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1. A natural obligation under the New Civil Code of the Philippines is one
a. The obligor has a moral obligation to do, otherwise entitling the obligee to
b. Refers to an obligation in writing to do or no tto do
c. The oblige may enforce the court if violated by the obligor
d. Cannot be judicially enforced but authorizes the obligee to retain the
obligors payment or performance.
2. Knowing that teh car had a hidden crack in the engine, X sold it ot Y without
informing the latter about it. In any event, the dded of sale expressly
stipukated that X was not liable for hidden defects. Does Y have the right to
demand from X a reimbursement of what he spent to repair the engine plus
a. Yes, X is liable wheteher or not he was aware of the hidden defects
b. Yes, since teh defect was not hidden; X knew of it but he acted in bad faith in
not disclosing the fact to Y
c. No, because Y is in estoppel, having changed engine without prior demand
d. No, because Y waived teh warranty against hidden defects
3. In an obligation to give a determinate thing, what rights are available to the
First Answer: To compel specific performance
Second Answer: To recover damages in case of breach of the pbligation
Third Answer: to ask that the obligation be complied with at the expense of
the debtor
a. All answers are correct
b. Only the first and second answers are corerct
c. Only the first answer is correct
d. All answers are wrong
4. J agreed to pay his debt and in case of non-payment, to render free service
as a servant. Is the obligation valid?
a. No, the obligation to pay and to render service as a servant is contrary to
law and morals
b. Yes, if the services will be rendered in satisfaction of the debt and in case of
non-performance, the proper remedy is specific performance
c. No, the nullity of the condition carries with it the nullity of the principal
d. Yes, in so far as the obligation to pay but not as regards the undertaking to
render domestic services for free
5. A owes B P10,000 with 12% interest. B owes C P1,200. It was agreed
between A and B that A would give the interest of P1,200 to C and C
communicated his acceptance of the stipulation between A and B. There is

a. Stipulation pour atrui

b. Pactum commissorium
c. Compensation
d. Assignment
6. This obligation is demandable at once.
a. With a suspensive condition
b. With a period in diem
c. When my means permit me to do so
d. When it depends on the happening of a specified event
7. Which of the following is wrong in alternative obligation?
a. The obligor shall completely perform one of them
b. The obligee cannot be compelled to receive part of one and part of the other
c. The right of choice belongs to the creditor, unless it has been expressly
granted to the debtor
d. The debtor shall have no right to choose those prestations which are
8. I. The loss or deterioration of the thing intended as a substitute through the
negligence of the obligor, does not render him liable.
II. a person alternatively bound by different prestations shall completely
perform one of them
a. True, true
b. True, False
c. False, true
d. False, false
9. In which of the following obligations is specific performance not available?
a. Obligation to repair roof of the house of a client who effected a
b. Obligation to give gratuitous support
c. Obligation to give a specific thing
d. Obligation to give generic thing
A was obliged to pay B P1M on december 31, 2015. A paid B on
December 31, 2014 believing that the obligation was already due and
demandable, How many may A recover from B on March 31, 2016?
a. Nothing
b. Legal interest for one year and three months
c. P1M plus legal interest for one year
d. Legal Interest for 1 year
A, in his will, gave some property to B, provided that C would die in 5
years. This is a (an)
a. Pure obligation
b. Obligation with a resolutory condition
c. Obligation with a suspensive condition
d. Obligation with a period

Pending the fulfillment of the suspensive condition, teh determinate
object of the obligation deteriorated through the fault of the debtor. As a
a. Obligation is extinguished
b. Debtor is obliged to pay damages
c. Creditor shall bear the impairment
d. Creditor may rescind the obligation plus damages
In which of the following is demand necessary to make the debtor in
delay in the performance of his obligation?
a. When the time of the performance is of the essence
b. When the time of performance has been stipulated
c. When the law so provides
d. When demand would be useless
X, Y, Z are joint creditors of A, B, C and D, joint debtors in the amount
of Php 60,000. How much can X and Y collect from A, B and C?
a. X and Y can collect Php 30,000 from A, B and C
b. X and Y can collect Php 40,000 from A, B and C
c. X and Y can collect Php 45,000 from A, B and C
d. X and Y can collect Php 30,000 from anyone of A, B and C
The right of the creditor that is enforceable against anybody is, what
kind of right?
a. Personal
b. Moral
c. Natural
d. Real
The following are requisites of quasi-delicts except:
a. There must be an act or omission
b. There must be fault or negligence
c. There must be delay
d. There must be damage caused
A promissory note bearing the words: we promise to pay, signed by
two or more persons makes the debtors
a. Civilly liable
b. Not liable
c. Solidarily liable
d. Jointly liable
Payment made to a third person is valid to extinguish the obligation of
the debtor to the creditor in the following cases, except:
a. After payment to the creditor, the third person acquires the creditors right.
b. When the creditor ratifies the payment to the third person.

c. When through the creditors conduct, the debtor was led to believe that the
third person had authority to receive payment.
d. When the third person is subrogated to the rights of the creditor.
Which characteristic of dacion en pago is similar to that of sales?
a. There is pre-existing credit
b. Obligations are extinguished
c. There is less freedom in fixing the price
d. Ownership of the object transferred to the other party
I will give you my piano but I may give you PC set as a substitute. is
an example of a/an
a. Obligation with a Period
b. Obligation with a Penal Clause
c. Facultative Obligation
d. Alternative Obligation
A, B, C and D, joint debtors, are obliged to give V, W, X, Y and Z,
solidary creditors, P 20,000. Which is true?
a. V may collect from B P 20,000.
b. V may collect from B P 1,000.
c. V may collect from B P 4,000.
d. V may collect from B P 5,000.

I will give you my car one year after your death. The obligation is
a. Valid, because the event is sure to come
b. Valid, because the obligation is conditional
c. Valid, but disregard the condition
d. Void, because it is not legally possible
The debtor is liable for damages in case of delay if he is guilty of any
of the following except:
a. Mora
b. Mistake
c. Culpa
d. Breach through contravention of the tenor thereof
A delayed accession is:
a. Formation of an island
b. Avulsion

c. Alluvium
d. Change in the course of riverbed
The following produces the effect of extinguishment of an obligation
a. Payment by a third person
b. Payment through managers check
c. Obligation becomes illegal
d. The party guilty of delay cannot be determined
The rule that every person criminally liable for a felony is also civilly
liable does not apply to:
a. Contempt
b. Gambling
c. Violations of traffic regulations
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
L is obliged to deliver a specific cellphone to M on April 30, 2015. L did
not deliver the said cellphone on due date despite the demand made by M.
Which is correct?
a. M may obtain another cellphone from other suppliers at Ls expense.
b. M may demand payment of damages from L.
c. M may compel L to deliver the specific cellphone.
d. L shall be responsible for any fortuitous event until he has effected delivery
to M.
Mike leased a condominium unit owned by Harvey for 4 years. He pays
a monthly rental of 50,000. What is the prestation?
a. Mike, the tenant
b. The payment of the monthly rental to Harvey
c. Harvey, the lessor
d. The apartment owned by Harvey
Steve, a 30-year old man, asked Tony, a 12-year old boy, to climb a tree
to get his cat with a promise to give him 300 pesos. Tony climbed the tree
but on his way down, he slipped and died. Steve is obliged to pay damages
to the heirs of Tony on the basis of:
a. Acts and omissions punishable by law
b. Quasi-delict
c. Quasi-contract

d. Steve is not liable because it was not due to his negligence that Tony fell to
his death.
a. Y
b. Y
c. Y
d. Y


Choose the void one.

give Z 12000 if Y goes to Camiguin.
give Z 400 if Z goes to Maguindanao.
give Z 500 a month till Y returns from Abra.
give Z 10000 if Z does not fly to Saturn.