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The City Council of Minneapolis is attempting a hostile takeover of workers and their em
We need your help to stop the Democrats so-called Working Families Agenda!It may s
unimaginable, but this blatant power grab by city government would dictate nearly ever
interaction between every worker and every employer.Its impact will be devastating for
workers, their families and their employers. One restaurant has already announced it is
The logical question is what will they think of next?Even though the Working Families A
right now is limited to Minneapolis, its just the tip of the Democrat iceberg. Yes, its com
your town next!As campaign season picks up, expect Democrats throughout the state to
the Working Family Agenda part of their platform.We have to stop this now! Will you
contribute $5, $10, $25 or even $50 to help our effort to rein in out of control Democrat
Democrats will try to distance themselves from this radical proposal, but stop short of a
that the Democrat Party is out of touch with policies that cripple the economic life of fam
throughout Minnesota.Dont be fooled, if elected they will support raising the gas tax an
even more extreme government takeover that will leave workers vulnerable and threate
economic security of small communities.Your $5, $10, $25 or even $50 contribution will
Republicans put an end to hostile government takeovers.The last time the Democrats co
the MN House and Senate they forced through an extreme agenda. The result was $2 b
new taxes, a sluggish economy, and women and minorities lost ground in fact, blacks
Minnesota saw a 14% decrease in household income!Their failures will no doubt turn int
Democrat demands to raise more taxes so they can spend even more to supposedly fix
problems they themselves created.As Republicans we must continue to ensure our frien
neighbors are aware of just how radical the Democrats have become. No longer are the
political organization that just has a different way of doing things.Today, the principal ob
of the DFL is to grow giant government bureaucracies that they control in order to tax, r
and subsidize every aspect of our American life.When you contribute $5, $10, $25 or ev
you will be supporting Republicans who are committed to shrinking the government role
lives.Your steadfast devotion to freedom and liberty is needed now more than ever befo
Contribute today!