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Jayson M.

On the eight week of our field study, we continued our observation at Alupay
National High School. September 9, 2015 I arrived at the time of 6:20 am. When I
arrived, I go to the office of my cooperating teacher but he is not there, so I wait for him
to come. While waiting, I read the module of Mr. Capanay in his first class at Grade 8Mahogany about dressmaking and as I remembered he gives an assignment to them to
bring materials and tools for sewing and that is for the activity about dressmaking.
When Mr. Capanay arrived, I ask for his permission that I will observe at the
class of Mrs. Christmas Mercado, a Science teacher, as required in our field study book
to observe other class to answer the questions there. He allowed me to observe but
since he is leaving for an important meeting, he asks me to go to his first class at Grade
8-Mahogany to check them and asks them to finish their project in dressmaking. And
before Mr. Capanay leave, I borrowed one of his module in mechanical drafting because
I need to copy the learning outcomes for the whole second grading because we are
required to do a test and table of specification in one of our subjects.
After that, together with Mrs. Abante and Ms. Ligutan, we proceed to the second
class of Mrs. Mercado, at Grade-9 Sapphire. She did not attend to her first class
because she do something important. When we are in the classroom, she starts the
class with a simple prayer and after that are greetings. She checked the attendance and
she asked the students to get their activity sheets because they are going to check it.
Their lesson is about electron configuration in the elements and the students bring
periodic table as assigned to them. Then after the checking, she discuss about the rules
in electron configuration. After the discussion, she gives a short quiz, only true or false.
It is only a 5 item quiz. They checked it and most of them got a perfect score and only
the lowest are 3 points. Then she collects all the papers and she gives an assignment
for the next meeting. Then before she leaves, we asked her to sign our field study book
and after she signed, together with Mrs. Mercado we leave the classroom of Grade 9Sapphire.
Since Mr. Capanay is not around, he asks me before he leave to copy the next
lesson for Grade 7- Camia about mechanical drafting. I come to to Grade 7- Camia and
ask the secretary of the class the copy the next lesson. And when they finished copying,
I checked their notebooks one by one to see if they copy the lesson. The others didnt
finish copying because the writings on the board are already erased but I tell them to
borrow the notebook of their classmate and finish copying it. After that, I dismissed them
early because we have our examination. Since Mr. Capanay is not there, my DTR is not
signed. We leave the school at 11:30 am.

STUDY 1, 2
Cooperating School

Mr. Noelito R. Opena

Cooperating Principal

Mr. Neil B. Capanay

Cooperating Teacher

Mr. Jayson M. Sindol

FS Student

Miss May M. Balmes

FS Coodinator