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Child: Cooper Date: 18/09/15 Observer: Emma

Today Fergus, Cooper, and Harley assisted Steph in making Carrot Cake. Fergus joined the cake making
about half way through but showed great curiosity in what was happening. He watched the other children
measuring and mixing and asked Steph When my turn?. Steph told Fergus it would be his turn after
Cooper, to which he responded ok. He watched closely as Cooper mixed up the cake mixture, and when
Cooper finished Fergus stated my turn. During the experience Steph exposed the children to
mathematical concepts such as one cup and two tablespoons. The children were responsible for
measuring out the ingredients and making sure the correct amount was placed in the bowl. There was
many discussions about the ingredients being used, with brown sugar being one of specific curiosity. The
children tasted the sugar before placing it in the bowl. Cooper tried the sugar and stated that it taste like
chocolate. Fergus responded not chocolate .

These were great comments made by Fergus, showing a clear progression in his expression language.
Fergus co-operated with the other children well and showed his developing emotional regulation through
his willingness and patience in taking turns. By saying ok Fergus demonstrates his receptive
understanding of the conversation taking place.

Outcome 1: Identity
Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience, and sense of agency
Co-operating and working collaboratively with others
Taking turns
Measuring out and mixing up ingredients

Outcome 5: Communication
Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others with a range of purposes
Interacts with others toe explore concepts, clarify and challenge thinking, negotiate and share new
Use language to communicate thinking and quantities and describe attributes of objects

Future Planning:
Continue to provide small group experiences for Fergus to practice turn taking and use simple language.
Board games
Social games
Songs and stories at group times