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(In the name of ALLAH, the most merciful and the most gracious)

Submitted To: Sir Syed Luqman Hakim

Submitted By: Syed Imran Raza
Gr # 271036
Demand Marketing
Demand Marketing is about the raised demands by or for customer by or for
company respectively. Demand is classified in following categories:

1. Negative Demand:

Creating demand for get ridding some unethical or illegal act is leads to
Negative Demand. Usually Medical and NGOs are concentrating on creating
Negative Demands.

• CDGK’s Display “Camera is Watching You” at different Shopping
areas of Karachi.
• Conducting Polio Vaccination Campaign.
• GreenStar Campaign for Family Planning.

2. No Demand:

To create awareness for non popular brands. No Demand is leads to create

knowhow for low demanded products, which are absent on the finger tips of

• “As Seen On TV” brought usually brands with no demand.
• Special Perfumed Application for Cloths.
• Advertisement for Car Shine Polish.

3. Irregular Demand

Demands with up and down graphic nodes, with fluctuations due to seasonal
or time factors. Irregular Demand arise only in specified tenure.

• Woolen Knitwear’s’ Demand in Winter season.
• High Sales of Walls experienced in Summer Months.
• Eid Cards found only in Ramadan.

4. Latent Demand
A demand for future products, which aren’t present right now in the market,
but create a good opportunity for importers or invetors.

• Demand for Low Priced Chinese Cars in Pakistani Market.
• Demand for Miss World Contest in Pakistan.
• Demand for Low Priced Designer Suiting.

5. Full Demand

Equilibrium Position is creating Full Demand, Where Supply is fulfilling the

100% Demand. Full demand is an ideal condition for any brand.

• Availability of Pepsi every where in Karachi.
• Availability of Energy Savers.
• Availability of Pirated Software CDs in Pakistan.

6. Over Flowing Demand

Over Flowing Demand occurred, when supply failed to achieve the demand.
Several factors play in such condition. It’s a most threaten position for any
company or marketer.

• Demand for Imported Chocolates
• Demand for Low Priced Cosmetics
• Demand for Life Saving Medicines

7. Unwholesome Demand

Demand for Unwanted or illegal stuff is leading to Unwholesome Demand.

Government or Business Officials usually try to stop such demands.

• Demand for Pirated Movie CDs
• Demand for Indian Gutkas
• Demand for Permanent Tattoos & Piercing