE Th et EEE el ade fees tm icon egies Ss aia le aah Emaramtace. SeeeCitte acon any owe compa cama 1 FS ty nga one manson incr ee « Tac oo ma ates epg re, Words: sh manning ad forme s ERICA ao “he cetemces wae alten erat Wha peat (ence ste ter at {eres itn UE ini a rte $ Roerne ps { issvey nc ook $ Norns mma ~ souls srs tick res thm ren ean? > meKoERCO ~ eokatha gop ream ac ry hs apt ete (Sette ancestral on parca ic wont Sitter sees Wt tna ern grap Concha ‘oer ara proton ot fica) exp: Cory tone was wonin wit cop? Sry todepend weit tore Se ote mm thoy waned Shi oanoy toate sone 8 READER = Sec ae in ain tam ne purge ets pa ‘Ee asa th pug alow an ane coy carga ‘na cana neha proce Wher con ona bane ‘toc cei rns osha ii ee esa aca eer SPSuETan etched de cheer aec oman bo ‘rr asng reat sou oe it wie wie ‘Tetyeutoctanal ern ele Apa oar waa ‘Saucon areoesboupatarerenasan Tosa post 9 READERS ae on = oromttecerne te sine “reese Words: hr meanings ad fom 10 ERATE we Seeeltaecbena tate niowenttheceatcd gt * omade| bet Sho. 5 ce | Memoir * oa | Shanon 1 REDERACEE so ‘ec appoach te echinga ack me, Wha te tee bee ae eet dSpncendcuntesspranbemce nate Hopson on ‘Spsvonebotr ip (Spaeanaboty mating ot 2 tose ie S totegsonsbndy ap ‘oer ‘shew vette ot | Spence Hace 1 DERACTE a) Se Sein fu ced btw yan iS centieycomtastc enema | NEREie ihe cree arene ety 13 RDaRACEOTE a tsps stored or and wis ace sth wore bon ies eeclnoenotan teers ense ste word te es iobe mae dean stun Foren er peg a ine ae aca ara tei 2 ‘Stan stots ant acd near locamgote Selene ened pling ios vaso mama) 2 Vala are acess ara one tpiove sponte? eewleor Ser come oun cee Seat EAGER ro ‘Wats any. odo wi manatees ema IMs guatges a saps heel voc o satires * foe ete Se EhSoanca poe Cais Ott tri Tapas Tm fone: Sk Stas Wane salen ar? Gata Ventre bem starromnacirnctoae ° Word thereon ad forme 2 fete eter rrr Korea eres Se haceteamaeteeecammtnt Peo ee note Be Earners ie Walenta dome A pasion Tecoma Roya 9 Taten tomo etn: {les rae Rts Asma ea mee Neto ae ‘Steurnarcns atone na msn bh ‘eet beopet ane wale ret ‘ngewe econnnt hho pion whey 6 Ale i ata oa dant iy ate ou dan seen Det Smut” nvesmecog wana cus calspun nara 15 READERRCOTTA 1D Ynmios cence bene ha oro pe? 23 Whe cnr oatoned! 1 Amgen il te eM “TORMENT OF RIPPER GIRL *€20,000 cannot nel my nightmare’ Word thir mings and forms 16 EADERACTIEE we las nonin hon nr nt wren an YDrneges rproaner Wan oman " 5 Rit nit atmo tnt Denies Diary =the Diy fan aperr ady ‘aay bande aco he rath 88 ee td ‘Dos yoo "sowed a Waprng ard Wilouy re ok ‘reuse wb esc to Cer ier cee ee Wingy how mo, ek my eee at a (sh otarecpe ndoay atan) Din We manage ee hehe whe Coen ‘Ses uhm, Bobo ras fed etching rest Sot ‘ining yu Dry ean abn oa og |, plein ocr ea ‘amstng esa Bap ne we) Sonsncuneg 2 Words and their meanings 24 Conceptual moaning 1 3 youp of language eaetrs re sown tic of owe cals of 2 bog wee an oil tha eich one eeu they wl guckiy “uae ode fre tar sont 2 capi Engl ded, foros: east wl sop ele aching he are 2 draw ean ea wel to me so ening abd maming aber caps om subsequences ‘BoUli to in pune be dif Hows une # ord ack ae ‘Stor moon whith les 0 ung Sued ety eauely ‘netminte i earing Sate eres ter shape ot fe flo a all licen for he act to cease beng 2 cp i gh). teases rly vie op he wor in racy the sae way at 0 tre thould wets suposed we Bd sles og the word ap? {Due am objes wich fn fact ae» or en 2" isevsns whe mt nue can he geo abe fete te ay se Eng camo be ste ht thei he ce td ‘hey have len Torun’ word fly, tere eden te Kw or ony what rel Ba sore he Bounds [edhe epastet om wordlist testing = Perea rey conte SSeS eee devamenmamsenane en Seeciceecteeaaem freee Word ther meng and forms The inponance of ecoetin the bounds betwee xl tems is tue orate bya fel ok x poleny We we th ter 0 Sex ces ng word frm mh eral cet box doe ole es: tn Eva fox camp, we cn ak show the bent of pean, theta pm ott hes ofan organs, Kaowing tht sng word dente arr set oft one nese, bower to parte dette oes gsi soe ake 1 Spon odes Sonpanng ef problem ot one of he geek ffeil re beim uty ofthe erect ssumpron ha dado ager wl Slane he appendages he hace an fect Engi doe Spun nforansy tor im webae two diene ocd An Engh ‘Eder caring Poms gh osumer he some problem Whe Sump tat he Pugs wor os (now an be wed these coment a oman, howe a window inshore incas jabs dow ns hop cals ne a Coop tac nani ol piyny ih you on roe peor events Sere ors By arena ik sourors ang Se senna eens creator Ssonugn ance a wich ney se ara oo ma sfapane/e Ec: Sate! When a sige word form hat eer difirentmesning which arent sy red we ae the term homonyy ele ff maybe sz fo cep apes no ey be 2 cig or nti hard suerte hs sbtacs of redness boctonyny tee of {problem bog at a receptive ler misuoerstanding cn sll ase show bythe elowingexchange hich ne overhear ‘ache l you go tefl match in Enpand sbtert bay setndekee Ssulen: You Oks bursitpossbeso sear ell Sry peaking, ha am example paral hon, athe con sion strom be erent meanings ofa word when ln ere Srummasca forte and ae noun wd wert: Novena Words nd ther meigs eplesing to Gnd shat she noun denne shat pa of stan dat ‘Bualy conc and fried wk oe i aporetsontadction toihemenningot he veh ‘Arsh icy with mening arse with rus of woes sate ‘genes ao maybe interchangeable hs ted mare of Sensor chon ster mpecon eres conceal Serene Coos te lowing erence ‘The company bs dei o extn i rage of padac “The gerne of exe! here it elarge or make big, ad in th cment he nord cule be replaced by ices” ea Row lookat the folowing exami cxend {reese hele bye et his et expand xed ‘hee ue sles by fn perenne yet, ted Inthe campleonl te tacned verb arc an Sogeanmataly Inc could danse escent othe general snc nage St ‘efoowng way = 4 Inpracic thet ntionsfensrgemsotarsill ase and herent ‘reaping sea, parol ote cave feed ns ines, nd teas versa as Words: har meanings forme eDEPORVEY 7 Faro pf md, octet hhh toner ‘Seca laconic 1 Tmatasty | Sor ote 1) Were ode tt oot nea eee andar ato ‘Bale neo ‘nc bee ‘ertiohiny ‘inne ‘Words ay aio he oem ipa a meaning yet have a dere ‘een: “Unper ane pry et as at where “Sera gn have mpi ot ote pore ate eee And ‘thy shold nwo beled ons eae at etal ona ph? ‘Gneaf the mow exasperating sols of fo snes of Ens enue oma sae en ror te alan iyphone number sia wo sven. Iahene Spano ne oral ich You mt brat oagh pain sve Irmaten degrees blow sro Canada set Joke McBee sean ory oven hs ome ean) Teaching implications The problems outine! in the posing eton may sem 10 peso {exis wad am eemcydauning tac esrer con oly Seve "ler sn comprchemise snerunding af suc tom ough an ‘hanes solu ofthe concep ound ht Senate om ‘ind ene echo maybe wont when ey wl nd he one ih sng ety op, ee a a rom, sl bee enrng omen ts the acer mat Erbe soosiaed tat the te wl be wel spent For example the ‘eno paraarimporance or the stale? cere» Lklbod that 1 Sonor explant wl ead neat of ates confon? Ihe ‘oer for ood parpne? Are she sarong ems hat maybe drawn tate teacang porn aso weal the teacher satis {Bat none of hae guns wl is pie answer esl oe {el gay abr glning ver sme of re eres ofthe te that maybe euenal for eco peace we. Reig to an ee 16 Words and their megs examples does sem apron with began elementary sans ‘teh’ gle along up Boh eae ky be etl pro {he temds and el erway sindarhy wakes pert tet he disown cl ea "Ma oth i Ba knowllge of cp Tene spent same theoncep sed igh ‘mga erences tere uonesoaey. The potion we have an wih rede ap! and ag ees the mide ie tht lowe levee shoud be pared Tos tat SSperas fo immedi nel or involves coer dfs tat ‘Rly not any beconveyed was wing ngang of compa can loc. Trarlaonscbeculy one way rund te poem of exe {np iki concent tts» nab meer ong eles te lays aval sd the teacher may befor egy mer tongue explanacns to any oeep. For ost es fumble be there be danger he ln bg ned by Theat: tngue ia the longer shay nor bes sable desea ‘eee wl rearing avant ne ea pat “Wihour mamlaon of sposa acer woul ean be wie sega conratono sean a etnginlehy ed pony foe explanaonUntorunataly utes) “hd sen is pres tos poe hers smear seen ae exposed wo once unaabigous te eames wl lion ce manly require concaptuly df vocab tet hen la fines nce, eras of whch hey ae gies or cee ‘rence such 2 eo cpeienc ae otal vey “hcl for era eaosis but may nll be seni ls a ey Tee paricley wits busine tenn When the ast cia eis abe nord ew ine Sed ‘hee posable mee blingual dcnosc Tyo dee th ten does ot arrant seri aetion your seahing soul il be inhred by an awareness of he pote eb {Ets Thesadens ray he quits ma qu retiree ‘her but you shoul not be arene ty then sve wath tee excienent inthe compostons Had the posible cotusn wih Weumbl an shake’ bean snoop hee see ero cul hve ten aided bythe ts expan Anscsting the prods ‘ugh eaten and thereto sabi for eetaromespennce ‘turer teacher to Knew when sod where pose a ey 0 ecu, Ditonatis fer sone gan, hugs nore civ ee ‘ice sauce nen she Longman Lion of Contemporary Engh {Sit goupe within snot lod so Cage peter rds ‘thar may wel have conceptual siiaes. ise Cee ad Pro Words: hi meanings ad forme ciency sous ook another weal are, not ech ec Lpote the probleme for yo, bu ey doa east dew aeran ‘Many rer of common conn, 22 Affective meaning ‘We ae ang hetero cover the ata! and emorionl feos ‘wichean beexpresd nanan of ves. Thee aren eee {o hoe a ula or ideacaldovlaon tur Sirens conatton ‘Tans co nym have elerece nan seal bjt acto, brite cmotonl votes overines acolo ie may der (aime 196) or Fann, Joona 2 sige women’ dies fem ‘oan 2 spire? ntti hes ass lle sderotioal soci ‘fm fran Engl nv spster whch mos not be rt of le ttoman The aacaone may ode okt, op the shally 2 ‘So ius mons word baedly compen: The ence ‘Beaing of bh toms weve enna tan wamared ‘ate "Whe we examine excl ems fom the learners pot of view, We candy te a atest of common whch ae ay Deo rly, crin ts niall have apoio neaie conn cation, Complegenimssy cae gate comorion, we ‘Semen adn ary cnplacent eon tay on be merece ‘SSG. Binge oy ogmsds aie eal ne ing brenpe ofthe agus comntstons nalved Tchr wl ned ‘high his aopect of mening, pcr in exes where theo ‘Stal meaning soe doe not make epithe sea Fc of “The ssond ae of connotation wae tems which arin allie mening depending te opie tad orth sta, Out we ‘ingot the se hem yd by dierent spears ore rae npesker Indieen comexsemay change rely ‘One tes in whch te foe of perso expeson sey coon ts inancel grouping and pl angage, Look a he allowing em incnand rye the ate wor ler’ Ws pony he nt bral en in an tes if with iar. ®) Inadine Tater goveramey spi emimigrason as ber 1) He peal Moe “say spor the py ca, bute wo toe oon ae wa, ‘Toc apecla fa sang ibe in2 postive seme, wher in ¢) Word and ther meanings toe beh peers are asing he word ejecta om pols {ily diferet pos a view. In ther word the sete seting of Shim ean ay axoring de sone hd pele “Thy socal ecco lec es ae fhe are of dey for fre ean. Nae sen of angurge bare Sale eof aotanonr wh certain tems ah ete sees {it omon tothe say 0 whole Aa Bah ne spear ‘rhe canes wits icy he Land bel non eily Siva ec broken ror walking der ics an wl oer ‘ith sapetdons, Thee socaons are exes nly tn easy ume hough in sme coun “Tsay the 138 might ee {War sre swocnions, Thee se explo soomeuuely ‘oe coceps, pars of the way of ie fa cute which may OF ‘ay orb shar fy forces. oper ames and place ames ay well canes ret problems (se Daphne's Dia ty stv 16) a foe, dik does sod "estiom nae rngcalural sts. Within hte srry, thee est iyo Syrian of sac fers pono peon ‘ile early every Bish ng spester would asec Seah Chis ‘eh Here Pie and tiles, sme people's ssocatons Would So include a pood re on waters evening bes weal ik ‘of amsophsicated se or as peje Teaching moteatons (es cbs shat many ims oly have a conceal meaning and in rma we bave go chotonl or erate statins ached 8 them. However ther an em ht emotional or elation, ‘wencdtodlny thafor eee Snes somcetonisa tsurecommon {oerery languish pce nom bu al ed te spprecte ich ee hav add soe mesning ver nd shove thei conceptual meaning, od wheter oe seed ee ay sears ‘eat work (ie eaing sc ening acti i the mos obvious vet or deg with tase of oul eating since “merrier ven the, he norman powde ahe y ‘ote aly equ "AL level teicher and muni wots sony pet ems hich ae o meine we to suger. Inthe many fees, dee ‘ems do not haestongemoterl or este scan rae ttt higher kel il be expe to des wth a range of spoken aod ‘triton langue and sh dean sn indersandng of cone, Fever, may wel be of otra reance ow eel ene to apyrecite he ontoaons of cela coat and compare he sutissaton 19 Words: ir meaning ad forme Airc, lor example beeen ap tem sch a adie he Sale withthe sume ein Amana o Basco A comme Spposch andthe ose of the moter tngue maybe er sae a ‘Wl reaches are offen able w make 2 concious decision about shceatrl semen of ths te ge ay ton whan thus pos! by eer te sir Baa or te creme An Sate of she level of eae of ele efetenes ia pee of ‘Mural wil bps tear to derine uber o ore word ‘Btn, in may reaching cont, earalinand tel ahd themer ay bere: Homeer whens ein an Enis speak {Re cavonmcn orate ending po ne the ech obaed to eal wih cura suas oh eleanor Be com ‘mune So wil mh owen county leon ew probably ot Ee ateaed by not Kring who the Prime Mines of Cree Bass helene i eat wo doe nt knw auch tgs my fa 0 ‘Shderand many everyday leet oan hi i's weacher were 10 ate muteral sucha “Daphne's Dia (ia oh 1s sactely hea very een example ad won oe sp item of tence stuaone = wal be paleo ake ‘emote more ssenble snd compebene by omnis cle a ‘rand res hamour wh the powpbelorhand. Uae, ‘Meso hehanlig hs whe tes depends on theese ‘ny to the pow evel and mec ss well ap hs aaens ofthe ‘Shotts od saan fag ome 23. Style, register and dialect Some oe more amingerror aoe can maken fern agunee ne rm slack of wsvenen ofthe appropaey fans We gre lmexampra hs typen chapter aaline fo here Teacher: Are you going out hiring, Gotan? Teams: No hase wah ny ero, Femalecescher wating ito dst Hell everyone Stolen Hel Malesnene Hy baby Soe: The pst of yonder, eink ‘We ae sing in very bod seme nla el of formal UE, sang, clog or informal etal oem, fou a6 well ‘lest as emoroee won pti ee, ete-Te fllwang ens USimlan concep weaning Sern: » Words ander meanings hides neal ‘sri sometimes humors) ‘prem alguien avo) ES ealegea Beas ogo) Registers are vats of language dine bythe topic and context tts the oagoge of mele dacatin, ly bape come tne iste mine gl ter or olen sth taning er frees! ‘scares sth mscaltem rhe aac” Disa wad to dsb dees i gogaphcl vation (og ‘Arena gly Seoih Pg se 'nl aaron secon {o otal clam, We need nr conse oureles grey wah he ate {oprah dlc vation the thes hdl prc oma por ‘Salk (US) = pave (8 tre tSco callout = sal (GB) Gas tates Hoe) Teaching impleatons Soyer and as strongly afc the pein we gain of leer competence nthe ngage, ad ssh, aon het ‘Bing tn hs che of lex te common fr nave speakers to be std th lel appar ool of ore spar, nd her se parser poole for spake of Ronan lappges through mothe-eongue ierteren SRA ie ple il oe reakan’where he pene singly Shi etenougt rca equal sping fr naive speskro hea foreiges sng cellogilnguge whch eer nappropete (by baby) oF a Word: ihr meen ad forms hk iit one he eran xe oe ‘ions site sppopicy x any import, ow evel geal gh sre have partir rd fr wosbaaty es with we ‘overage ome whic eno ata ryt be more pec nd pape of ess meine ale co pine” At ter el ‘iy cote sear fo nes to segues know of vay ‘Stags and prt reste cake appropri tht pesert ‘Se fuare me! The teachers vole eet te langage ter ae aya hihi any pel etre ere Soe EFL dition ‘cs canbe ul i th expect ob eacer a eer hey ‘len nist al he anes [We commend that you proved ea ‘oa boweer a on. 2issisea both he Longman Dictionary tf Contemporary Eagle LDCE) andthe Oxford AdsonedLaarors Disconan of Curent Eralah (OSLDCE) bat main 8 eh ofthe lag ate of she ke) Bigatti en ‘Sylepancascy wl er al err thowg the decion oes ern snc ac fr produce nem be pveredby ment ‘ede Callout Iangange, sang o ear Spe fo stance, may fain erty to many erbeshs would be prey ae tthe ete ofcllaghal lope for tent larg na Eng ‘pesking cour. They wl nado eae wo spond sporopately ‘Bench trance Cinthaes ey? However produce the items have ver ied oe fr al bat the to competent spetiets i seo worth temerbering tat many isms need Engle to sone wh other foragers, and ch ‘Stes ore neal steal Se more eh “hae get dst of comply anand snobbery sroundig ert dase of Eng. Whether 9 den should ea hoo” of STG rank fa cr (U0), oF both, governed by he people ‘id hom he wil wich ommricte On the whole thug, dee Sora major base vocabulary machin tans who oe enn ‘he Englah for specfe pur wil of sore, mcd voebulary of Parish il, Saki es et 24. Sense lations ‘The meaning of 9 word can only be anderen and eet vs { latnsp i ter word noe anager ase a 2 Word andthe meoings oe, we cn easly emily he elton bereen words wean Revoling' can bea rman for gusting certain cents ‘Shir isthe anon or lain cern cones ‘Hacer pckate and shoppe aval pr of axa can be sharp be Ibe se employee he els Berne emploer’ {nth scion, we wl explore hve ad ste ses elton te oth avr inthe chpte we discs see example of onepts se ng, or hen paral sncapl saa emp ee, a Incetseectend/epund ris rari the tv hae two or il be ‘Smoniposon ee oxcson “i they wee, ete would ede ned tohavelor worn he nang Shen we the erm yoy Snead abot paral yoonyny, snd lls ea Plslsrte how sony ay aie fat= sparen ieent dalet.e. GB vera US Khd= child difereo spl ecallgual ves new isny=thindifrntccmorsiop! 2 tinny bre psorate “once bide astransive erin bur hide’ may sb be man fhe ths een wamnae slong asthe deen egg, che we synonyms oer ‘uk andefcet way ofaplaag unions words A ore complex {1SStoom example hon hc ones shove irene gnome wah cles ‘tonal reins, The ween maybe deol Sr !orac’ {nthe examples omits cmon som an cb would ‘edo be poimed oot hat comm sly elon th a oan ts nox general synonymous wither ale’ Thien dealt ‘ADERLOMUATY = esc and mort eae gute na ‘asetnan wo. ‘Arce pol) eva at any paras fe are as och ‘tne GY seemaairenuoe aaron coes asx ‘eimore hrm ar ce, “Wim tered moscow Sew ht eet «ards bs comelover ha hres Wowie ve wan mre Words: thr marisa forms ‘tem They ptt eon tare mer Woh ‘cponebiant win. 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Ths at, of couse, ‘thes examp of apron and hyponyms Webco ear busy, Feri oo pany seraniom ee Teak acedever, bamme, Sic “There ee fre se of relatons bere itn wbich res easy amt etn dw os an ce, etn a portance fn ingge Ismet sheer aon may ler cos en Isms ae unlanalar wth fm aed to SS Fomconten Als expond rer te eames nwedgrtihe wo, td we would ate the mes scutes good anarsending fone ‘ete 70) Tn the to examples below nop an watomer may not be fai latatielereer Aerowshane ben dent show enol tions HRSNSGEUS adele anne arnowe werd Tie GED realy GF yo et Goal) wT? on we bow sue mpeg? as nk wl Srey eee In ain, shee ae pared se wich exes detonlepestion op denn are eparcome Part-sehole relations “Tictllowing dagen sa exape orp of sens eatin which ‘Rosh oe langage dasoom “Tis ies hyponamy in that while cow 2 kd fail, Inoycrow noes Kado set parol he ce. Items commonly associated with ‘Wah she pe of sation we ae desing on our knowlege ofthe tron Lysine eae what koma he commonly ae wh Tice and he mil probly ht the appiance, gadgets ad pve SW "Nae Word: har maanngs and forms convents lad inthe pcre above. Alhoush 2 cain snout tinal varaton ier, telss comped by me spe ‘tthe same lnguge are kel o be smlar Thee howerer, te Posnbiiy of someon gute mas Gacepanes om cle ‘ture: Few Br Kices hve wale onan few Arginan chen comin keen, 4s TRANSLATION ravivALENTS or language learner here i farhs pe of cn ein tha it ‘Geviaonmipbctecens excl em meagan cea ober ‘Saga eaains Menten fd sae makes concn cor {S'Tak words beoncn lngengs inte wy son the ty mages tt feacng i ncabl tot hey ml do 9. Thee ae snl St aaaton equate mea wich may bea very staged ‘bom feral fee Le enh) =o However, many ‘onsite only paral synonym and teacher shold pa ‘Shesy some othe dierencs thy ae sng tartan ote ‘Shrvoofr socal teshing On te suice some tem ope {Site sie bur thet esi atl ferns Engin ead fie looks ne ses ike pu in Pace, Bron Geena 0 {i Porupt ins se gute Conmnan Sr thar equa oo en ety te “ap nog sd bow: dace sete boning of ‘Se ape donot amit imo tr spurte words a Chine for {teat Sometimes engages wil Soret words om ech oe lp del wah freee of won Emp but soul ‘on fort baeang fo take place for ste perpen les among in Fens chat Engin ote he case ae ‘rover ndings ann be aac lel the enchant [Staal cma shops dopinagmeo! sir A scond ype of poem rs when the ering of a tem in ‘oe content etl bh angoge ut where ef eam {St Seren The ved" depend fn somehow for Sere oe eno wanna eo i ‘Now saat geage ich te uncnotablen Engl counble Income ec anges so ns isa Asim exalt Fostm wld be Dees de Furr, Prado Berar and No Sok Tip whee sync ptorence wil ae be egal DERE we Sense elas practic excl. ‘hes ring ick detent 0 Words and their meanings Senseo comtoton og Tom oe asta? (Co ste caren berm leaneos and odo omeone “Tota esau to dosoneconis wer clog) 1) waues @ awit SoS oen 8 eat 2 ose fy cxcar are Bitte 1 erat 2 mst tem sein ech oer a ee To to waren dnorr unr opens on 2 Noe cote sata guns atcaes oppo aA wh Jere walt a li od pre oa en ‘ytd mar nan my ab mech ones (Wins ranne ot ater! (ftranaceat ecumaresaned the mater ‘Sense atone teaching mpleatons tn langage leaning and waching, srs relatos ae of paracoune tipo. 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Multiword verbs at aig hi rm 1 ese hems Ea vee {7A “base vet + pepostion ef foo ino Uist, gt over by Ashe adel pani ghrasl ve) eg rk down injectcalof cat ) Aue verb Padbecbial parle + reposon ex pet up ith ote. Asour examples isa, there ae web + prpontioncobintons tick fare ath many pra erste Sate ening at ‘lat kom nda ar spol exis cen es taboos nd cose ts nl sent apaue pepsin ‘thse rstmanofpratalverbs Irouresptenc be donacton icy norpoe 2 iit reaching problem, ut you wi ure ‘heulerence we woul tee yout one ofthe grammar Book Led ‘nthe fiblogphy. For out purpows we wil the He tx phracl ‘swe tering special wo er adverb prey ad le Tn ome cans pss prin ttn he ening of Seda scot and parle gat dow, whe lobe the meaning conor be ‘Eiced fom an aidercandny of se constaen pre tke fo (Gen eheat somebody his ar canary whch ets ost ‘ict and combats to the sigue whch srounds mlt-vord ‘er for many frig lester, hoo soning othe myrtane {Be fcr ha nay pam werk have mule mong eg ok meta it aut clle "Grammy det ned know whtheraeanstiverale- eed sexbis petal o report aro becae psa rb ar spe oh Ee tke offyourhor their Tikejourbacott butt beat) Wonder meine and forme hie prpotionl ves ate oe Cok ater he cles lo afer en {ut ga ook te dena ookthem ae) Final here he Qoeton of Soe common taal vets ae flr i ane corn pe wh ae red te Feel antes ee ptf pete; et along / manage - Stes ‘wilosd tobe made wareolrrenon tisk Teaching mpieatons Wehave andy mensone he obsession i aor vis which ‘tems to ip many foe lerners, parley they poe tro ‘hemermelne eve. Unwitny tes apd maven ers hae {oatibutd mre than ayoneto titan obsession by fen ga ing tult-word verbs inthe ety age of lsang oo okeash "heim msi ous ens preparing forthe Cambie Fst {Greate Examination, Sdn ae si conte wh tem ‘Sheen irene paras or prenoisons ecoanying uu Et ‘rte wh suming fin ay of means o wonder fh Tt opeing chapter me inchded a exec which rad the que tim of how to fanpulisword verbs fortencing pups, ch In'um ees We queston ao whether hey shoal Be groped at SHLArwtted in the ky, ese de eto at om ero 90 tice hes wl he igen in meaning. From een pn of tew Sis does ot Selp 20 ma them memorable sa fot {Getcha prt il be oe calor, Wh ep tothe amily form, we Beene sore conten han Se "Wihsome phraral eb hreisetaonin sting with header sil guilt her enone pic firm ay onsite fancon eth rpadto the inBaces on the eo Seb. 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Teaching impteatons Many ofthe romans we mde about emanilly opaque mur Ye lao Bete of ios, There mh em roping tem Iho Si atm wy nay ke {pllaoen ofthe ene of th won and tone ly come Sen unr a csp lvl co watant Seng # stoned lees! {Jain ovber we tny sould be uesed ainda es, Sap SheySnk, sl emplaoedseorngio teats, Some stds cesop an nets sppente and ethasoun for igiome, bur ote fr le seal pero thom ef well seeps ‘dobing,When his bape eachrs bold yf chanel hs exh ‘Siam no esi te te nfs in deg what ell ‘Finworte comlenng whether titan cot be incorporated nto he ‘an productive cul without sein incnpreslogse ‘Beer ot tt anguge, Cen are sere might ete ball ‘ing be reglesenn couary tes moto sand Inga silos “he fllowing iyi highly nbetive bu might be interesting socompate our arr wih Your cece, ‘ADRES we nicl lig tre wo yon cone ewer cng Pesto ateti ssaomarats ne etmrscom —— septtenbs 36 Words nd thir meanings ip atmaiteckpulnmety on Same dicer unconisnoe SShogcersedsoye oui in 27. Collocation enter ee Se a erie caine omer Sb ete pesc ahcheera ae nea enghens acon 1 mabjctnou rd eg Tce eles around sen eee Smaart siesta a a ST a Sey we ty Collosiona rs ace kl way olan te sof tems, Su the qd on page 38 Kom The Words Yew Noa! (Rusa tay 1951 eco the component anaes on get "Therese ines ideas of opiona0 what pees an scoeable cllcaton fo Enpn, Ine exeople be, we fel that ‘Sea opts nc vn ee apomie Teaching inplestons Sethe eno o.oo hs zpet of vocabulary king ‘ofen de wih on 30 ad oe Sosy it hello group ems by ta calacuonl pepe wo teacher and lennes se eotaly v7 GRE Word nd thir mami ‘nore ace when they de with common clcaonl probe Insc ora they arse Nevertbla,callacton can rors 4 ‘eal amen for fsng ns he partly iow nd fot pacing the lores Knowle of them. Stade termes ‘Ere cmon ase te adjectives igh wea’ soo, hea ad Psy "lather ofr e bem inaenate ip Exe, where wet or i gat inended Toe lowing ng Seta canbe ed ogg dhe colloctons Whe tthe sane tine aka an orm ni 8 “nasa sledotcoit teoleg Ponsa soinnann cD (1965 Combi Unies Pros Ae ha, stants can wo it ple and ask each her what Kind ‘teat, ber, ches date they pee ising the pe of caloctan sere fe cls, eches wil be » Word ther sonra forme cosines to he ental dfs ove and hi ay lp them eo endenand he pana nara, We eed tbe ready 10 ‘Eich the types of cllaston wth whi teins ave he greet Siisoies tose whish tes voce of L! erence, fr ae, {nd dow nhch hove nce calocaon fr he seg ame ‘epi, o wat, Sch abo da’ hs an exe wie ae tt ilcnon andi therefore tel ol the xan hose ‘hth artof mon heed othe kare. ERASE ~ okt lowing to aon th er tos Dec whch ‘reudbe totact aeprossce us 3 iemetacermat © Steen pos Cage et Comite uo eepte ons Sodom sot (doemetoar ate ‘eeerour ay ‘Sdosmevodr em gcd Sdoour ta ‘Sdosaenodr te hn. ‘Sdctamactyasnucice aoelltad 28 Componentil analysis Compan ans is «ptm meas of examining ses ele ‘Son fw ake ero he some nm lad whch hero fave soe fatces fa common wth cach her eam, by Brest tiem own in her omen pr, examine theses nd Eitences bree th “Thuman-+male + hil an = Thome "male eh Insane of sma whiners a reevancethe langage teicher it eps 20 approach fo he cron af enn [Encl ems ntch dion fren be cctonasy apron Thre have ‘Ren raanr moves to me thie ype of ana presen meaning Thc teaching focal conden snd wena ample berm Ie Words You Need Reds aly 1981 Hey the writers ‘iveabulate he once information bout helene tems ‘The grids to brig oo fos the Fearer which sags one ‘en ron anodher sn shows end how ene not el 570 ‘nous The pape volved ete mere so vescers ay ‘tein sto am fors more pec denon of mening Howe, et | Teledle a al. 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Word building “Tec ae hse main forme of word bain of word orntion which Zc charsero of Egan, compounding and conerion. ‘Aston he poses of dng pes sn eso se rr, its way tems cane dee in meaning adr changed foe ‘ns poof serch anther Tote ane oan’ fr aan, Sten ad pene and sunsin he flowing way fats +y—masly time 9 annals Stan ¢17-¢nsu = tomaslios Sometime roenaafiaanon padi changesinsrsandsouds (cp democat /demaleaet/ ‘poca ema kre ‘koe rekon and ays cane pling tes 25 in the exam above ianiytaniesa Suftae ay dete a of yesh and have ile ‘Semana alae ati he oot ecg "one dct ‘iyidcethe utefgperh anThane nin riage ges Pinon’ Ce which sess sete eng ad a0 oni de wae aur . xt wth cul onelaty Enema pa be anags eee SSeS ntti Earn sa ince J eraaarss aguas § ado pimomer” (teeny 6 eae ‘mx a nic te fasonog pas welt you belo whe wee ‘hin? tar oaringean yous soch fsa nine ane | | cbt Words: thr mating ond forme Compounding the formation of won from ono ot ore parse ‘more which can stand indepenenty nate scamstance Tae ee ‘heeitere yperatcomponndthectvecompounds eg hat wo Ing tmeconiming, shorelesteg Arsen, verb compounds (G5. toa o hen and ou mpounde rh rou, ees mn pee bae nou hoon (cof a Ae ‘eons ome eh pee noun © oun ey sines ee “ndprepotions sacar 3 loka ea een of he ie. ‘Contrib, ho usow astro allusion, the roc Oy which stom aye aed ete paso peck, ye dows nt cage ister: Weve jut hd oe soon) “his proven sma refaatin in hat atacand waste “Hn igy bead he ierence ng hat pres one Srecsed Wie canamceampleofconvenon hee ay bepoonlop Sng: SF He works in she expr marke, ‘Weve poeslores poo : nice example of siting sess ae ‘conduct “oni Semper, Sree ec ble Some ny sole oon sd peng Sines EE toads /a some adie Teaching mptcatons Focus om word bulingi kly py ddd for the earner ‘spicy ad produce, Wi he cee sil an deci Gish pe word banger tea ake Infomel goeer aba the mening of skow Hema Renee, Tee ostane, how i the fst Reader Atti secon, you wete tien dees the meaning of saben of your wndetansing ‘Stine nen of producti le ako fe ba pe ilsofyontblingsdipsic ewe lensto sens Tike desroom, the amount of ine devoted ation andthe rman laced on wil vary cmidrbly ssrdng he acing Son, For speakers of Romance lng ceain prefs sd ven Eaguk wl be sno thon ofthe wher ong nd will ute ile difclty interme of meaning To dwell te mening tbe pecan or cramp, ould bey mucha exec In ‘he knalege of th moter omg 0 apt This ees ot ly {Eotalfe inka fo Ll sould pe be disused, tt emenl or he terse to know whee sf ein The min print, homee Word ad thors foc speaker of Romance langage pons thes ames en have cose des proneuncig and Sees deat a ‘Sse ale re ha whe many alles se sy thee re Some wich we untamior ei sn tensa ha 2 “oy pine wih Sc ove + ‘ion, The tarts or dinidnees of Englah with toe rsers sie il dete he aos of ine wih nae ‘Wile ay be feasble och our dens some generative els conemingthe fotion of wo wh ache ae ieee {tlre of compounding and cnterson Farle den ere forte est poli spl to wth drat rie tens ‘nec hoe whieh et ipa pan (ep the) volar ‘owerer, Yay wish o dea wth certain seus gammatialy ‘A goal cumle he would he the nacional fa pes (eg te leg ofthe ble and he able Ieee sxe bt be tables legs cree) Alana of i ean be oud in Sean {1940 Aten pn nu combination ales pa etude hose i pt dem ster aus end conan tems suchas horse ‘ae ee, befor hones and actor (shore shih oe) {Sie sich ete second noun general sa he “hed and ‘he fst om wed acetal: Where eles fal fora of ward ding ae ton spl forth eel of your sent spy eed (ors the vlse a aching the dra of fate Home In {he case of indus’ forint te tsi devas ate indus Sinn ano sada Ae leery Hn te a 09 thse are pabely ls set tem. 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This wil nade se ten and spoken {oun artes er she present sod pace of pammatie era ‘Sho eigen aso on Even te mocbom or asroom “avis a forma sears of ew woesbuly {Though supplements oot deen. speically for ‘abuleydreopmen) proved by she edacrsonl meaion ese by he acer hae Ty alae tes, el a. esol las eee le, 3 Through tains, Avie range of snenicpatd snd wpe {EM tens neta sora we sadn gu, ue ond «4 Through spe ocular atin aie by he acer for is parle group of dents (Along the ines of ais nce Inc) ‘Ore vious commen onthe above tha eae ca only exercie Stic cone eve ne of the ann se the four tru wes ‘esblary ets the sano For the rer be cm nl neces [ndgenentin wheter ome anne niemence apes Wher fer pol, couse these decay shold be made ror he icon rae shan rng the Isom) tthe case tat ects [vets come with side ang of tiscali beyond ee ota even more importa ha hey ahold take very Bro 3 ‘SSonetegatding te emphases toad ene 4.41 Student responsibilty and teacher responsibilty, In he very cnt saps of ering mow sade copie the ale (ofS ommom bre as ta il be eset acest al he 6 Decsions about content ince co em, Oe ths bs ee of sia ha een ahi, ‘hough lesen and empban i prone o conics of eres "ROS lo eof rman Forth oy xn cin ihe rlvae of rome sce wbarever hl el Fm an earns fot ening the guages how ts reseed IE alliie faue The sume cannot be sd of vocal wich hore oneness ate ea an onderacing ‘hn el of erat maybe gute elvan students wh ot ‘ered in that paar sec Forth reson acer oe nd ies sul ne ing opent 9a eel sem he anne coe hand ms appen ts lees Sem wi the uneven on aml serking ctl ground oat Spare eesor san Soden ia compromise hats scklder nd ste dlp acage, bu 2 tung seston forthe tech a fa? om ‘attr hc andes ‘Soe ron 0 his poben to scp heen have diferent cela outer ace iyo nue ome of esp iy for defining thos nae tn the voce ha wl be leant to shoe ner In aber wor alle he sets oe auonony Teves decnn-maing Three drawback he ellowng exomele nse bar for anor nate wih po vou lene eves Ireanbe ser see spon ine loge fous armel he he fj mater plese nore tha apposed tn 1 Ape 1989) uae for sa epee. 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Crlteriafor selection belie ut how do we str cy what use te st Soren tems one omtat may be qe olan it sate Te Principle loan and acing rocablary seve importance you atch to he vtows rters decried Below ‘iehertre depend on your own eschigtton se 1_emrguiter The igh eueny ofan tem wo guaran of wanes, br there irobnis»spieantcrrson ren the to 9 worth ‘eamunng sors of te work on feqeny word asp When he tld ke canle ly tho tellon dirsnevenonbetisdineddogan Destine Sepsis oredr phy eis Silencer cess Rows Gat yn gcd Calg he mt como oko sev bee soa Fee eee am dre scene ie ge wins rg cn once hi x fg Ta Pon at aerial keg hn ac hic pets EES sr ecp bel wae eh loro NSS (ang tl ae lala 2st of abou wee Rashard of famous people and ak ‘rodents dese ones above Corman: Stents ae caked tere co we dtc dard edge of ‘helangnge tems hie dcionary silane knowledge ose itn ieee spe aero fw visuact vee ‘tgp proalee:Belor ning this mate, you shold ei trad presen the feo mate and go el) th (eg. bomhac po well wha begs). “Gn tudana tcpy of thet od pce tex hat hey sould compat etext atl he pcre to dee the meanings af {Be fe 109 wich enced te se Taya we the ‘rs ext othe pci pois Bo exp together, showing sesh cote dos wich ene hem 9 (Bese Ail them oo condnue the sv in ae o nal rue, Aer they hae Ee, conduct a teaback sion to lat ay problems nd highghpomansaton dai ah ge te Te peat ie ped deo th wt ol “Enc inpeo ou, to ol es spon of ee ented fchoney (Steen Tt cily snr shy laren bon wo ie tof ‘Cru hc soo pethem confidence Sec meaning Teachers ‘Suldesiy deve witten net hype teseannpany seach, Clesrocm acer ‘obo naburs mengeraesuy aot siraeseatemy en Prt: 9) Lohan pearance on aeseurerarelrhernon (© 946 Canbdge Une sing ial as Level Ay lel provided earner now poner sip, Stgpeed prose: Desi sues ons flows DOnonesiefshe cad show apillaenton ofthe ree, her le, me he mie of tem and ere et mathe & pepeer [onfevm/ Pvepe/ | Give a aed w ea sade you want wo wack seen 0 gt ‘Remedi your i in he apogee nme of poops sd ‘epcate te ard) Check gucly tur ech inde ade SHE to pronnce teem wih reonae acy fom the tan Freeach:‘Wha' thal in Engl” ‘iceoh sent ed Be cds thc ony ean the wren wor le the eke he group cn ee te ure Sean ‘Penile and ther hve to ey de ei they Rw of she nower wher isin Engh The knows cn tbe ech iin tei lnpre ene dot ta ty enc do in i hey ny ea al he tens neon, ‘peterson eh tm they End mon diese Ctasroom cies Linh From incre upward, depending on tems th teacher “Hose fom tone inh bo. These below mould be stabi Simca ne Suggsed prover: Drs ie sro he wih ofthe Mockboned ‘a tee tee lows ith 2 = bat ‘good > Make ashe or ech ofthe ee you wih to wt fr se [es Gelow, and sv chem ote ann petaps on ch, or one ‘ener yes dapendingon be se of he elas pa ipaecaly fanny te god daa sling” rt Sorpoiclary goodsbxtonmg foe eetee Eau Siem Stiefonoy ree ros at dem tok thar tm fang Blk favale) ob apo Prt place on he ie, having fet cone the aieponar $s ening i sce. Ake cls leok i al vero ‘ogee dss direc of op nd then sanded core ‘tuo Hipp any parser pees, ach se prnaneaton, (aay deo he ae of serain ems fog“ aly clo: (Gu Sider sbi mote ow copy of hs ine ea ea red Sang Pcs AM sues to wie the name of bok o play pestle "tnd TV progam thy ae ain ith oe te Fp Spectacle "the forall mach between France and aly on TV nse TV Programe: Dally ‘athe in pts and ek them 0 els partner abot shee and thor enn to hem They shoal yt be the ves fom ‘he lesen they il nea aon eer em rm hee produce vocabulary wih re vo gal ie Common Ths nec exp he stdes'knoledge a esas tons intiscase prada sanyo Level or sles of busines or commer Engl ined, Tor general den if erste advance swe rc: Pech he es econ in te tesa a ge) 2 lee offal / ie by Xt each “pesky al shai dub ria pln way seach hae daw a raph on he cose tolls te meaning, Chek tha sant know he pot ese ‘cn the eb ofa nd to eae high he pepe reg mally Poche Aa he saat 0 fon pe and facing each ober: ‘Give graph Ato one student and graph Bo the cher, sla the oro lok cache’ papers. 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