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Sons of Thunder


Boys Home To Accommodate 30 Children

Project Proposal

Contact us at:
Sons of Thunder E-Mail: info@thenewmystics.org
P.O. Box 2333 Web Site: www.thenewmystics.org
Griffin, GA. 30224 Toll-Free: 1-877-Die Daily
Sons of Thunder
Boys Orphanage Proposal
Thank you for your consideration in changing the lives of 30
children in the nation of India. Our goal with this proposal is to
construct a facility for housing orphaned boys in one of the most
impoverished areas of the world.

We are also gathering 30 sponsors to support the children’s day-

to-day needs, including food, education, clothing, medical and
transportation costs.

This will be a boys’ home facility, moderated by a live-in family.

The facility will be constructed within a two-hour range of the Site Proposal
Bombay area. In India today, there are more than 4 million
orphaned children, with more AIDS orphans in India than any
other nation of the world.

India Boys Home Start Date: Winter 2006
Country Statistics: End Date: Spring 2007
Area – 3,165,596 sq.km = 1,222,243 sq.mi
Population – 1.03 Billion
Capital – New Delhi
People - Indo-Aryan (Caucasoid) 72%; Dravidian (Aboriginal) 25%; others (Mongoloid) 3%
Languages - Hindi 30% (official +English); Telugu 8%; Bengali 8%; Marati 8%; Tamil 7%; Urdu 5%; plus more than 70 other.
Religion - Hindu 83%, Sunnî Musim 11%, Christian 2%, Sikh 2%, Buddhist 1%

What We Will Do:

Facility Construction
Our facility will house up to 30 children in five bed-
rooms. The facility will comprise 3,800 square feet.
The facility will also include a bedroom for a live-in
caretaker family, as well as a study and dining room.
We will use local labor and hope to begin construction
as early as winter 2006.
Facilities would include: kitchen, dining room, living
room, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a laundry room, a
storage room, 2 study areas, an office, and a patio.
This will be a “Home” and it will have home "parents"
and the children will be raised in a home-like
atmosphere. Not dorm room-style but like a “family”
with children’s bedrooms and all the amenities of
a home, including water and electricity. The children
will be raised as a family. Children will be given an
education; we are not planning to build a school on
Monthly Donor Support
We are in need of 30 monthly supporters who will
contribute to the care and welfare of the children on
an individual basis at a rate of $33 USD per month. This
amount will cover food, clothing, education, medical
and transportation expenses.
Facility Costs:
Facility costs are estimated at $64,500 USD. Sons of Thunder is raising $30,000, and we
are receiving matching funds from partner organizations for the remainder of the
funding. Sons of Thunder is structured so that 100% of funds raised for the project go
directly to the project.
More Background:
Half the children and young people of India live in poverty and many more are malnourished.
Millions of children work sweatshops or are sold into slavery to pay off their parents debts. There is
also a growing trade in child prostitution, buying children from neighbouring Nepal and Bangladesh.
There are 41 million Indians without a home, many living in the slums of India’s largest cities.

About Us:
John and Lily Crowder are the founders of Sons of Thunder
Publications, based in Griffin, Ga. where they reside with
their four children. Sons of Thunder is a grassroots,
nonprofit mission organization. Along with our focus on
reaching orphans, the Crowders conduct outreach
campaigns around the globe. John is the author of “The
New Mystics,” and he speaks at conferences and events
across America and beyond. Sons of Thunder produces
teaching and resource materials, and they focus heavily
on social justice issues, reaching out to the oppressed and
underprivileged of the world.
The Crowders feel personally challenged by the 1.2
billion children at risk due to poverty, homelessness, child
labor, slavery, sexual exploitation, aids, plagues and war.
In partnership with proven, seasoned organizations we
fight to save dying children by sponsoring orphans and
building orphanages.

This home for boys will rescue boys from what would The Crowder Family
otherwise be a short, miserable existence, providing them
with care, love, family and education. If you would like to
contribute toward this project, we can accept donations by check or credit card.

Please make any checks payable to “Sons of Thunder” and mail them to:
Sons of Thunder
P.O. Box 2333
Griffin, GA. 30224
Note on all correspondence “India Boys Home Project”

You will be sent a receipt for income tax purposes early in the following year.
For more information on other Sons of Thunder projects, please visit our Web site at:
Proposed Boys Orphanage
Proposed Boys Orphanage

5 bedrooms that will house up to 30 children

Proposed Boys Orphanage
Line Item Quantity Required Cost Per Item Cost in Indian Cost in U.S. Dollars
Bricks 200,000 2.35 470,000 11,190.48
Cement 2,000 145 290,000 6,904.76
Sand 3,000 67 200,000 4,761.90
Steel 12.5 Tons 325,000 7,738.10
Utilities 70,000 1,666.67
Flooring 180,000 4,285.71
Wood Work 250,000 5,952.38
Window Grills 75,000 1,785.71
Plumbing 105,000 2,500
Electrical 115,000 2,738.10
Painting 80,000 1,904.76
Bore Well 25,000 595.24
Compound 160,000 3,809.52
Labor 360,000 8,571.42
TOTAL: 64,404.75


Line Item Cost Per Item Cost in Indian Rupees Per Cost in U.S. Dollars Per
Month Month
Food (9+9+9) x 30 810 17.43
Medical 75 75 1.61
Education 330 330 7.10
Transportation 175 175 3.77
Clothing 37 83 1.80
Bank/Exchange Fee 60 60 1.29
TOTAL: 33.00