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Values explanation:
TCHF (traffic channel (full rate) (TCH/F + SACCH + FACCH))
TCHH (traffic channel (half rate) (TCH/H + SACCH + FACCH) <option>)
TCHD (traffic channel (dual rate) (TCH/F or TCH/H + SACCH + FACCH) <option>)
MBCCB (combined broadcast control channel with cell broadcast (BCCH+CCCH+SDCCH+C
MBCCH (broadcast control channel)
MBCCHC (combined broadcast control channel (BCCH + SDCCH/4) channel)
SDCCH (stand-alone dedicated control channel (SDCCH/8))
ERACH (random access channel of an extended area <option>)
EGTCH ((E)GPRS packet data traffic channel for extended area <option>)