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Jasper Jones

Essay Writing


Questions are usually phrased beginning with

Analyse How

They will usually ask you:

How or why something is effective

What sort of impact something has
How something is developed
How something changes throughout the text
How something has been used for a purpose.


Analyse how means you must address the

ways that Silvey develops or conveys
something in the text.
You should be aiming to discuss things like;
Characterisation- the ways that characters are
constructed and presented in the texts.
Specific events
Language used- how the characters used language
and how Silvey uses language to describe things.

What kinds of

What sorts of essay questions should you

focus on for this text?

Character- Relationships, Development, Important


Consider what you would write about for each of

these options

Structure Reminder

Introduction- Use key words from the essay question,

introduce text, author, your main points. Should also
include a 1 sentence description of what the text is
At least 3 body paragraphs- These must follow a
clear structure, with topic sentences that use key
words, specific evidence from the text, detailed
explanation and a link to purpose and the relevance of
your point to the text as a whole/society.
Conclusion- restate main points, use key words, make
a broader comment on the wider relevance of the
content of your essay and Silveys overall purpose.


What does a good introduction do?

Introduces the text and author giving context if
Gives a brief, description of the text- what is it about?
Identifies the argument that will be made in response
to the question using key words.
Outlines/identifies the main points which will be
discussed in the essay.
Should be about 3 sentences long.

Paragraph Structure

What does a good body paragraph look like?

A topic sentence. This should introduce the main idea that
will be discussed in the paragraph. It should contain key
words from the question.
Evidence from the text to support the idea being discussed.
You should be including quotes and aiming for at least two
specific examples per paragraph.
Explanation of the evidence- you need to describe how
your evidence supports the point you have made in your topic
sentence. This shows We can see
Concluding with comments which link to the authors
purpose and the wider relevance of the point you have just
made, as well as back to the question.


What is a conclusion for? What should it do?

Summarises the argument made in the essay by:
Restates the main argument.
Restates the main points.
Final sentence should comment on the wider
relevance/significance of the text/what you have
discussed in your essay.

What should a conclusion not be exactly the

same as?
This is also a good place to comment on the wider
significance of the text to society and the lives of NZ

Conventions of Essay

The first time you refer to the author/director you

use their full name. Thereafter you refer to them by
their LAST NAME only.
Refer to the reader and the viewer as opposed
to I- it makes your writing sound more
Avoid using contractions- did not instead of didnt
Always use correct terminology- especially for film
Integrate your quotes.

Practise Task

As a class we are going to plan an essay on

Jasper Jones.
Once we have planned the essay we will write
the introduction and the first body paragraph
You will complete the essay (2 paragraphs +
Your completed essay is due: Monday
16th March (Week 8)

Practise Task

Analyse how cruel or kind behaviour

was used to show one or more ideas
in the written text(s).
Note: Ideas may refer to character,
theme, or setting.

In groups, brainstorm some points you could

make in response to this question.