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Lesson Plan Format

Kenzie Akers, Kayla Vaught, Teighlor Fortner, Don Gant

Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary English, Special Education
5th Grade

State Standards

ISTE Standards

Materials & Devices

Prior Knowledge,
Bellwork, Pre-Lesson

Hook or Beginning of

Class Discussion or
Whole Class

Dr. Jessica Koch

English writing and grammar

5th Grade 3.1 a
Grammar/Usage and Mechanics. The student will
demonstrate appropriate practices in writing by applying
Standard English conventions to the revising and editing
stages of writing.
1. Grammar/Usage: Students are expected to recognize
and use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and
conjunctions in their writing.
ISTE Standard 2 a
Interact, collaborate and publish with peers, experts, or
others employing a variety of digital environments and

Smartboard, worksheets, internet access, notecards

with random words.

5 minutes

Prior Knowledge includes

Homonyms, Sentence Structure and
Parts of Speech.
Bellwork will be sentences and
identify the parts of speech.

5-10 minutes

At the beginning of lesson, students

will be shown powerpoint slides
containing two sentences per slide
with incorrect tenses in verbs and
will be asked to correct verbs aloud.
Students will also be shown
powerpoint slides containing correct
sentences where students will be
asked to identify the parts of speech
(nouns and pronouns) in each

20 minutes
Classroom discussion will include the
importance of the use of the correct
tense and the differences between
noun and pronoun.
East Central University

Activity: Interactive game Pronoun,

Proper, Singular, and Plural
displayed on smartboard. Each
student approaches the board
individually to play the game which
asks the student to identify if a word
is plural, singular, proper etc.

TSW complete a worksheet asking

them to fix the errors in a passage.

Independent Practice

Closure or Summative


5 minutes

Differentiation: A modified
worksheet will be given to students
that need it. The modified
worksheet will have multiple choice

Students will play Name That

Word. The students will be divided
into groups and one person from
each group will approach the
teacher, who will show them a
random word. The students will
return to their individual groups and
use the word in a sentence. The
student will use the word blank
instead of actually saying the word
(e.g., I use a blank to write). The
rest of the group must figure out the
word, what part of speech it is and if
it was used correctly.


Classroom Management- While playing Pronoun, Proper, Singular, and
Plural, students will play as individuals. Each student will be given a turn to play.
Students who give answers during another student's game will be put at the end of

Dr. Jessica Koch

East Central University

the rotation.

Student Learning Benefits- Today's students are very interested by

anything technology. By having the mobile learning activity on the
smartboard, students will be engaged and interested in the lesson. It also
lets students see what is happening during the lesson.
Assessment(s)Before: TTW ask students if they know why the tenses and
homonyms are incorrect.
During: TTW observe students as they approach the board and
answer their question to see who understands the concept.
Conclusion: TTW look over all the completed worksheets to assess
students understanding of the material and lesson.

Dr. Jessica Koch

East Central University